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Athena was far from LA for her Masters degree but she was forced to return home when her mother requested her home immediately because her father was ill. On arrival, she finds out that it was all a lie to get her there and she is to marry a billionaire because their family business is almost bankrupt. Being the good girl she is and always following the decisions of her parents, she accepts but it turns out her husband doesn't love her and will never be cause he's gay. The marriage is to cover his sexuality. But what happens when you finally see the person who you were meant to be with? Nothing can stop the sparks and the desires from growing not even sexuality.

Chapter 1

"Dear, you need to come back to the United States, your father is ill and he needs you here."

Those were the words Athena heard from her mother, Elizabeth Scotts, before she board the first flight back to them.

She had to leave all her classes and important exams of her Master degree in business but she don't mind at all. Hopefully her father will get well and she'll be back soon.

She calmed herself down with some music as the flight took off. But that did nothing to stop her mind from wandering around.

"Hey Miss." Someone tapped her shoulders and brought her back to the present.

She looked to where the tapping was coming from and her eyes met with an amber brown ones.

The man was dressed like he was in a business meeting or is going to one. His tie is white with red stripes with matches the black suit he is wearing. His hair, dirty blonde is styled and gelled neatly backwards, which just suit his eyes.

In all, he was looking dashing with his muscular built body barely hidden in the clothes he wore.

"How may I help you sir?" Athena asked politely with her best pretentious smile.

He was on his feet in front of the seat next to her, the seat was close to the aisle where the flight attendants pass to serve the passengers.

"I'm so sorry for bothering you." He put his hands together in front of her and then rubbed them together begging. "But can I sit at the window seat instead?" He now had a sheepish smile and he looked nervous.

He was eyeing her, she looked sophisticated with her ginger red hair parted at the middle of her head and fall loosely at either sides of her shoulders.

Her makeup is light and simple and the man thought she did not need it as her face was flawless, looked soft and perfect but the makeup gave her the rich lady look.

Her floral dress did not scream expensive but it is inclusive in adding to her beauty at this particular time.

Athena looked through the little window of the plane besides her, she loved sitting at the window seat because she loved staring at the clouds as she flew. The clouds are one of the few sure things in her life, they are always there whenever she board the plane and travelled to other places.

She turned back to him, "Of course you can sit here." She smiled politely then exchanged seats with the man.

After sitting at her previous seat, the man calmed down a bit but still looked nervous while looking out through the windows.

"Will someone special be there?" Athena asked after her observation, she smiled warmly even though the man hasn't looked at her yet.

When he turned to face her, he met with her green eyes, she was smiling warmly at him and it reached her eyes.

"Huh?" He furrowed his brows questioningly. He was even surprised she spoke to him, she seemed like those rich proud girls that thinks highly of themselves and everyone else is beneath them.

She giving her seat was more then enough kindness he expected plus she is a very beautiful lady, and she most definitely knows it.

"Where you're going." She replied, "Will someone special be there? You look very nervous even after taking my seat, that spot should have done the trick of making you relaxed." She explained.

He nodded then sighed.

"Some people I really want to impress are there, I really want to see their faces lit up for once because of me." He disclosed to Athena.

Flight attendants stopped by the seats of the passengers and asked what they'll be eating? Soon, one of the women, dressed like a typical flight attendant with dark blue straight tight skirt, a dark blue suit on top of a white inner singlet, and her hair was made a neat bun on her head. Her makeup is heavy and professional.

"Good day Miss," she greeted Athena, "and sir," she directed to the man sitting with Athena. "Would any of you like anything to eat?" She asked politely.

"What are you offering?" Athena asked whilst looking at the service trolley beside the flight attendant.

"Some snacks and drinks. There's Coke oh and I have just one chicken sandwich left." The attendant listed.

"I'll have the sandwich." Athena requested, "With the coke."

It was handed to her and the flight attendant look over to the man. "Sir, won't you have anything? The flight is a long one."

"No don't worry." He shook his head.

"Okay sir." The flight attendant left.

"Hey you want some advice?" Athena asked suddenly after a while which made the man to turn his attention to Athena from the window of the airplane.

"Advise?" He furrowed his brows, "Sure if you as some." He pressed forward nevertheless. "But I don't think you'll understand my situation right now." He added.

His thoughts are that Athena is a pretty rich lady that was probably spoiled my mummy and daddy and doesn't have any idea of hard work or fighting for approval from someone.

Athena smiled at him genuinely this time and it reached her eyes and it showcased her dimples which could be easily missed cause they were not that deep.

At this his heart melt at her smile and he calmed down a bit and dropped his guard which he had up to because he was after all sitting with a very beautiful lady and he had too much of pretty ladies drama for another one in an airplane leading to the place where the people he is so nervous to face are.

"That's what everyone thinks." She laughs and the man felt a little bad for judging her like that, he after all does not know her and she did give him her seat which she probably enjoyed being in.

"But it's much more complicated than that, you see..." She sighs, "I'm dropping everything to go back home just at their command to do so. All my exams and study to go back to the US again and the course I'm studying isn't what I wanted to study in the first place. I have no other choice but to excel in that course no matter how much I don't like it and I did just to make them happy."

