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Revenge of The Hurt Fans

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Sasha, a high school girl who is a fanatical fan of a new singer named Marcel Anderson. At school graduation, Sasha finally met Marcel again at an intimate session. She was so enthusiastic about showing all the songs she had written which were inspired by her idol. Unexpectedly, Marcel asked Sasha to be his girlfriend. They had a backstreet relationship for 2 years. Even though they had to date secretly, Sasha was so happy that she was willing to let all her original song be owned in Marcel's name. It turned out that Marcel was having an affair with the daughter of the owner of his record label that controlled him. Sasha's life was ruined until she dropped out of college because of a broken heart. Sasha was even ostracized by her own family because of deep disappointment. After 3 years of being down, Sasha decided to get up and take revenge on Marcel. She even dared to become a singer after being supported by Ronan Welton, who is secretly the new CEO of Welton Music. Ronan even taught Sasha how to play the guitar. Will Sasha's revenge on Marcel be successful? Or will he be entangled in his idol's love again?

Chapter 1 : Crazy Statement

A girl in glasses is lying down with black headphones. She was so busy nodding his head to the rhythm of rock songs from Nirvana. Suddenly, the door of her bedroom was forced open by someone.

"Sasha! Is it true that you only ranked 3rd this semester!" The middle-aged man wearing glasses shouted emotionally.

"Why did you come into my room without knocking on the door first! You immediately got angry too!" Complained the girl with glasses.

"Just answer my question, Sa! Don't change the subject! Is it true that you're only ranked 3rd?" He said with a face full of anger.

"Ha! It's hard having a father as a lecturer! Without me telling you about it, the teacher at school already told you first. Yes, I am only ranked 3rd in class," answered Sasha resignedly.

"Gosh! How embarrassing! How can a lecturer's daughter like you only be ranked 3rd in class! You should be ranked 1st in class, Sa! You must not study hard!" accused the father.

"Father! Don't accuse me carelessly! I've studied as hard as I can. But, what can it do if my other friends excel in the exams!" Sasha replied, not wanting to lose.

"That's just your excuse! You just entered high school and only managed to get 3rd place in your class in the first semester? That's embarrassing! As punishment, I will cut your pocket money in half until you become top of the class!" He decided with a serious expression before leaving Sasha's room.

Feeling sad, Sasha left the room and walked towards the workspace near the kitchen. In the room, a middle-aged woman was busy sketching the latest clothing models with a serious expression. The woman had narrow eyes, a sharp nose and shoulder-length blonde curls. She wore a blue off shoulder jumpsuit. Really fashionable for home clothes in general.

"Mom, are you busy?" Sasha asked hesitantly.

"Yes, as you see, Sa. I'm busy designing clothes for the new year. Any problem, honey?" She asked softly.

"Mom, Dad cuts my pocket money, he does not even listen to my explanation at all," Sasha replied with a moody face.

"Ha! What is your final exam results already out? You can only get the rankings down right? Therefore, Dad punches you," guess her mother.

"Mom! I got ranked 3rd class! Is that bad? I think that's a good enough rank for the odd semester in the 1st class!" Reply Sasha objected.

"That's just your opinion, Sa! You should be able to get first place in class because mom and dad have given you lots of the best lessons," She explained.

"You are the same as dad! You never encourage me and can only make demands! I'm a human, not a robot who has to always follow all your ambitions!" Sasha shouted emotionally before walking out.

"Sasha! Wait a minute! Why are you still wearing ugly clothes like that! I have prepared lots of beautiful home dresses! But look at your messy appearance!" Said the mother without feeling.

Currently, Sasha is only wearing an oversized white t-shirt that written Nirvana and knee-length shorts with messy hair. Sasha's mother really pays attention to her appearance from top to bottom. She deliberately prepared lots of beautiful clothes for Sasha but her daughter never wore the clothes she chose. As tomboyish girl, Sasha prefers to wear t-shirts and jeans everywhere. She rarely even puts on makeup.

"Mom, you don't have to control mt appearance! I am more comfortable wearing a t-shirt and pants like now!" Sasha refused firmly before leaving her mother's office. She immediately contacted her best friend Novi to invite her to hang out at the mall for relieving her frustration.

