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Never Let me go

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If a married couple decides to go on a separate path, there can be many reasons. They might not be compatible. They think to find solace away from each other. As such. But when they get separated only for the betterment of each other, will it be still called Love? It is not necessary to stay together with our beloved ones. It's necessary to love them forever. If someone is in our hearts, they will be present near us in our memories. Join the journey of Ishiita Kapoor and Arjun Rathore who love each other to heaven but they decided to let each other go only for the betterment of each other. It's a love journey where Ishu would bring up her child alone courageously whereas Arjun has no idea about his son's presence.

1.single mom


Arjun Rathore:-

"I am sorry, Ishu. I can't announce our marriage to the world. As you already know how much I have struggled to reach this position. Please ishu, it's just a matter of time." I spoke gulping down my fear of losing her. As far as I know about her, she can bear anything but this? She looked up to me with a warm smile that unpleasantly twisted my heart. Whenever she smiles like this, I know what is coming my way. I wanted to convince her more before anything bad happens to us. But it's damaged already when I opened up about my decision to hide our relationship.

"I know, Arjun. You deserve this position. You can't sacrifice this dream of yours for anything. I won't like it even if it's for me." She spoke again smiling that way. I looked away from her face not able to guess anything that's cooking there in her head.

"Just for the release of my first film. Maybe after that, we shall grandly announce our marriage" I know my words didn't give any hope to her. My hard work of 10 years, at last, paid off when I got my first film offer. But the director demanded only one thing and that's I should be single. After he is the first person to believe in me to give me this opportunity even though I have no experience or any special background.

"If you are confident in your career, I wish you to succeed more in this path. I won't be a hurdle in your way. I wish to die than to put a brake in your dreams" her words stirred something in my heart and I knew that she has something big in her head and it will ruin everything in our life.

"Let's just part our ways. Trust me I am not angry with you and I want you to succeed more" that's it, my eyes popped out and tears started flowing in my eyes. I can't let her go away from my life like this. But can I sacrifice my first opportunity? He'll no, I have struggled hard and there is no word to explain about my hard life till now.

"That's not the decision we make in this tough life!" I tried to put some brains into her but failed miserably when she again smiled like that. She is just the hard woman I have ever met in my life. She will never change her decision if she made it with that attitude.

"Please, don't leave me" I begged before her but she took her baggage and looked at me with no regret in her decision. Her Mehandi looked divine even in this night light. After all, it's just two months since we married. But is that all about our relationship? He'll no, it's a long 7 years love.

"We can work this out together" I begged her again not wanting to let her go at any point.

"No Arjun. I can't become any reason for interrupting your success. What if anyone spots you with me? It will become the end of your dreams. And don't feel guilty. I will be there for always you" she said cupping my cheeks. She is d*mn right about everything. If I become popular, I can never hide my personal life. But that can't justify the decision she made.

She turned and climbed up the train without looking at me. I crushed there on the floor hiding my face in my palm. Sacrificing her means, sacrificing my happiness. But sacrificing my career means dying right there. The pain in my heart doubled when the train left the place. A loud sob escaped my lips realising the life ahead without my Ishu with me.


I know k has been selfish here. I can't just stay by his side to see him getting away inch by inch. It's good for us both that we part our ways rather than kill our love daily. When he decided to hide me from t society, I just can't breathe. But I don't want to be his weakness. I have always stayed by his side as a strength. I wish to be the one till the end.

He will never let me go if given a chance. But I can sense our love to get stained the moment, he tries to hide it. For me, it's more important than anything in my life.

Anyone who would be listening to our story would call us a mad person. They can never understand what his dream means to him nor what love means to me. Both can exist separately but not together.

I don't know where I am going. But the little happiness I am carrying with me is growing inside me. I wanted badly to shout to Arjun that he gonna become a father. But the moment he hears it would be the end of his dreams. He would never let me go from his life. But I should leave his life for his good. I will surely bring up my child as the best person in this world.

chapter 1:

"How dare you" a girl slapped the guy who was standing just behind her with the most innocent look ever. He clenched his eyes in reflex and holds his cheeks from burning.

He looked up to her and the anger building up inside vanished in thin air. Her blue eyes which were staring at him like a volcano looked so warm. Her cute lips released many bashing words for no one in particular but him. In short, she looked at him in disgust while he was just mesmerised by her beauty. Did he see any girl like her before? Maybe yes. But the vibe he gets from her is different.

"Are you guys coming by bus for these cheap things?" She added as he brought back to the reality. He widened his eyes when he realised that the girl misunderstood him to be a cheap stake.

"Ishu, it was this guy." Her friend pointed out the guy who has smug look over his face.

"And this is our senior, Arjun Rathore" the girl introduced Arjun to Ishu. Ishiita blinked twice and looked at the guy who has touched her inappropriately and looked back at Arjun who she has slapped now.

"Trust me, your slap was hot as you" Arjun spoke whispered near her ear and turned to the guy and slapped him hard on his cheeks without taking his eyes from Ishu who is also staring at him without blinking. The guy was thrown outside while Ishu looked away not even apologising for her actions.

"Ishiita Kapoor. Nice name." Arjun spoke grabbing her id card making her flinch.

"Why don't you get it from me once you get inside the campus?" Arjun asked caressing his cheeks as if he is ready to play with the new target. It will be fun to play with her. She is fierce as fire.

Arjun climbed down the bus with a smirk while Ishu's friends get terrified as she got tangled with Arjun Rathore.


It's been ten long years since Ishu started living alone. She sighed recalling her first meet with Arjun. It's indeed a dramatic and thrilling meeting. Her lips curved up with a smile recalling how she slapped him even before looking at his face. Maybe that's the good thing that happened to them to get to know each other.