The sadness in her eyes could not be missed and her smile had fallen. The man could clearly see that she was really unhappy with her life and she must know a thing or two about suffering and working hard especially for someone's approval. This makes him feel more guilty.

"I'm sorry for judging you like that." He apologized sincerely to Athena and she just wave it off.

"Oh don't worry about that," she chuckles, "it's normal."

"So you were saying something about an advise?" He reminded her.

"Oh I just wanted to say, if you have done what ever it is you are supposed to do accordingly to how you were asked to without any of your opinion in the matter then you should rest assured that you'll make them happy." Athena answered.

"I see, thanks." He nodded, seeming in thoughts about what she had said.

"Just be sure that none of your view is in the matter and it's exactly what they want." She repeated.

"I understand." The man said and smiled for the first time. "My name is Asher by the way." He introduced himself.

Athena only nodded before turning away, "But remember that wanting to gain their approval nor making them happy is ever going to satisfy them. That will never be enough." She said in an undertone which Asher heard.

From her tone he understood that her words were true and that's that. Period. And also the end of the conversation.

Athena proceed to placing her earphones back in her ears.


The plane finally landed, when she was done getting all her stuff she checked if someone was waiting to pick her up.

There was still a five percent probability which made her hope a little but that wasn't a good enough reason for her to stay and wait in case someone was coming and is late.

When she saw others picking up their loved ones and no one was there for her, she quickly regained herself.

She pushed away the little hurt she felt.

"Foolish woman, I wonder what's going on inside my head sometimes." She said to herself.

She sighed and left the airport and got into a cab.

She dialed her mother's number and she picked after five rings.

"Hello mother." She greeted.

"Have you land?" Her mother asked from the other end.


"Alright, use a bus and come." Her mother ordered.

"A bus? Why a bus?" She asked.

"Umm there's an issue, we need to save as much as possible for the hospital bills... So umm get into a bus, it's cheaper so long as you're not walking here." Mrs Scott replied.

Save? What was that? Athena thought to herself.

She was the daughter of a multimillionaire which companies and partners in many countries and she's talking about saving? How Ill was he? How big was the hospital bill? She questioned but it didn't leave her heart, she kept quiet.

"But I'm already in a cab. We're leaving already." She informed her mother instead.

"Then get off! Please don't waste money or else you'll pay for it." Her mother shouted immediately she words left Athena's mouth.

"I understand, I'll see you soon. Send me the address of the hospital."

"Don't worry just come home." Her mother instructed then hung up.

Athena sighed again then turned to the driver.

"Sir, I'm so sorry but I have to get down." She told him.

"Why sweetie? Change of plans?" The driver asked whilst smiling at her sweetly.

"Yes." She returned the smile.

"You know I can take you anywhere, don't worry I won't charge extra." The driver tried to persuade her.

"Regardless. Thanks for the help but I'll be getting down, I hope you get another passenger soon." She bid him goodbye and got out from the cab.

The driver drove away and her heart immediately sank.

She began to get anxious and goosebumps filled her arms. When she was out of the cab was when she realized what she was going to do next.

She was taking the bus, a public transportation that she has never used before, filled with lots of people.

She took a deep breath, and headed to a bus stop.

She sat at the bench waiting for her bus and soon some people joined her and they sat really close to her.

It was the first she had had such close communication with poor or average people.

Maybe when she was a baby she had had such interaction but it was long forgotten.

"Hi." A young lady sitting beside her greeted. She smiled sweetly at Athena and she couldn't help but return it.

It would be rude not to.

"Hello." She said in return.

"I'm Ashley." She introduced herself and reached out her hand for a hand shake.

Athena looked at the Lady properly, she's a beautiful brunette with forest green eyes and tanned skin. She looked around Athena's age, obviously in her early twenties.

She was dressed in completely in Dior and was wearing light makeup but she couldn't tell if she was well off or just a little bit more an average.

Her face was really friendly with the smile she was wearing but her eyes gave her away.

Athena directed her eyes to the hand waiting for a hand shake, without another thought she placed her hands inside the pocket of her coat.

"I'm sure you're aware of COVID-19." Athena said.

The girl chuckled. "Ah I see." She took her hand back. "I see you are the snubby rich girl type." She added with a frown on her face. "You've just confirmed it." She turned away.

Athena shook her head.

"No. There is nothing to confirm when you've already concluded." Athena corrected. Ashley turned to Athena again and Athena winked at her. A smirk appeared on Ashley's face.

"So um why are you at a bus stop sweetheart?" She asked with a mischievous look on her face.

"Why are you at a bus stop?" Athena asked instead.

"To transport myself somewhere obviously." Ashley answered like it's the most obvious thing in the world. But Athena just nodded and murmured "Exactly."

"Exactly?" Ashley questioned confused but soon realize what she meant. "Where's your personal driver?" She teased but there was some seriousness in her voice.

"Excuse me but have we met before?" Athena couldn't figure out why this Ashley girl is just too nosy and assuming things about her.

"No." She answered nonchalantly.

