My new and only love

My new and only love

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Duni T
  • Chapters: 7
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • ā­ 3.0
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Yulia ran away from home in Italy to prove to her family that she could do without them, but finding a job became very difficult, at least until she was hired by Bads as a nanny for his difficult daughter, which no one can understand. It's a challenge for her, and even more so when she ends up falling in love with the very hot and daring Bads. He does not feel capable of falling in love again, he does not even believe in love, so when he begins to feel it, he is confused and interprets it as a simple desire, let's see which of the two is right.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

My name is Yulia D'santo, as evidenced by my last name I am Italian. I've been living on this end of the world for two years and I still can't get a decent fucking job. I took a babysitting course and now I'm in this house to try my luck

ā€“ So, Miss D'santo, would this be your first time babysitting? ā€“ there the question I hate the most in an interview

ā€“ Yes, Mr. Smith ā€“ Bads Brisnton is sitting in front of me, he owns a very famous advertising company throughout England, and I don't even know how he manages it. But they say he works from home. The man is very attractive, he must measure at least one ninety; although he would say more, his hair is black as night and his gray eyes hide a storm inside him. But he's so serious that he gives me chills

ā€“ That leaves me no reference to you

ā€“ Mr. Brisnton, I understand that you first give a trial period, as I see it if you do not give me the opportunity, I will never have references

ā€“ In that you have reasons, but as you must have read in the ad, my daughter is not an easy child. I have had to raise her by myself. Her mother died in childbirth

ā€“ Yes, I read the whole ad

ā€“ You are ten years old, how old are you? ā€“ Damn girlish appearance.

- More than you think, I'm twenty-five years old - he made a face

ā€“ May I have your identification? It doesn't seem like it - I took out my identification so that the suspicious man could verify that I am indeed telling him the truth - yes, that's his age - he said very peacefully after reading me carefully. He made a gesture with his face, I'm scared of what he was going to say next ā€“ you're right, everyone needs a chance. However, first I want you to know that the trial time is for the babysitters. But not exactly to see how they work, but to see if they can control Yessy ā€“ at the agency all the nannies know Yessy Brisnton if she makes me leave, she's in trouble. No one wants to come to her house to work anymore even though she pays a fortune, and I think he knows that's how she is.

- I know - I let him know, he stood up, I did the same and he extended his hand towards me

- So you are hired, in a trial period of course - that made me extremely happy, I shook his hand and moved it up and down with euphoria

ā€“ You will see that you will not regret it

ā€“ We'll see about that. When does he move into the house? ā€“ I had already forgotten that this was part of the job, I have to be available 24 hours a day. It's fine for me, it's not like I have much of a social life, the last time I had a boyfriend was over a year ago, between the fact that my people skills suck, and that my appearance isn't the best. top. It is the perfect mix for a boring life. Let's clarify that I'm not exactly horrible, but I'm not the typical prototype you think of when you say Italian, my hair is black like my eyes, and my eyelashes and eyebrows are perfect, but that's as far as my perfection goes. My figure is a bit round to call it somehow, I wear glasses because I am not able to see without them. Better not think about my appearance anymore

- Whenever you want - I answered

ā€“ Right now ā€“ he is very rushed ā€“ my driver will take you to wherever you live and wait for you until you are ready to return

- Ok Mr. Brisnton - I waited outside the house, a luxurious car came out of somewhere, no idea was. The driver, a very handsome young guy got out and opened the door for me, he has a beautiful smile on his face

ā€“ Go ahead ā€“ he told me to react, I had been looking at him like a fool, and I moved my head a couple of times to get out of my dreams. I got in the car; the boy did the same and started the car - I found out that you are the new babysitter of the girl Yessy

- That's right - I replied - you don't have to treat me as you, my name is Yulia - I told her

- Nice name, I'm James, and as you can see, I'm the driver - he paused and looked at me in the rearview mirror - I hope it lasts at work

ā€“ I hope so more than you ā€“ hope so, I need this job if I want to finally get ahead. I can't keep living on part-time jobs and depending on Yerena, my only friend. She works a lot, and she is always helping me with her savings.