Sasha Almeera is a 16 year old girl who has just entered the famous elite Jakarta Labs High School. Her father is Devan Arbani, a lecturer at Trisakti University. He was very ambitious in terms of education, for him, the smarter a person was, the higher his position and respect would be in society. Her mother's name is Inez Emran, a famous clothing designer in Jakarta.

Just like her husband, Inez is an ambitious woman when it comes to fashion. For her, a woman must always look fashionable to get attention in society and make it easier for her to achieve many things. Being born as the only child of an ambitious husband and wife couple made Sasha Almeera cramped because her life had to always be regulated by her parents in order to realize all their ambitions. She is required to be a smart and fashionable woman.

In a coffee shop at the mall, Sasha sat with a cup of warm coffee in her hand. Before long, a beautiful girl with waist-length hair sat in front of her, taking a deep breath. "Hah. You really don't care about your appearance, Sa! You only wear Nirvana t-shirts and long jeans in malls as cool as this!" Novi protested.

"Shut up! That's enough, my appearance has been criticized by my own mother. I don't want to receive any more criticism from my best friend. I called you to pour out my heart," said Sasha glumly.

"Okay. I understand. So, what do you want to tell me, Sa?" Novi asked, ready to listen to all her friend's story. Sasha immediately told everything that happened at her house.

"Oh my goodness. Your parents are really hard at educating you. In fact, being able to get 3rd place in the class is already very good. I didn't even get into the top 10 in the class," said Novi, lamenting her fate.

"I'm tired, Nov. I am required to fulfill all their high expectations. I want to be free and live according to my own wishes," She said sadly.

"Be patient, Sa. I'm sure one day, you can live according to your wishes. For now, how about we just buy bread on the 1st floor to lift our mood. You like all the bread in that shop, don't you?" Invite Novia to be cheerful.

"Yes, you're right, Nov. Instead of me continuing to be sad, it's better if we just hunt for various breads on the 1st floor," replied Sasha enthusiastically.

Novi and Sasha finished buying a lot of bread at the store. They wanted to find a place to eat all the bread. Accidentally, in the mall hall, they saw a man playing the guitar while singing on the car exhibition stage. The man had a handsome face with close-cropped hair, a thin beard and an earring in his right ear.

He sings a song with passion and feeling. A piece of the song's lyrics was able to shake Sasha's troubled heart. The lyrics say I want to be, a small cloud in the sky, even though I'm alone, I'm still there, there's still love in my heart. The man was able to express freedom in his appearance.

"Sa, why are you silent? Come on, go upstairs to eat the bread," Novi scolded. However, Sasha's gaze remained focused on the singer.

"Nov, I think I fell in love at first sight with that singer and his song," said Sasha with a sweet smile.

"What! Don't be kidding, Sa! You might fall in love with that unknown singer! Let's just go upstairs," said Novi spontaneously.

"No! I want to wait for him to finish performing to ask him out!" Sasha replied.

"Goshh! You're really crazy, Sa! It's up to you!" Novi said resignedly.

Throughout the man's perform, Sasha never looked away once. Every lyric the man sang seemed to go straight into her heart. This is the first time she is a fan of local singer besides Nirvana and other American rock bands. After the man finished singing and left the stage, Sasha immediately approached the man.

"Hello, may I know your name?" Sasha asked confidently.

"Hello. Yes. My name is Marcel Anderson," he answered with a warm smile.

"Okay. So, I fell in love with you at first sight, Marcel," said Sasha without shame. Novi, who was hiding behind the wall, could only be shocked by her friend's crazy statement.

"W-what!" Marcel shouted with a face of disbelief at what he heard.

Chapter 2 : I Will Always Support You

"You fell in love with me? Or did I hear wrong?" Marcel asked with a look full of doubt.

"You heard that right. I really fell in love with you," Sasha replied firmly. "What made you fall in love?" Marcel asked confused.

"I fell in love with your voice and your songs," Sasha answered a little confidently.

"Gosh! You just surprised me. I thought you really fell in love with me. It turns out you were just a fan of my appearance," he said.

"But, I also like your handsome face and macho body," said Sasha innocently. Marcel's face turned slightly red.

"Hey! How can a girl talk so bluntly in front of a guy! Don't you feel embarrassed?" Marcel asked in surprise.

"Why should I be embarrassed? I'm just speaking the truth," Sasha replied casually.

"Ha! I don't know if you are an innocent girl or too brave," Marcel grumbled.



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