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SWEET TEMPTATION Synopsis Caroline Gomez, a twenty-three-year-old recently fired young woman. She finds herself in the unfortunate need to accept her friend's offer and work with her father at W & S REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS. The problem is Will Reyes, a forty-year-old widower of six years and the father of her best friend and future boss. For Carol, businessman William Reyes has always seemed like the perfect man. She has spent her life searching for a man who could come close to what Will represents. When she finds herself needing to live with Will for a while, Carol discovers that he is "THE MAN". Will remains a s*xy man despite his age, and Carol is willing to fulfill her fantasies with him.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1CAROLOld disgusting pig, firing me just because I refused to sleep with him.But what do men think nowadays? That they can come and dispose of us however they want, just because they know we need a job?Well, it's not like it was the best job, working as a waitress at a bar wasn't anything special.I graduated in Real Estate, and how did I end up as a waitress? Great.I kept walking down ST. JAMES'S PARK, letting my thoughts distract me from all the problems I had to face now... I made a quick stop at a café to buy a cappuccino and some donuts. I would eat them at home while thinking about what to do.As I was leaving the place, my phone started ringing, I took it out of my bag and looked at the screen: Great, I wanted her to drop that subject already, it wasn't right.Seeing her name, I answered."Hi, Susan," I said, continuing on my way."Am I interrupting something?""No, don't worry, it hasn't been a good day.""What happened?""I got fired. That's what happened.""What? But why?""It's complicated, and I'm not in the right place to talk about it.""Alright. See you at your place then.""Okay.""I'll bring wine. See you." I hung up and put my phone away. I kept walking, watching as people hurried by in the middle of April. It was amazing to see them pass by; lost in their own thoughts like zombies in an empty shell.I stopped at a corner, waiting for the traffic light to change so I could cross. When the signal changed, I was swept away in a human avalanche, where people seemed like animals rushing across the street, pushing, hitting, stepping on each other. It was as if they were blind.Just as I was about to put my feet on the sidewalk, I collided with someone, causing my coffee to fall to the ground from the impact, and I was going down with it when a strong arm wrapped around my waist and held me. Everything happened so quickly that I didn't have time to see the person's face who was holding me since I was focused on holding onto the box of donuts I had in my hands and my bag. People dodged us so they wouldn't have to stop their stride for us. He lifted me up, and I could feel my feet leaving the ground, clinging to his body and taking me to the side of the crowded sidewalk."But who does this guy think he is, grabbing me like that?"I tried to let go, but I lost my balance and he grabbed me again.I looked up, ready to tell him to let go of me when incredible gray eyes met mine with a furrowed brow.My mind went blank. I didn't say or do anything. He seemed annoyed.What is this guy's deal?"You can let go of me.""Are you sure? Because I have no problem holding onto you." His voice, so deep and smooth, a perfect combination that only he could do. I stared open-mouthed at William Reyes, the sexiest man I had ever seen, wearing a black three-piece suit. With his light brown hair perfectly styled and his clean-shaven face.I wanted to tell him no, that I wasn't ready for him to let go of me yet. With him pressed against me, my legs felt like jelly. But I was aware of where we were and how the curious onlookers passing by were looking at us."Yes, I'm fine," I squirmed in his arms, he sighed and reluctantly let go of me.I turned my head and looked longingly at my spilled coffee on the ground."I'm sorry," I blinked a couple of times and looked at him."Excuse me?""I'm sorry for spilling your coffee," he said, nodding his head in the direction where it was spilled.I tried to let go, but I lost my balance and he grabbed me again.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2CAROL"Yes, I'm fine," I squirm in his arms, he sighs and reluctantly lets go of me. I turn my head and longingly gaze at my spilled coffee on the floor. "I'm sorry," I blink a couple of times, looking at him. "Pardon?" "I'm sorry for spilling your coffee," he says, nodding his head towards where it's spilled. "It's okay, Mr. Reyes. I...," I get interrupted. "Why do you insist on calling me 'Mr.'? How long have you been friends with my daughter?" "Six or seven years, sir... I mean, William. I can barely remember anymore." "Will. Call me Will." "Alright. Well, I have to go now, Susan must be waiting for me," I couldn't help but notice the double meaning in his words, or am I just hearing what I want to hear? "Are yo


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