"Then why are so Judgy? And acting like you know me or something?" Athena asked seeming a bit p*ss*d now and suspicious.

'What is this b*tch deal?' she thought.

"I don't know you but I know your type, seem innocent but in side, you're a manipulative b*tch." Ashley spat out.

"Oh wow, let me guess. You've had an experience with one and it wasn't pleasant."


"Aww too bad for you, I apologize on her behalf." Athena rushed and said then turn away to end the conversation. She was trying to be polite and nice and not get into any quarrel but she was having a difficult time dealing with the lady.

"Of course cause you're both the same." Ashley whispered in her ears regardless.

Athena turned to her again. "Woah this much resentment because I refused a handshake that could save our lives? I wonder how you'll treat me if I'd stolen your boyfriend." For some reason she couldn't stop replying her.

Ashley laughed, she was a bit amused and had a satisfied look on her face.

"I see. You can try but he's not into rich fakes."

"Hmm what makes you think I'm rich?"


"I'm at a bus stop with you and not in a cab or a private car."

"Cause you keep yourself like that. It's so disgustingly noticeable. You're not better than us at the bus stop now are you?" Ashley replied with a little bit of hatred in her voice.

Athena sighed. That was a bit harsh for her cause she knew deep down she was right.

"No, I'm not." She mumbled, her voice a bit down then turned away from her again and directed her attention to the passing cars.

"What happened? I'd said something that touched your soul?" Ashley joked. She didn't seem remorseful at all. Athena rolled her eyes and didn't reply.

Ashley suddenly turned her towards herself to meet her eyes, "If that's the case then know I'm not sorry at all." She stated with a small smile on her face and Athena couldn't help but smile back to it. It was oddly comforting to her.

"Honestly what's your problem with me?" Athena asked.

"Haven't I already told you?"

"No there's more."

"Well I'm not telling 'The more', okay?"

"If so then get off my back."


"Ugh why?"

"Cause you seem interesting and too chatty for your type, maybe you're bored."

Athena rolled her eyes at her.

"By the way why are you at a bus stop again?"

"None of your business."

"I'll keep bugging you until you spill."

Athena took a deep breath, she had no idea who the hell this odd girl was but she was kinda glad she wasn't sucking up to her. If they weren't strangers and they've start off on the wrong note and they wouldn't want to meet each other again, Athena thought they might me best of friends.

"Daddy is sick so we've got to save." Athena answer.

"Daddy is sick and you automatically have to save?" She repeated and

Athena nodded.

"Girl are you a fool? that makes no sense, it sounds like bankruptcy to me." Ashley stated.

"I've been living a fools life ever since I was little, so yes, I am."

"What's that suppose to mean?" Ashley questioned. She was taken aback by what Athena had said. From everything that could possibly be Athena's reply to her she chose to say that. That was shocking for Ashley as she didn't expect that and it was written all over her face.

"Wait, don't tell me you have a very dark past?" Ashley inquired with a little curiosity and more excitement in her eyes as she questioned.

At that moment the bus arrives and Athena was thankful that it came to save her from the strange lady bugging her and digging into her life.

"I have somewhere important to be, excuse me." Athena announced then stood up to get into the bus.

Ashley also stood up and walked along with her.

Athena got irritated by this and turned to her ready to snap at her but Ashley spoke up first.

"What is it? I was waiting for the bus too." She said and walked ahead of Athena.

This definitely isn't how poor people behave, Athena was sure she was a weirdo or a foreigner or some idiot chatter box.

Athena also made her way to the bus, she saw Ashley sitting at the front seat and she made her way to the back before all the seats were taken.

As soon as her butt touched the old seat of the bus, Ashley appeared and sat next to her before the spot was taken.

"What are you doing?" Athena questioned, this was becoming too weird for her.

"What? This is a public bus and you seat wherever you want." Ashley stated then relaxed her back to enjoy the ride.

"Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a stranger to you right? From the way you spoke earlier you hate me, right?" Athena asked.

Ashley shook her head. "We were strangers until we met. I didn't hate you, I was disgusted." Ashley replied. "Is that correction taken?"

Athena was speechless, no words could come out from her, she had never once met such a daring and stupid person who just talks her mind and do whatever she likes within caring about what people thought.

She was something new to her. She didn't know when her hands moved and it reached out to grab the neck of Ashley's dress. "Who are you."

Chapter 2

Chapter two

"Good you're here, sit we have a lot to talk about." Mrs. Scott instructed immediately she saw Athena walking into

ing room.

She was sitting on one of the sofas there looking all serious and grumpy.

Athena nodded and sat on the sofa at the right side of hers.

"Your father is in the room don't worry too much about him, he's okay now." Mrs Scott told her and Athena nodded.

Athena knew all too well that he was never at the hospital.

At first she had thought something bad had happened to him with her mother's worried call but when she landed in Las Vegas again after a long time she realized this was a ploy to get her here.

Bankruptcy was the obvious reason. That's why her mother was so stressed and worried on the call.

What now? Were they going to tell her to quit college?

What's the next order they'll be instructing her to do?



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