"Then? What happened to you and Arjun?" Neha asked who is the best friend of Ishu. She is the one who gave support to her when Ishu came to the town all new. Everything was new to her. Still, she can build a new life and thanks Neha for that. She is been with her in her tough times.

"Why don't we get ready first?" Ishu asked closing her diary making Neha pout. Ishu has never told anything about Arjun in these ten years but when she got hold of her diary, Neha read the first few pages and Ishu was compelled to tell the story.

"You will again cheat me and will never tell anything about you" Neha added and left the room making Ishu sigh. She made her mind to tell everything Neha already. But will it open her wound? Will she be able to live those moments again and come back to reality? Ishu looked back to her diary and caressed it lovingly.

Her eyes fell on the page where she took pictures with her college friends. She did have many friends. But after leaving Arjun, she wanted to live aloof. So she never contacted anyone who could make Arjun aware of her presence. She made a good hideout.

Her parents smiled at her in the photo frame when she lighted up the lamp in front of them. Her lips curved upwards to a smile and her eyes are full of gratitude. She is thanking them every day for educating her which is helping her today to run her life. If she is not a brave girl, she would have ended her life far before.

"His naughtiness has reached its limit. Ma'm, you have to take strict action today" Leena teacher's voice echoed her cabin as she shifted her eyes from the photo frame to the teacher. She sighed internally as she hates wherever any teacher complaints against a kid. But as the headmaster of the school, she has to punish those kids for their mistakes. But she has no heart to even yell at those pure buds.

"Bring the child to my room" Ishu spoke sitting over her chain hiding her soft disappointed face to look a little rude so that these kids at least get scared of her.

Leena entered the room with the screeching sound of the door. Ishu's eyes soon turned to wide sauces when she looked at the kid. Soon she hides her inner thought and looked back at Leena who is still staring at the kid with anger.

"Siddharth" Ishu called softly when the ten-year-old kid looked up to his mom who is now not his mom but the headmaster of this school. She didn't want other teachers to pamper her just because that she is his mom. So no one knew that he is her son.

"Siddharth, look at me," Ishu spoke in an authoritative tone whereas he just drew patterns on the floor. He slowly looked up and soon his eyes fell over the floor. He hates to embarrass his mom but d*mn his naughtiness.

"He tore all pages of his classmate, Neha's notebook" Leena complained in a dejected tone. Siddharth is known for his new antics to trouble the kids and teachers. Ishu stuffed her smile under her facade.

"Ask him to stand outside of the classroom for a full day" Ishu prayed hard that Leena might ask her to change the punishment. Maybe a full day is too much. But Leena smiled in satisfaction. All teachers just hate Sid for his naughtiness. Ishu just can't understand what's wrong if the kids are a little naughty? Leena got him out while Sid hung up his head low sighing tiredly.

He is just like his dad in terms of naughtiness. Ishu blushed at the thought of Arjun. She shrugged it off immediately but she can never stop thinking about him.

She stopped smiling like an idiot when her thought gets stuck in between. Her eyes welled up when she slides up the news column in her phone. Arjun pictures with his family. A hot topic for seven years.

"You did move on easily" Ishu mumbled as she caressed his picture where he is posing with his wife and a small kid. She just couldn't accept the fact that her Arjun can ever give her place to someone else. But he did. She switched off the mobile phone and turned away from all thoughts of Arjun.


Mumbai is infectious. Once you start living, you can never adjust anywhere in this world. Arjun opened his eye and looked around his room which is designed in white curtains with maroon furniture. It's her favourite colour. His lips curved up remembering HER. He switched on the music player and the old Hindi songs filled the room. He closed his eyes and was diving inside the music of heaven.

"Sir, coffee" one of the servants came inside his room with a black cup which has red roses on its handle. He took the coffee and smiled at the servant. His life is perfectly complete with the lavish standard of everything. But is he happy? His eyes lacked that warmth that was once his strength. His heart is empty where he used to have a party every day.

"Ishu" he mumbled to give a long breath. Maybe this name only gives him some peace.

"Where are you?" He added as he looked at the sky as if trying to see her in those clouds. He sighed tiredly not able to bear the weight in his chest.

"Ajju" a voice echoed in the room and he turned to give his evergreen smile. He looked dashing even in this cotton nightdress.

"Aren't you ready? We are getting late." She voiced out and kept the royal blue coat suit over his bed with a frown expression.

"I will be getting ready in just five minutes." He replied and took the dress.

"Won't you at least look at me?" Vidya frowned. She is annoyed with the fact that he doesn't even recognise her presence. But she is not the kind of girl to seek his attention every time. She will just snatch it if she needs it.

"Red suits you best" he smiled again at her and entered his bathroom. Vidya smiled back. His compliment even though it's one word, it's always special for her. The best part of their story is Vidya knew about Ishu and Arjun. She married him accepting his everything.

"Mom, Dad, I am ready" seven years old Pihu jumped in excitement when Arjun picked up her in his arms. His smile reached its eyes and the reason us his daughter. A beautiful barbie to fill his life with rainbow colours.

2.lavish life


"Seven ice creams" Arjun Rathore, the king of college announced his demand while Ishu just lowered her eyes accepting his ragging and everything. She just wants to finish her studies in silence. Otherwise, he would get a fierce reply.

She kept those ice creams over the table with a thud with a warning that he can't play with her as he wishes.

"I'd card?" She asked in a little raised voice. Arjun just smirked at her and took ice cream.

"We are only six. And this is for you" he gave her a strawberry flavoured cornetto.

"I don't get anything free from strangers like someone" she directly taunted him and all his friends gasped at the audacity of Ishu but Arjun just smiled at her.

"I thought I would just leave you after today's session. It seems that you like to mingle with me." Arjun spoke keeping her id inside his pocket and walked like a king. Ishu stood in shock. She didn


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