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Sexy, Seductive and Sultry

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Alessandro is faced with difficulty as he protects the president’s proud and s*xy daughter who was trying her best to get him fired. Things gets twisted as he finds himself on her bed and is unable to stay away. He finds himself attracted to her but is afraid of all the happenings in her life as the election drew closer. Isabelle hates her life as the president’s daughter and is always in opposition to her father who wanted to run for a second tenure. She blames her father solely for the death of her mother and despises him, doing things to ruin his image. Isabelle gets too comfy with her guard and together they began finding secrets about the death of her mother, how her father was able to win the election and the plan of her fiancée’s father to kill her father. She is in disarray when she discovers that her mother’s best friend has two kids for her father. Going through all these, scandals arise as the media is hot with news from her fellow actresses who hates her and her two best friends who wants all what she has. Alessandro forgets about all her hatred for him and stands by her, giving her the support she needed even when her father was being sentenced to jail and his properties were being confiscated..

Sexy piece of rudeness

I was in the gym exercising when my phone beeped. I stopped, checked my phone and punched the air with excitement. "There's a new job, I'm back in business baby" I yelled happily.

I'm Alessandro Stefano, a guard but not the low-ranked type, I'm known in some parts of the country and I don't accept jobs that wouldn't earn me a minimum of five zeros.

I hurried to my room, took my bath and emerged out with a towel wrapped around my waist.

I changed into black pants and blue too with a jean jacket, took my shades and combed my hair while staring at myself in the mirror.

"If she's single, she's gonna be doing a lot of jobs trying to take her eyes off me" I muttered to myself and laughed.

I went to the garage and hopped into my Porsche. Rome is so awesome, my parent and only sibling live in Miami, and my parent are the best naggers in the world, always nagging for me to get a wife or come visit them, none of which I plan to do.

I'm just 27 years with plans of clocking 35 years before taking my eyes off beautiful strippers and settling for a wife.

I pulled into the underground parking lot of ROSSI'S AGENTS. I loved the fact that it wasn't a government organization, had worked for the government before and it's nothing to brag about.

I used the private elevator to the fourth floor where the boss's office is. I knocked then waited for a few seconds and walked inside.

"Good morning Sir" I greeted with a low bow.

"Morning, have your seat" He replied, man's getting old already, he was in his mid-sixties and little strands of grey hair were visible, he cleared his throat.

"Do you know miss Isabella Luca, a famous model and the daughter of president Roberto?” He questioned and I shook my head negatively, I'm not one to spend time checking out social media.

"She just arrived and her father wants her to be guarded because of his intentions to run for the second office and you're the suitable one for the job, we would discuss payment later" Rossi explained and I nodded.

"I'll do my best sir"

"I know son, just don't get too close to her. She's engaged" Rossi disclosed, bursting my bubbles.

"Yes sir, I won't get carried away" I replied and he cocked a brow and nodded slowly. Had got distracted once, she was a s*xy piece of candy but was married.

We had a no strings attached deal but both got carried away, I wasn't aware of her husband because she lived alone, he made a fuss when he found out, almost lost my job and news hit reporters who have different paintings of my story.

"Let's head there, her father is the president, you wouldn't wanna mess with him" Rossi concluded as we walked inside the elevator.

We got to the parking lot and entered his SUV van. The driver drove into an estate which very quiet, we passed huge beautiful mansions and stopped in front of a large gate.

Wow, my wealth is nothing compared to this. We got out of the van and walked to the gate that opened automatically. We walked into a scanning booth then the door opened.

"We came to see the president" Rossi said to the guards who stared at us with scrutiny. One guard made a call and led us to the front door, wow they were all heavily loaded with guns and bulletproof, one wrong move and younger wasted instantly.

I could see more than 3 cameras as we walked inside another scanning booth. This is getting annoying already, and the door opened to a corridor, the guard searched our bodies before leading us to the large sitting room.

A long stair led upstairs and the windows were open, showing the beautiful garden.

We stood up immediately after the president walked down. "Your Excellency” We greeted them and he nodded, indicating we sat down.

"Your Excellency, this is the agent I'll recommend for the task" Rossi announced, passing a file to the president.

"Nice, 6 years experience that's cool. Oh my, Alessandro the love doll" Roberto teased and his insides tightened. He hated bringing up that topic.

"Sir, I assure you that I'll be best behaved”

"I never asked for your opinion but I'll make this clear. Get naughty with my daughter and I'll chop off your balls and then make you live the most miserable life ever" Roberto threatened, staring at him intently and Alessandro swallowed a lump.

"So scary. Just because he’s president, he thinks he can threaten me. He's lucky his daughter is one of those dolled up Sofia's with her pride bigger than her brain, I'd bed her in this house" Alessandro thought.

