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Seduced By My Billionaire Boss

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Skylar William is an artist who has just graduated from school. She needs a job urgently. The only job Vacancy available is with a Billionaire Boss. After been in love once only to have her heart shattered, She vowed never to fall in love again. But when she's thrust face to face with the Billionaire Boss only then did her shattered heart beat again. VINO Matthew Thompson is the second child in the Thompson's family. He is the CEO of Thompson's Art Centre. He vowed never to sleep with his employees but when he employed Skylar William, he didn't know the rule won't matter anymore as he thrive to make her heart beat again.

CHAPTER 1: Job Hunting

Skylar Evans is in need of a job, like seriously her landlord has just told her that the rent to her two rooms apartment will be increased by next month and she's not ready to sell her red Toyota Corolla car given to her by her ex boyfriend Leon.

Driving through town, she saw an advert seeking for an artist urgently. She decided to stop and make enquires. She opened the door to Thompson's Art Centre, the biggest in the country.

The receptionist was a lady in her mid_twenties maybe around twenty-four to twenty-six years. She was putting on a black body con gown with a multicolor blazer. Since she was sitting down, Skylar couldn't ascertain her height but she was really slim.

" Good Morning!!How May I help you" The receptionist smile widely at Skylar, showing her perfectly groomed teeth.

" Good morning" Skylar greeted back smiling, her smile was contagious.

" Please I would like to make an enquiry concerning the vacancy placed outside” Skylar said pointing to the notice board placed directly in front of the building.

" Oh, yes!! it's still open, the interview will be held next week Tuesday, if you would like to apply"

" Thank you very much, I think I will apply for the post," Skylar said excitedly as she turned to walk back to her car.

"Excuse me" the receptionist's voice stops her on her track, she turns back to meet her with a smile on her face.

" The Vacancy is strictly for artists" The receptionist smiled questionably at her.

“Oh!” Skylar smiles knowingly as soon as she understood what the receptionist meant.

That was not the first time Skylar has been mistaken for not being an artist. Even after having won many medals due to the numerous paintings she had. Merely looking at her, people take her for a college girl. She is tall, slim and light skinned. Even at 25years, people still mistake for 18. She smiled at the receptionist and turn to walk out.

As she drove home, she couldn't help wondering if she would ever be up to the standard where everyone will appreciate her for who she is not for what she has.


The interview

Thompson's Art Centre was filled up with artists all with their unique artwork to prove that they were artists. Some of them Skylar could remember due to their outstanding work while some were upcoming artists.

Skylar was scared because she knows that most of the people here were more qualified than her. She was number forty which was the last number. Apparently, many people had applied before she could see the advert.

Many people had gone in before her and they all came out with the same facial expressions, Skylar guess the big boss is picky when it comes to his artist, the next number thirty nine was called, that's when Skylar became very scared.

She really needs this job, she doesn't know what else to do, the design sites she does sell her paintings have gone bankrupt, that's why she has to get this job.

"Miss Evans, you can go in now" The receptionist called to her, seeing no response from her, the receptionist moved closer and tapped her lightly on the shoulder as she smiled at her “You can go in now”.

Skylar smiles appreciatively at the receptionist as she stands up, gathering her bag and files she walks up to the CEO's office and knocks as she braces herself for what to come next.

Hearing a faint 'Come in', she pushes open the door and stops short, her heart pounding heavily in her chest as she regards the handsome young man in front of her.

She thought CEOs were supposed to be older, plump with pot belly but the man in front of her was young with dark short curly hairs which were trim and parted in the middle, his brown eyes pairs deeply past her body into her soul as she shivered nervously in his presence.

Skylar stood in front of him as everything she had practiced went out of the window“ Have your seat, Miss or Mrs.___” Vino sat back down and regarded the beauty in front of him.

He has not been one to get attracted to women rather they do to him but ever since she walked in, she has left him in turmoil as he struggled to concentrate on what she was saying when he saw her lips moving.

“Pardon, what were you saying” Vino forces himself to focus as he schooled his expression back to neutral.

“It's okay, I was saying that I'm Skylar Evans(Miss) and I would like to apply for the position of an art assistant in your company ” Skylar blabbers on nervously, she wanted to be done with this fast as she didn't trust herself in his presence.

