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Rehana Siraj

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About me

Imagination is the beginning of creation. I create a world full of happiness and you can find those in my stories. If you are looking for a strong girl with so much attitude and filled with sarcasm, you can find her in my stories and I love all my characters who are imperfect in their own ways. Mainly they won't sacrifice for anything. I love dramas which take us to a new world. F.r.i.e.n.d.s make me relive my moments with my friends while Emily in Paris made me feel like a confident girl in this competitive world. All K dramas are my favorite though.❤️❤️


Friendship Love Hatred
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Siddharth Singh Raizada and Arjun Kumar Bhalla are just like two poles apart. If Siddharth likes to mask his pain by his ruthless behavior, Arjun loves to hurt more by his venomous words. If Siddharth could control his anger to hide his emotions, Arjun could do to any extent to make Siddharth lose his temper. If Siddharth is an egoistic self-centered jerk, Arjun is an unemotional frigid psycho. There was a time when they both even can’t stand the opposite side of any team, but now they cant bear their presence even at a 100 feet distance. Time has passed away still they are standing at the edge where they seemed to be lost forever. Friends can become the best enemy if they part ways by some mere misunderstandings. Friends can only hurt us in a way more than we could expect if they turned to the other side of us. Here is a story where friendship, love, even hatred have special space in every aspect. A strong friendship where no one can even dream to break, but it’s lost forever with a small misunderstanding. True love which is formed only based on trust broke only with the lack of trust. The hatred is now living between these people who have nothing more left with. ***** Ishita Raizada, a beautiful young emotional girl is broken beyond repair. She is trying hard to cope up with the new changes in her life. What will happen when she meets the person who is the reason for her destruction again after two long years? Will they be able to forgive and now on in their lives? Arjun entered their lives only to make them more miserable. But is it only them? Mishty Gupta, a colorful girl who has sky dreams gets entangled with their lives. Can she be able to achieve her dreams by not meddling with these people? How will her life change with her entry into another mysterious group of people? Mihir Arora, the reason for Siddharth smile and he could make Arjun calm with just one smile. He is the only hope where everything can come to normal. Will he be able to bring his friends back to how they have been?


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