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Vengeance Embrace

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Eisley was a trained assassin, honed in the dark arts of death and destruction. She had one mission - to kill Mr. Night. Her ex-boyfriend was in trouble and she was the only one who could save him. The only way to do that was to end the life of the infamous Mr. Night. But when Eisley stepped into the room to take down the target, something strange happened. She smelled an overwhelming scent that she immediately recognized as rose petals. This was her one weakness - Eisley was severely allergic to roses. Her eyes began to itch and she wheezed as her lungs clamped down. She was forced to flee the room before she could even draw her weapon. Despite her failure, Eisley was not deterred. She knew that she had to complete her mission. But when Mr. Night caught her, something unexpected happened. Instead of killing her on the spot, he kept her as his s*x pet. Eisley struggled to comprehend what was happening. This was not how she imagined her life would go. She had been trained to be a killer, not a slave. But Mr. Night was clever and manipulative and slowly, over time, he found a way into her heart. As she learned more about the man she was supposed to kill, she realized that there was much more to him than met the eye. He was calculating and dangerous, but he was also caring and compassionate in his own twisted way. Eisley found herself falling for him, but at the same time, she knew that she could never betray her ex-boyfriend. Now, Eisley and Mr. Night are a power couple. They are feared and envied by all who know them. But they face an uphill battle. Enemies from all sides are determined to bring them down. Their love is the only thing that keeps them going in a world where everyone is against them. In the end, Eisley realizes that she has a choice to make. Will she remain loyal to the one who needed her most, or will she stay true to the one who captured her heart? The answer is not easy, but one thing is certain - the path ahead will be filled with danger and death, and Eisley will need to rely on her training and her heart to make it through. With a mix of romance, suspense, and intrigue, this novel is a heart-capturing tale of two people who find love in the most unexpected of circumstances. It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

Chapter 1: Break up with that guy.

In a semi luxurious bedroom, Eisley laid on the bed clad in nothing but a pair of wine underwear. Laying close to her was her millionaire boyfriend Arthur. They've been dating for three years and a few months. He placed his tanned hand around her nude waist as he trailed circles gently. Eisley snuggled further into his embrace with a sigh.Eisley sulked “yesterday was our anniversary and you didn't show up.“ “I'm sorry hun…I was caught up in a meeting. I promise I'll make it up to you.“ Arthur said as he pecked her forehead lightly while Eisley sighed in silence.This was the second time he had missed their anniversary. She wanted to move away from him but he held her back by her waist making her giggle.“I need to go bath. I have to go to work soon.“ Eisley said as she tried to get up but still, he held her back.“Do you have to leave now? You are the boss in your catering house. Why do you have to leave? You didn't even let me enter!“ Asher remarked with a frown on his face.Eisley didn't know how to react to his statement as she could only face palm “I thought we've discussed this… we are not going extreme… at least not yet.““That's what you keep saying! We've been dating for three years!! Three f*ck*ng years!!!! Is that not enough!?“ Arthur yelled in anger as he stood up from the bed in a fit of anger. He didn't cover up his naked self as he stormed to Eisley. Eisley stared at him plainly. Though she was hurt at the fact that he didn't respect her wishes, she couldn't do anything about it. She touched his bare chest as she trailed her fingers down his not so visible abs. “Just give me time… I'm not fully ready for s*x. I promise you, we will do it… soon.“ She said as she kissed him on the corner of his lips making him look away. She chuckled and embraced him while rubbing her half exposed body against his body.“Don't be such a big baby…” she teased as she but the area close to his nipple. Due to Eisley being a 5”4 and him being 5”6, she could easily access his chest.Arthur still didn't give her face “baby… how about I go one more more round on you? I'm exhausted but I have to do it so I can cheer you up. Eisley said as she slowly went on her knees and held his hardened member making him groan.“Yeah… shut up and s*ck me!!“ He demanded making her grin. She placed his member in her mouth and began to s*ck on it. Teasing the crown with her tongue made him throw his head backwards.He groaned as he packed her long auburn hair in a ponytail to enable her to s*ck him easily without her having to struggle with her hair. Soon, he grabbed her head and began to thrust faster and harder down her throat making her gag.Minutes later he withdrew himself from her mouth and released on her face. She smiled as she stood up while massaging her throat.“Nice one…” she said and turned to leave for her bathroom. After spending a few minutes, she came to realise that Arthur had left. “Same routine.“ She thought as she went to put on her office cloth.Eisley owned a catering house where she makes cakes and different confectioneries for different occasions. She had assistance from her adoptive elder sister- Lorraine. After dressing up, she headed to her catering house.“What time is it?“ Lorraine yelled at Eisley as soon as she entered the office making her jump in fright. She wasn't expecting her elder sister in her office that morning.Eisley replied instead of answering her question. “Good morning to you too sis.“ “You are seriously beginning to piss me off!!“ Her sister yelled on seeing that she wasn't going to answer her “why were you late?“ Eisley hung her bag on the holder as she styled her hair while whistling. Lorraine didn't have to be told as she already knew the reason. “That guy slept at your place, right?“On hearing her question, Eisley paused making Lorraine nod her head in acknowledgement “I see… so you were actually with him? That guy doesn't love you!!“ “You know what sis, just cause you're my big sister doesn't mean you get to dictate who I date and who I don't date.“ Eisley said with a frown in her face as she wore her chef cap. She grabbed her apron and waltz to the large sized kitchen where her staffs greeted her with a bow.Lorraine who was stomping her feat heavily behind her leaned against a pillar in the kitchen. “If you consider me as your sister, then at least you'll listen to me! That Arthur guy has been cheating on you!! Don't you get it!? You've caught him several times yet you stay with him! He doesn't deserve you!!! He…” She stopped abruptly when Eisley threw a kitchen knife to her which landed in the wooden board right above her head.Her mouth dropped in shock as she stuttered “y- you… want to kill me!??“ “If I wanted to kill you, trust me you'd be dead a long time ago.“ Eisley remarked coldly as she took another knife from the knife rack and began slicing the fresh carrots.Lorraine who still stood in shock gaped like a fish before heading out. The staffs who had left when they continued their argument in the kitchen returned to assist her in preparing carrot tarts.They spent the rest of the day making desserts. Reason being that they had gotten an order from the elites.While Eisley was making the dessert, Lorraine was attending to other things outside. Hours later, Eisley got a message from an anonymous sender. Massaging her temples, she clicked it. Her brows furrowed as she stared at the contents of the message.

Chapter 2: Cheating

Eisley's brow furrowed on seeing the contents of the message. Arthur was laying close to a girl she knew very much. Her janitor!! They were both naked. The orange coloured blanket was tossed to a corner along with their clothing. Eisley didn't know whether to be furious or ignore it.

“I guess… I'm used to it already…” she said to herself with a sigh as she dropped her phone back on her desk while leaning against the swivel chair. Lorraine who was supervising the new waiters stepped into the office. The image on Eisley's phone made her frown.

“What is that??“ She asked as she tried to reach for the phone but Eisley beat her to it. “It had better be not what I'm thinking…” she drawled.

“It's none of your business.“ Eisley said as she turned off the phone and tossed it in the drawer.

“Oho! It's my business! It's my fucking business!“ Lorraine yelled as she angrily grabbed a


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