We arrive at the apartment that Yerena just shared, I know it's time she's not here. I went in alone, James stayed in the car, the first thing I did was leave a note for my friend giving her the good news and promising that I would call her as soon as I had free time, I collected it in my travel bag what I thought would be necessary, later if I get the job I will have to come for more, but for now, what I have is enough, I went back to the car

"I thought it would take longer," James said.

- I still don't know if I'm going to be there for a long time, so I thought it was better not to exaggerate - at that moment I had an idea - James, do you know why nannies don't last in the house? - The sigh

ā€“ Miss Yessy is not someone easy to deal with, she treats all the staff in the house very badly, but with the nannies she is terrible, she offends and mistreats them. It's not for her to be scared, but I've seen more than one of them leave the house crying - "it looks like she doesn't want to scare me" I thought sarcastically and smiled reluctantly. I don't think a ten-year-old can be that terrible - I hope that laugh lasts - that was a clear warning, I hope I can deal with a girl that all the adults around her consider terrible

We arrived at the Brisnton house, Flora, the housekeeper assigned me a room in the service area. She told me that in an hour they would introduce me to little Yessy, I have to admit that she finds me nervous. I took advantage of the time and arranged my things, changed my clothes, and made myself presentable. I waited just the time and left the room

- I was going to call you - Flora said, meeting me outside the door - I see that you are punctual, Mr. Brisnton appreciates that very much - I make a mental note, I must pay special attention to that from now on.

- I understand - was all I managed to say, now I'm quite tense, we went up the service stairs, he took us to a huge corridor, and we entered the third door. The girl is sitting in front of her father, she is beautiful. To the point of making, you think you're looking at an angel. Her hair is blonde, and her eyes are green. Although she is small for her age, she seems like a smaller child.

"Hello, Miss D'santo," her father greeted me, noticing my presence.

- Hello - I said to him and I turned to his daughter - hello Yessy - I greeted her with my hand, and she made a face with her little face

ā€“ Is this whale my babysitter? - She said unpleasantly, I was left with my mouth open, not knowing what to say. I opened and closed my eyes in a bewildered way

ā€“ Yessy ā€“ said her father in a disapproving tone ā€“ what have I told you about offending people? - At least she got a reprimand, she didn't apologize but something is something, the girl crossed her arms - I'm going to leave them alone so they can get to know each other - she stood up, before leaving she addressed her daughter - behave yourself - the girl nodded

"Well, I think we should get to know each other," I told him when his father left the room.

"Don't get comfortable, you'll leave just as fast as the others," she responded cruelly and crossed her arms.

ā€“ Don't you think you're being a bit cruel? - Serious

ā€“ Don't tell me that the agency where you work doesn't know me? - I crossed my arms, if she is going to behave this way, I am going to have to do the same.

ā€“ No, I didn't hear anything about you

- That's strange - his attitude gave me a little grace

ā€“ Should I have heard something from you? She - she stood up, I verified that she is indeed quite small, even more considering who her father is

ā€“ Yes, you should

ā€“ Well, I didn't, and even if I had heard something, I prefer to make my own opinions.

- Well let me help you - I didn't understand what he meant until he stepped on my foot and then stuck out his tongue, this girl is terrible, I need another method to survive in this house.

Chapter 2

Episode 2

After a lot of thinking, I figured out what I need to do, Yessy has a problem with babysitters, so what I need is to figure out why. With that task in mind, I woke up the next day

- Good morning, Yessy - I said storming into her room, she covered her face with her pillow when I opened the window

ā€“ Miss Brinston for you

- Oh yes, of course, Yessy Brinston, get up - he looked at me with a bad face, but he still got up

"My father is going to find out about this," I agreed.

ā€“ I'm counting on it ā€“ don't stop doing my chores, adjust your uniform. I take out the books she needed and prepare her backpack, she is looking at me confused. She is not adapted to people treating her this way ā€“ I'll wait for her in half an hour at the entrance, I don't think she needs to come looking for her

I left his room and took a deep breath. That girl has the gift of despairing, I walked to the service stairs and went to the ki


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