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“Miss, Mis…” “Mrs Rodrigo” The busy lady admiring the beautiful scenery of the island reminded the man leisurely who looked slightly shocked by her reaction. “Ooh, sorry. Mrs Rodrigo, I need you in my life. All the thirty years of my existence in this world, I have never felt like this with…” “How dare you, Simon Wilson? I thought you were a gentleman, but I was wrong. You are just a wh*r* like all the other men!” A voice echoed in the air causing the tall man to gaze in that direction at a bullet pace. “Alicia? What are you doing here? I told you I do…” Before the man could finish his statement, a lady named Alicia chimed in, “That you don't love me? After playing with my body like a toy? Hahaha!” Alicia laughed sarcastically while sauntering closer to Mrs Rodrigo who was now paying attention to them, “He is no different with any other m…” “Alicia. What do you think you are doing? When did I sleep with…” A love triangle. What would happen to Simon, who was claiming to be in love with Mrs Rodrigo? Do you think Alicia was lying about being used by Simon? Follow me on the journey of our beautiful novel, My Emotionless Goddess, and I will not disappoint you.


'Wow! She is d*mn cute! How can a human being be this attractive?'

Simon argued in his mind as he gazed at the beauty before him. He had never seen such a beauty before. He had been coming to this magnificent restaurant many times but had never seen that goddess. He then sipped his wine as his eyes never left the lady.

'Wow, look at her curves! Her long, attractive white legs in that under-thigh dress with those six-inch heels! Ooh my! Am I hallucinating? But I don't use any drugs or alcohol'

Simon was busy fantasizing when his assistant bowed before him. He felt very irritated.

'What does this old crazy hag want?'

He thought as he tried to know what kind of punishment he could give him later.

“What?” He roared until the man before him flinched.

“Sir, there is a call” The man answered in a trembling tone.

“Is that why you are destructing my peace?”

He retorted back angrily that the assistant took a step back while shaking like a leaf. He knew his boss well, but the call was very crucial for him.

This was the contract that his cold boss had been looking for, for a long time now.

He had lived with this cold-hearted boss of his, and he knew him well. He had been like a son figure to him. So, he, of course, wanted the best for him.

“Bring it” Finally, Simon comply.

“Yes sir” He bowed before him and left immediately without sparing a look at him.

'Where is she?' Simon asked no one in particular as he gazed at where the beautiful goddess was earlier. He became irritated that he could not see her again.

'Where the hell is that goddess?' He thought in horror.

“Lance!” He called suddenly.

“Sir” The bodyguard who was behind standing still like a rock bowed to his boss with all due respect he could come up with.

“Apart from David, who else has left this place?”

“No one sir” The bodyguard named Lance answered stammering because of the look the man was giving him.

“Are you certain?” Simon was not satisfied with that answer at all.

“Yes sir” The bodyguard was stunned as he bowed harder.

He was not aware of what his crazy boss of his meant by anyone leaving the place. But he also knew his boss well, that he would not explain himself more than that because he was a cruel man with few words. He disliked it when people asked him questions, especially his bodyguards.

Simon's eyes changed colour. He was furious.

'I think I have not taught that old hag a good lesson for long.

Lance just gazed at the ground. He would not dare face his boss. But he wondered what was going on in that hard mind of his boss.

“Sir” David returned with a gadget in his hand and handed it to Simon who in turn put it on his right ear.


“Wilson?” The person on the other end called out as if to confirm if indeed it was him.

“What is it?” David froze for a while. He didn't understand what his boss meant by that question he was throwing to the person on the other end.

'Why is he rude to the person he has been looking for a contract with for a long time? Is he out of his mind?' David thought with sorrow in his readable facial expressions.

“You have been pleading with us to give this…”

“I am not interested” Simon blurted out without waiting for the person to finish his statement that David and the two bodyguards were astounded by this behaviour of their mighty boss.

“Sir, are you all…”

“Another word from you and I will use your head as my chair during supper!” Simon roared like a wounded lion. He was not ready to listen to anyone at all.

What? What was happening to their boss? All the people around were flabbergasted by this.

Simon did not mind the shock on the faces, but rose from the couch and walked out after handing over the phone to David.

'What is happening?' Why is he acting this weirdly?' Many questions disturbed David as he and the bodyguards followed behind.

This was not their boss at all. Something was not right.

Lance ran to the black Lamborghini that was parked at the parking lot of the restaurant and opened the door for his boss, then bent down to show respect as the man boarded it.

Simon got in the back seat and put his two hands behind his head and relaxed. His black suit suited him well. His calm but handsome face was raised facing the ceiling of the car while his eyes were closed.

But of course, he was not asleep.

“Sir you did not take your meal” David who was beside him gathered the courage and blurted out.

The man beside him did not flinch or say any word but continued closing his eyes while his long eyelashes were resting peacefully on his lower eyelids.

David decided to keep quiet because he knew his boss did not give him empty threats earlier when he said he would use his head as a chair at supper time. Well, he was not ready to die anyway. So, he decided to keep his mouth shut. He sighed heavily and rested his head, too.

After driving for twenty minutes, they reached their destination.

As usual, Lance ran to open the car door for his Master while looking down. Simon got out of the car and entered the long building which was written in large letters, 'Wilson and son's company

The three people ran behind him without uttering a word.

Simon sat at his large and long chair that looked like a king's chair and opened his computer to continue with his job. But what angered him was the fact that he could not concentrate. What always came to his mind was the face of that woman,

'What the f*ck?' He roared inwardly as sweat rolled down his handsome face.

He sighed in frustration and got off the chair. He went to a nearby door and then took a remote. When he pressed it, the door opened itself, and he entered inside.

What was wrong with him? He had never been like this before. For goodness sake! Who was that lady? He had been able to control his emotions before, but now, ooh no. For christ's sake, he was Simon Wilson, the heir of Wilson's group of companies in country A. Many girls had been wishing for his attention but for the thirty years he had lived his life, he had never come closer to any of them. For goodness’s sake, he was a virgin and that did not bother him until now. Why then should that lady confuse him like this?

“I must find out about you goddess” He declared at last while smiling at himself.


There she was just standing gazing outside the window. She had long pinched black and wavy hair. She was wearing a black under-thigh dress, showing her womanly curves well. Her baby face was relaxed as she used her white-like snow eyes to stare. Her iris inside the cornea was shiny as she gazed elegantly.

Suddenly, she heard a voice which irritated her to her bones.


“What is it, Sofia?” Regina blurted out, feeling irritated. She disliked it when one intruded on her privacy, especially not Sofia because she knows her likes and dislikes well.

“You have a visitor and I apologize to distract you from your break” She blurted out quickly while shaking like a leaf because she knew her boss. She was a woman who was cruel in the business world, and she never entertained jokes from anyone. She was only 27 years, but she never smiled nor laughed, Sofia had not seen her boss showing any emotions since she started working for her.

“Sofia, can't


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