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Switched In

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Now we change bodies! ..... It's a love story of Emile Kiddie and Nate Dickinson. Nate D*ck is married to Emily Dickinson. He can't have children naturally due to a passing sickness. Luckily he stored some of his fertile sperms before his operation which coated him his fertility. Emily his wife has had two unsuccessful inseminations. These miscarriages had a bad effect on her and tune Emily drunkard.The doctor later announced that only one sample of the sperm was left. Emily did want to go for it again. She said that she had a lot of trauma already. But Her husband Mr Dickinson insisted on having it. It was planned to be inseminated to Emily and it was their last attempt to have a baby. So if it failed again, Mr Dickinson won't have a child!. Unfortunately, Emily drank too much the previous night that she didn't show up for her appointment at the hospital the next day. Rather, Emile Kiddie did show up that day!

Chapter 1. Accidentally inseminated

•• • Emile Kiddie POV • ••

I'm in my room preparing for my medical consultation. I take a bath, brush my teeth etc... my everyday routine. I put on a red sheath gown. A flowing body-conscious silhouette gown with black peep-toe heels. Once I'm done, I hurry downstairs.

“Good morning mommy” I happily get down the stairs screaming at the top of my melodious voice like a rhythm. I take a sharp glance around the house. I perceive my mum busy making breakfast in the kitchen. I ride and hug her tight. “Emile!....” She yells my name. Yet, I stick with her. Gripping her tighter. Her body is slightly cold and I love it.

“I can't breathe!.” She barely can chuckle. Thou she wants to burst into laughter right now. I don't mind giving her several perks on her jaw. I love this early morning warmth that she bestows.

Good morning mum!.” I then realise her after giving countless perks. I know she loves my crazy *ss. She is my muse. I'm shy with others but not with mum!. I hurriedly take a seat. “You need love, my girl!.” she looks at me and grins. I love this smile of hers. “I have you! I love you and you love me this is enough for me” I answer with a stunning glance at her.

Don't be a silly girl! I mean you need a man in your life to constantly shower you with love and enormous sensation that your mother can't give you!.” she caresses my hair. Immediately fix back my hair at her touch. She is chartering my hair in the name of caress. More to that I don't understand what she is trying to mean.

“Mum, you give me all the love I need! I don't think I need some extra extra love, presently” She doesn't say anything she stares at me wig a conny smile. “Just on time! Breakfast is done” She dishes out. Toasted bread with scrambled eggs and tea.

‘Oh my God!’ I hate this tea. It's not normal tea and sugar as you might think. It's tea mixed with some of her special concoctions. Very disgusting in my mouth.

“Emile make sure you drink all your tea this time. No silly excuses!.” She urges as she notices the weird gaze on my face when she places the tea by me. I feel as break this glass of tea. Unfortunately, it won't stop her from making another one.

I start eating quickly like a hungry dog. Once I'm done eating the food I rush out like I'm late for my appointments. All this drama just to avoid drinking her concoction.

“Emile, you haven't touched your tea!.” She yells as she watches me depart. “Sorry, mum! I'm late for my consultation!.” I answer as I disappear from her site. “OMG!.” I praise the heavens as I succeed in escaping.

She smirks saying “Children! they think that they are smarter! I added some powder of the concoction into her eggs! What she doesn't know won't kill her.” She laughed as she watches me leave.

I stop at the station and I take a bus to Saint “Agnes’s hospital”. Catholics believe that Saint Agnes died a virgin! She is like my alma mater.


Once I reach the hospital, I rush to the receptionist. It's a fat woman seated on her chair in a hospital uniform. I'm on time. The bus did waste time today.

“Hello Madam, how may I help you!.” The receptionist greets us with all the formalities. “Hi, I'm Emile kiddie. I'm here for a check-up with doctors Jones!.” I retort with a greeting first. She quickly checks on her computer and gets back to me. “Okay, madam a nurse will take you to a consultation room. Mr Jones will be here shortly!.” she kindly explains with a soft smile.

She then calls for a nurse who takes me to the room. OMG! the worse nurse ever. She complains about her boyfriend till we reached the room. To a total stranger as if I care! “What the hell is wrong with her? Does she knows my problems?.” I cry deep within. As we reach the room, I climb on the small consultation bed. While the nurse fixes all the necessities for the consultation and laments on her Self. She bores me with her stories and I fall asleep. She, later on, leaves. I remain asleep.

