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Divah Dave

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  • 6.8
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About me

I am a writer who would sweep you off your feet with amazing stories and take your breath away with intense books.


Caught between two alphas
  • Author: Divah Dave
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • 👁 20K
  • 7.5

What happens when Brooklyn falls in love with his brother's maid?.How would it end for Austin who despises girls, but his heart is captured by his maid.In between an alpha and his twin, Ariana is confused. Should she go for the cold alpha or his nice twin who vows to become alpha at all cost?. Ariana and Austin have to fight for their lives and love as Brooklyn seeks help from the most dreaded Demon, Dracula, to destroy his twin brother. Ariana is heartbroken when she discovers that her mother who was a demon had been killed by Austin's pack. Being weak and unable to use her powers, Ariana is devastated when she discovers that Austin has to either sarifice her or use the monk sword, which could cost his own life, to defeat Dracula. With Dracula bringing in more demons from the underground world, Austin is forced to use the monk's sword after Ariana eloped. Would she ever come back? Even if she does, would she have enough power to fight Dracula? Would she be able to fight Dracula even after seeing her mate being killed in her presence?.

  • 👁 84
  • 5.0

“I, Alpha Juan Pedro of Ryder pack chose you, Valeria Diego, the only wolfless and weakest omega of Ryder pack as my mate” Juan mocked, eyeing her and she smirked coldly. “I, Valeria Diego, the only wolfless omega of Ryder pack accept you, Alpha Juan Pedro, the only obnoxious, pig headed, fish brained and dumb man of Ryder pack as my mate” She replied, her words making his face red with fury. Forced by his powerful grandfather to marry Valeria, Juan tries to give her the worst marriage experience ever but what happens when he goes too deep and his feelings changes?. Valeria didn’t think life could get any better after she got married to Juan but was proven wrong when they began to live and act like a married couple. Things takes different turns as she becomes his poison and he her antidote, find out how the grandfather who brought them together tried to force them apart, why he does that and how two little geniuses take care of their parents.

Hybrid Alpha's Naughty Witch
  • 👁 134
  • 7.5

“Young master...” “What?” He shot me a gaze. “I can’t wait for you to fuck me” I blurted and he was taken aback, I’m sure he was never expecting those words from me. I crawled towards him gently, licking my plump lips. “I can’t wait for your cock to fill my tight hole, I’ve been dreaming of this day for such a long time” I continued and his breathing intensified. I couldn’t tell if my plan was going great or bad... all I wanted to do was try to act like a slut, worship him and make him feel disgusted like I was cheaply throwing myself at him. But from the look of things, my act seems to be making him much more happy and aroused. I knelt on the bed, using a finger to draw lines on his chest, his hot breath fanned my hand, his chest vibrated and it sent chills to my body. ........ Brielle didn’t think life could get anymore fun until she kissed two brothers on the same night. Things turned around when she was taken to their world, a world far different from the one she knew and had grown in. Amidst the steamy nights and strange incidents, She starts discovering secrets about who she really is, what was inside of her, the great positions awaiting her and who her lover truly is. Nikolas also discovers the dangers that lies ahead with the great position and woman he has by his side. You wouldn’t wanna miss this steamy, funny and suspense filled novel of a strange alpha and his reincarnated witch.... Watch out!!

Sexy, Seductive and Sultry
  • Author: Divah Dave
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 16.3K
  • 7.5

Alessandro is faced with difficulty as he protects the president’s proud and sexy daughter who was trying her best to get him fired. Things gets twisted as he finds himself on her bed and is unable to stay away. He finds himself attracted to her but is afraid of all the happenings in her life as the election drew closer. Isabelle hates her life as the president’s daughter and is always in opposition to her father who wanted to run for a second tenure. She blames her father solely for the death of her mother and despises him, doing things to ruin his image. Isabelle gets too comfy with her guard and together they began finding secrets about the death of her mother, how her father was able to win the election and the plan of her fiancée’s father to kill her father. She is in disarray when she discovers that her mother’s best friend has two kids for her father. Going through all these, scandals arise as the media is hot with news from her fellow actresses who hates her and her two best friends who wants all what she has. Alessandro forgets about all her hatred for him and stands by her, giving her the support she needed even when her father was being sentenced to jail and his properties were being confiscated..


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