"The maid would take you to where she is, Rossi and I would have a little discussion" Roberto informed and snapped his fingers, a maid scurried to his side, bowing her head.

"Take him to Isabelle” He instructed and the maid led him out, they passed through lots of rooms and burst out at the pool.

A few recliners with umbrellas were scattered around, a few maids formed a circle around. He moved closer and glanced at a pale white skin, flawless and glistering.

A maid was massaging her back and she moaned, her head in a pillow. Her voice sounded s*xy and he was stunned.

"Miss, his excellency instructed me to bring your new guard here" The maid informed and she raised her hand, indicating that they stop.

A robe was out she wore it, and all I could see was her flawless back. "Doesn't that man understand that my life is not politics which he can dictate?” He heard in the most tiny and sexiest voice he'd ever come across.

She turned to look at him and he mouthed a curse as he stared at her. She's d*mn gorgeous, pink lips that were made for sinning, high cheekbones, a pointed nose, blonde errant waves of hair at her sides and her amber eyes taking in his whole sight with disgust.

"Hello! Take a picture, it'll last longer" She snapped and he stopped drooling, embarrassed as her maids giggled.

"I'll rate you a 0.2 on a scale of 1-10, even if I wanted a guard, it wouldn't be an ugly ape like you" She insulted and he let out some breath.

"Saucy, I'll make sure to give you a piece of my mind"

"You don't look any better, I've checked your social media handles and believe me you look like a witch compared to your pictures" I let out and her maids gasped as she stared at me with anger.


"I said you aren't pretty and not my taste, I prefer brunettes who are shy and can control their tongues, not the parrots" He answered with a grin and she threw her shoes at him.

"B*st*rd, I'm one of the best and prettiest ladies in the world, your words are trash. I'm so done having fools as my guards, I'll get you fired now" She thundered, wearing another skippered and stomped inside.

"Such a drama queen, too proud. I'll start considering leaving this job" Alessandro thought as he followed her inside.

She was stamping her feet on the floor with anger.

“I'm not one of your political dogs who lick your feet just to have an office. I don't want this thing as my guard" She spat out.

"I'm sorry honey, you need him. You're not safe during this period" Roberto said trying to make her understand.

"You can't order me around like your followers who are dummies" She retorted and Alessandro gasped. If a citizen could utter half of what she had said, the citizen would have been long dead.

"Watch your tongue young lady” Roberto warned.

"Watch your tone old man, I'm beyond 21 years, didn't come here to worship you. I came to help you win the second tenure so do not boss me around if you do not wanna make the headlines" She threatened.

Alessandro opened his mouth with h shock. "What kind of daughter is she?"

The president cleared his throat and was about to talk when she walked towards the stairs. “Save your explanation for your campaign, it's useless to me" She replied and walked out, swaying her s*xy *ss.

"Report for duty tomorrow, 9 am, you would work with her for as long as she stays outside the house, make sure you're prepared for any emergency" He instructed and walked upstairs.

Alessandro wished he could repeat Isabella's words and walk out. "This isn't gonna be easy" He muttered as she walked out.

He threw angry glances at the bodyguards and walked outside. He sighed deeply and began working towards the main entrance to get a taxi, luckily for him it wasn't a long journey.

He boarded a taxi and chuckled as he reminisced on the things that he'd seen. "President's only child, she's one s*xy puce of rudeness. Her moans alone could me hard. F*ck*ng her would be a big problem, she's an adult why would they object if I get intimate with her?” He thought and smiled.

"She hasn't accepted me as her guard yet I'm already having dreams of bedding her. Well bedding her wouldn't be a very big problem, I've got the charm and sugar-coated mouth" He thought and smiled.

"Is there a problem?" The taxi driver inquired and he shook his head.

"Can't wait to start my job tomorrow, wonder how the rude beauty would feel if she discovers She'll be seeing me around. She should count herself lucky any way" Alessandro thought to himself as he paid the driver and walked inside the building, greeting Sharon the receptionist.

President’s new toy

"Argh!" She yelled and 3 maids rushed to her side.

"You fool, I said to wake me up when it's 8 am" She ranted as they trembled and stared at her with panic.

"But miss you instructed is never to wake you up whenever you're asleep" A maid replied, her heart in her mouth.

"That applies to my dad and his schedules not mine" She thundered and they fell to their knees, pleading.

"Get me something sexy from the new supply" She instructed and went into the bathroom.

She came out 20 minutes later and changed into the short tight gown, it was touching her knees and had a slit from her thighs to her knee. She wore a white fur coat, applied lip gloss and walked out with her purse.

She walked downstairs and headed to the door, ignoring her father, Andrea and Mario, Andrea's father. "Hold it, Isabella, shouldn't you say hi to Andrea?" Her father questioned with an underlying t


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