“I'm here to do an artificial insemination of Madam Emily Dickinson!.” The doctor shouts as he enters the room. There is a net separating us. “Yes, doctor!.” I shudder out of sleep at the sound of his voice without understanding his question.

He walks future to the tableI'm Doctor John McCain I'm replacing Mr Jones for the day! He had an emergency and he couldn't show up!.” He introduces himself. While I rub my eyes with my hand to see clearer. I take my usual position for the consultation. I lay on my back and I spread my legs! “Sh*t!.” Then I remember that I have an interview today.

Instantly checking my watch and I notice that I have spent more time than expected at the hospital. This interview is so important in my life. It's in one of the biggest institutions in our country. I can't miss this lifetime opportunity.

“Madam Emily, you gonna feel a little pinch. Be rest assured it's won't be long!.” Mr John McCain explains. I don't give a f*ck about all that he says. All I want is to leave this place ASAP.

“Ouch!.” I howl as he inserts some weird tiny object into my cervix. Mr Jones has never pinched me this deeply. Maybe this doctor McCain is a pervert! I frown!. “Madam Emily we are done!” He notifies me. He didn't waste time as old Mr Jones.

I Immediately arise, pick up my stuff to leave while uttering... “See you in six months or Mr Jones!.” “He has a weird way of pronouncing my name!.” I smirk as I walk away. However, I don't care. I'm happy he didn't waste more time. Thou, it's weird having a total stranger Stary my private. I hope they won't change him next time.

“Six months?.” Mr McCain remains dumbfounded as watches me leave. Uttering six months instead of a month or so.


Normally, I go for a check-up every six months. I was treated for a pelvic inflammatory disease which nearly took my womb along. Reason for the check-ups and my mum’s weird tea concoction.

OMG, she is more frightened than me by the idea of her only daughter getting infertile. While all I care about is finding a good job, succeeding in life and making her happy. Children can come after that. She suffered a lot for me and to pay for my treatments. She also needs moments of happiness. I have never seen her relax. She keeps solving one problem after another.

Now it's still hard for us to cope with life expenditures, my drugs etc... They are d*mn expensive. Yet, she doesn't give up. She keeps fighting like a loin in a juggle. She does the hardest part yet I keep depressed most of the time. When I say youngsters insulting their mothers or parents, I say “wow, wow, wow!.”.


I'm practically running to the bus station, I don't want to be late for this interview. All my life and dreams depend on it. As I take my left leg further It unexpectedly declines deeper than expected. I get unstable and stumble luckily I don't fall.

I bend down to release that one side of my heel has broken. I remove my shoes and I run into the bus with both pairs in my hands.


“Hello Mr Dickinson, your wife didn't show up for her appointment at the hospital today. I was asked to inform you!.” The receptionist calls. An unexpected cold look swipes over his face as he answers the call.

“Sh*t!.” Mr Dickinson yells as he carries the beautiful glass pitcher on his table and hits it on the wall! He unties his tie Groaning in fury! He clenches his fists so rigid that they slightly cut into his palms as he drops the phone.

“F*ck!. He looks like a beast right now!.” My heart falls into my stomach! I start sweating in fear that he might hurt me in the process.

Chapter 2. Job interview

I perceive some weird glance on me as I enter the bus barefoot with both shoe sides in my hands. I don't mind their weird interviewing glance at me. I'm stressed enough already. I rapidly take a seat. I take the other side of the shoes with the heel still on and I try to remove the heel.

“I can't enter the building bare feet, they won't take me seriously.”

I carelessly wiggle my wet tongue on my outer lips, practically fighting with my shoe right now, the heel appears to be stronger than I thought. Very pathetic to observe.

“Madam” A lady approaches me. I don't notice nor heed her call the first time. I'm busy battling with my shoe. She notices the frustration in me. She kindly calls me back for the second time.

“What?!!!” I cry, thou it's more like yelling at her. I recall initially saying that I don't care about their weird glance at me but it's a lie. I'm unable to glimpse at them. I'm shy and nervous


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