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Secret of WOMAN

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The destiny of four women totally unknown to each other, will cross in a sudden meeting in which all of them will explore those stories that have marked their lives seeking to find some relief in their sorrows by comparing the suffering of each one of them due to those unheard experiences that they had to live in a macho world where it seems that being a woman is a kind of crime. Pamela, Rose, Patricia and Beatriz will manage to heal their scars over time by unburdening themselves to each other. They will find true love without ever forgetting the value they deserve.

Chapter 1.

The following four stories are told by their protagonists, all are true stories. If you are ready to know all the pain that each of us women hide from time to time, stay and read at your own risk.


"Miss Patricia Fuentes, it's your turn" assured the doctor once he opened the office door.

I am very hopeful that this time it will be good news.

"We have performed all the pertinent tests, but the results are the same, Miss," said the gynecologist, looking at the tests.

"Please doctor, there must be something else I can do," I begged with my head down.

"I'm sorry Patricia, but you can't get pregnant," he confirmed without anesthesia, leaving me with all my hopes destroyed.

"I understand, thank you very much" I stood up without even looking straight ahead, I was too sad to lift my face.

Once again my hopes were lost however I will not give up, I know that at some point I will be able to achieve my dream and have a beautiful baby in my arms.

Chapter 1

Have you ever felt that you need to unburden yourself of your problems but you are afraid of being rejected, or maybe you think that your problems are not big enough for someone to take you into account, that there are worse things in the world and you feel it is better to keep your feelings, your attitudes, your decisions to yourself? Sometimes we should think more about ourselves and not in the "what others will say", first we must love ourselves, accept ourselves, and heal all the wounds we have gone through to be able to think of a future, because we must learn from our past, not live in it.


The elevator door opened to enter the elevator, it marked the 7th floor but this time I did not feel the same emotion, I was giving up, it was my fifth appointment with the gynecologist this year to see how my fertility treatment was going, but I feel that it is not working, always the answer is negative, my name is Patricia Fuentes, I am 25 years old, I am thin with very few attributes, white skin, reddish hair, light brown eyes and with some freckles on my face, I have always been a strong woman because my childhood has not been easy, but today in particular I do not feel like the same warrior as always who manages to overcome the tests that are put in the way.

I entered the waiting room of the clinic to be seen, I would be number four on the list since there were already three more women before me, I had seen them before in previous appointments. One was named Beatriz, an empowered woman who shows confidence when she speaks, with great natural attributes, light skin and dark black hair like the night, who would say that she was not always the woman we see today.

The second one looked like a topmodel, she was a tall blonde who always showed a smile in any place filling the atmosphere with happiness, clear eyes and with such a spontaneous attitude that seems she had never suffered in her life, but well they say over there "shake off your fear, learn to overcome your despair and look forward", and that same Rose has achieved it to be the woman I see in front of me.

And the last one was Pamela, a tall woman, short hair and who always wore baggy clothes, she was the most reserved of them all, her look always reflected fear and pain for not being able to be free, maybe she is still overcoming a stage of her life that very few know about.

Although we knew each other by sight through previous appointments with the gynecologist, the silence was uncomfortable, the office room was cold due to the air conditioning and the windows were fogged by the rain that was falling, the white walls and frames of abstract paintings made this scene similar to a sad black and white movie, We had to break the ice between us, each one was in her seat, in her own world, including her secretary who was at her podium with a face of few friends, but suddenly, she spoke to us, believe it or not I was very surprised, she is not always so communicative.

"Dr. Amber will be arriving a little later today due to a family commitment" the secretary informed us.

"Excuse me, miss, but... will she be long? Will she be long?" Rose asked as she had to pick up her children from daycare.

"Possibly ma'am, the doctor is currently at her daughter's graduation ceremony, but if you like I can reschedule the appointment for another date" The secretary was always a little bitter, I think it was due to the recent divorce she had.

"No thanks, I'll wait" Rose always showed she was happy with that smile.

The one who was a little upset to hear that the doctor would be late was Pamela, she had been to the office twice this week and was not seen. It is very difficult to find a good gynecologist these days and Dr. Amber was our trusted gynecologist, so we all decided to wait for her to arrive.

"I hope she can make it in time," Pamela said so we could all listen.

"She'll be here soon, you'll see" Rose placed her hand on top of Pamela's to show her that she was not alone.

"In a little while I have to give a conference and if the doctor doesn't arrive I will have to leave" Beatríz was telling us from her seat but without taking her eyes off her cell phone.

"Calm down girls, she will arrive, today I will receive great news" I wanted to deceive myself saying that I will receive good news, is it really true, even I don't believe it, I saw all my hopes lost.

"Did the treatment work for you?" Rose turned to look at me very excited.

"I don't know, I have all my hopes pinned on it" I smiled.

"I have my hopes up for this medical checkup today too" Pamela was expressing herself to us" is that I'm getting married tomorrow and I have to be ready for the honeymoon.

We were all surprised and let her know how happy we were for her, congratulations, we all said at the same time to Pamela.

"You must be very happy?" said Rose.

"It's a big step!" said Beatríz.

"Tell us, who is the lucky boy deserving of that big heart, how old is he, is he handsome? "I spoke without thinking.

Pamela saw all of us around her as bloodthirsty vampires, acting on impulse without realizing that we were suffocating her.

Chapter 2.

"Girls please" Pamela held out her hands as a sign for us to back off a little, to give her space" I don't think it's a good idea for you to know his name.

"Why?" Rose and I asked very curiously, as if we were feeding off her fear.

"Give her space ladies" Beatríz was making us understand that we shouldn't ask any more questions" You must wait until she is ready to tell us everything, we can't drown her in questions.

Pamela sat up straight in her seat and sighed deeply so she could say.

"She is the most beautiful person I have ever met in my life, and not only on the outside but also on the inside, she fills my darkest days with such an immense glow that makes you forget even your most horrible nightmare, her voice is so comforting and sweet, her lips are so thick and full that makes you want to kiss them at every moment, Her skin is so soft that just a caress from her hands is like a summer bree


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