“Oh! You are the last applicant, right” Vino asked her as his brows twitch in a frowning, a second there he thought she was just a client. Too bad he has been thinking of asking her out after their business deal but now that she will be his employee, he can't do that anymore.

“Yes sir,” Skylar answers as she bends to retract her portfolio which was lying in her bag. Vino gulps nervously, as her bending down has caused her camisole to go down an inch, exposing her cleavage for him to see.

“Is she seducing me No, she can't, she doesn't know me, why will she” Vino thought to himself as he struggled to control his breathing which has escalated on seeing her cleavage.

“Here is my portfolio sir, if you could just take a look, you will find that I'm worthy to work in your company” Skylar sat back down, smoothing her dress, she thrusts the portfolio at Vino who was unhappily frowning, the cleavage was no longer exposed to him.

“There will be no need for that, you are hired. Stop by at the receptionist, she will feel you in on what to do” Vino said as he began to gather files from his table into his back, any minute more with Miss danger here could cost him his long years of principles and reputation.

“Really! Thank you sir,” Skylar smiles happily, her lips curled up exposing the dimple on her cheek. Vino sat fixated on her face, staring at the small mole which has got his focus.

“Sir, is there anything on my face” Skylar said as her hands raised involuntary to cover her face.

“No, nothing and please drop the sir, my name is Vino”

Vino rushed to correct himself, immediately he saw the way she looked at him disgusted “ No, I don't mean that way, everyone around here calls me Vino, sir makes me look older” Vino explained himself and smiled when he saw her face relax.

“That's okay by me, then you can call me Skylar since we are doing informal” Skylar smiles at him, for a second there she thought he was hitting on her, not that she wouldn't want that.

“Skylar, it is then, ” Vino said, pronouncing her name like his life depended on it, he watches her face, her mouth open slightly as she sucks in breath. Vino's eyes darken in response as he smiles inwardly, glad to know that he is not the only one affected.

They both stares into each other eyes as the communicated what they would love to do to each other with their eyes, Vino stood abruptly breaking the sexual tension in the room as he grabs his bag and jacket from the stand“ See you on Monday Skylar, have a pleasant weekend”

Skylar stood up smiling as she mask the hurt in her face from him dismissing her like a trash, she walked slowly to the door and opened without a second glance she stepped out and ran to the comfort of her car.

She never knew she could ever be affected by any man and she never believed in love at first sight but seeing Vino and looking into his eyes, Skylar knows that he wanted her as much as she wanted him but is she ready to risk it.

Leon had left her with a shattered heart and she had not finished gathering up the pieces of her broken heart now this, Can she ever open her heart again to love

With this thought in her mind, Skylar put on the ignition and pulled the car out of the parking lot and drove to her apartment which was not far from where she lived. Parking the car on her front porch, she let herself in with her keys, kicking off clothes she had scattered on the floor this morning in her rush to get to the office. She went into the bathroom to shower and change.

Skylar Evans is a half orphan, having lost her dad in a terrible accident since she was seven, her mom single handedly raised her. Even though there were times she missed her dad, she always looked for a father figure in her boyfriend which was one of the reasons why her relationship with Leon failed.

Skylar showered, ate and sat down on her bed to read a chapter of her favorite novel, but she couldn't concentrate as all she could imagine was a brown eyes man staring into her, making her feel things she would never have imagined that she could feel.

CHAPTER 2: The Party

“Good morning, Mr. Thompson” Skylar greeted the boss the next morning in her office, her heart skip a beat even when she had stayed up last night vowing not to fall for the boss.

“Good morning, Miss Evans” Vino replied smiling as he walked into her office with a hand inside the pocket of his trouser, he looked like he had just walked out from a magazine cover.

“I have a job for you, there's an art center just out of town, we've been given a contract to paint a mural and also supply the center with valuable artifacts. That will be your first assignment, Daniel will take you there and you will find everything you'll need at the site. Any questions”

“None, Mr. Thompson”

“That will be all for now,” Vino said as he lingers in her office trying to strike another conversation with her but seeing that she was in her professional mood, he reluctantly walked out , closing the door quietly behind him.

Skylar heave a sigh of relief when she saw him leave, she nearl


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