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Moan, Ava! R-18

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Ava Addams is a nineteen years old young stripper. Unlike every other young girls that were lucky enough to have a sweet and befitting childhood, Ava's case was different, since she was an orphan that lived and dwelled in the street. Losing her virginity at nineteen was one thing she never imagined, and even though she lost it to someone she should never have had anything with, she was still a bit happy and liked the feeling. Ava thought her life would forever remain smooth with her being a stripper and a prostitute, however, her nightmare came glaring hard at her and haunting her as the person she never expected showed up at her doorstep, demanding that she be released to him. Wait for Ava's sweet life as a stripper get twisted...

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Contracted Story, Don't Plagiarize It.



I walked inside the three bedroom flat, which belongs to my boss, Madam Nada of Nada's Strippers club, brothel and other bars around California. I have been with Madam Nada for the past four years since she picked me from the streets. I just clocked nineteen two weeks ago in the month of September. As usual, I got her some classic G-strings from her usual customer.

At first my thinking about Madam Nada was a negative one but after getting closer to her, I knew she was someone of good character with a real personality. I thought she wanted to trade me into prostitution but it was otherwise.

I work for her as a maid at home only but sometimes at work, and that depends how sales were that very day. Madam Nada took me in as her own daughter since she's been barren for the past six years.

She told me herself. Madam Nada was once a married woman not until she found out she's barren and was sent out of her marriage. Unexpected divorce from her husband's family.

I was forced to ask her if her ex husband loved her and she replied yes to my question that day. I was curious again, and I asked her if the man really loved her then he should have stayed with her but it was otherwise. She was actually sent packing, in the house she thought it would be filled with kids and lovely memories. I shut the door behind me and walked to her with the bag of the goods.

“Did you get something to eat on your way here? ” She asked as she collected the bag from me.

“No, I didn't, I don't want to spend the change on street food. Spending unnecessary money for such. I will prepare pasta with a green soup. ” I replied and used my hand to brush my hair off.

“Prepare mine also and Dalton's own. ” She shouted and I had no choice but to shiver at the thought of having her boyfriend around me.

“Madam Nada. “ I called and walked out of the kitchen.

“Huh. ” She hummed with her soft gentle eyes on mine.

“Should I tell her or Not? Gosh! I'm confused. I don't like to be a cause of people's differences or separation. ” I had a short thought and decided not to tell her anymore.

“I will miss you. ” I wiggle like a baby and she laughed. Gosh when has she laughed genuinely. Her bright face and those charming deep dimples make me want to hug her to my chest. Madam Nada never for once treated me like a maid but as a sister.

“I'm not in for your jokes Ava baby. She chuckled, Do you want to hug mama? ” ``She asked with that melting smile on her face and I nodded without having a second thought. Why will I have such a thought again someone that never maltreated me for once, despite how clumsy I am. She stroked my hair gently and planted a kiss on my forehead.

“I want to get some things from the general market... I promise, it won't take long. If it does I will text you on the phone. ” she uttered and disengaged from the hug.

“Okay. ” I replied and she stood for the door. I escorted her to her black Toyota car and the security opened the gate for her to drive out. As usual, I'm the only one at home till her boyfriend comes to pick his food.

I never for once like her boyfriend, those eyes of his looks creepy and it gives me goosebumps anything our gaze comes in contact with mine. Let me enjoy this moment before he comes ruining my mood. Today will be the third time I will be alone with him.

I took my headphones and put it around my neck with one thing in mind, and that's to cook my delicious pasta. I began cooking with my headphones on. I was about to place the nonstick pan on the gas stove when I remembered I didn't lock the door.

“That son of a b*tch...” I cursed, while rushing to the door and locked it.

Seriously, I took a relaxing breath as I leaned against the door. I'm not even safe again, in my own home. Not when a useless man like Dalton is after a young teen girl like me. Not as if he's not rich, he's rich enough to get the most expensive p*ssy in the world but why my own. I won't let him have my dignity just like that. I must be a virgin till I see the right man for me. Maybe I should visit Gold when I'm done with everything.

I ran to my bedroom bathroom to have my bath while the pasta was on fire. I can't allow him to molest me today. Not when Madam Nada won't take long. With that, I had a quick shower. I dressed up in a black jeans and a white round neck top. It's normal for him to chase after me, not after seeing a nineteen year old girl with an *ss like cardi B.

I rushed out of my room after arranging it to check the pasta with my hand packing my long straight hair. But I saw him sitting on the cushion with his phone in his hands.

“Not now God!!! ” I felt like crying but I summoned courage to get those crazy fears away from my mind.

“Good morning Ava. ” He greeted me and I bowed in fear. What's even good in the morning? I thought and made a loud hiss, I quickly turned around to look at him but I found him staring at my *ss.

“How did you get in? ” I asked, because if I could remember vividly, I locked the door and madam Nada didn't tell me anything about giving Dalton a spare key to her home.

“Your boss gave me a spare key---

“She gave you or you asked. ” I corrected his words instantly.

“I collect a spare key from her to her house. Get any problem with that. ”

“Gosh. ” I thought and nodded with my feet moving to the kitchen. Not after spending a while in the kitchen, I heard movements behind me. I shut my eyes tight and opened it again.

“I don't think you should be in the kitchen, Dalton. ” I turn to look at him, his stares full of lust.

“Do you want me to lie to Nada you stole money from me? ” As usual, he keeps threatening me, why are men beast to the weak, they keep making the hopeless and helpless feel worthless.

“No. ” I shook my head feeling frustrated at myself, I'm always hungry to stand up for myself but if I do I might leave Madam Nada's place and there's nowhere else to go.

“Strip for me, Ava! ” He uttered, spackling my *ss. Those words gave me another goosebumps with a weird feeling.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Contracted Story, Don't Plagiarize It.

{His Touch Are Weird}


Normally, I shouldn't be affected by his threats but I don't know if Madam Nada trusts me more than her boyfriend. Haven't you been in a situation where you have to make sure to earn someone's trust and avoid anything that will make the person doubt you.

This is my current situation right now, it is hard to earn Madam Nada's trust and I won't let her boyfriend be the reason to cause our separation but this guy is desperate to have me under him. He's really desperate. Have told Madam Nada to get a CCTV camera in the house and she was like. “Have not looked for anything or heard any weird news about you, so why did you want me to get such. ” She's always against the idea of getting CCTV but who am I to pressure her to get something she doesn't.

I have two female friends, one in Madam Nada's stripping club and the o


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