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He swore to never let any woman close to him ever again after the death of his mother because he was clouded with revenge but then, there was her. Like a ticking bomb without warning, she burst into his life and changed his world becoming his center of attention but No! He could have that. He tried his possible best to push her far way from him and when she couldn't take the hurt and the pain any longer, she finally decided to let go off him and move on. His plan had worked but then why was it troubling him? Why did seeing her with another man who wasn't him, make his blood boil?. Just why!

Chapter 1

“Push!”. The doctor advised as Claire took in deep breaths before groaning loudly in pain. “We can see his head. One more time”

Hot tears trickled down Claire’s cheeks as beaded sweat dripped down her face. She doesn’t think she can do this anymore. She was so tired.

But she wasn’t going to give up. Wolfs don’t give up that easily. Her baby was going to come into this world. She vowed as she gave one last push and her baby came out crying and wailing.

The nurses placed the fragile creature on top of a white towel as they brought the boy to his mother.

“It’s a boy”. The nurse said with all smiles to Claire but Claire didn’t respond. No, rather she couldn’t because that last push had drained all her energy out from her as she’d breathed her last and her eyelids closed.

Panicking, the nurses tried their best to wake her up but she was far gone. Outside the labour room, Brandon wolfs couldn’t stop pacing to and fro.

He was excited and anxious at the same time. When he saw the nurses come out of the labour room, he hastened his steps towards them.

“How’s my wife and the baby?”. He asked.

“The baby was delivered safely, sir”

Brandon breathed out a sigh of relief as he thanked the heavens. “And my wife?”. Brandon asked excitedly. He couldn’t wait to start this new life with Claire. It was everything he’d ever wanted.

But with his sharp sense when he saw the nurses had a gloomy expressions on their faces, he knew something was wrong. “W..What about my wife?”. He asked, his voice cracking up slowly not wanting to believe that what he was thinking was what had happened.

“I’m sorry sir but-“

“Don’t say it”. Brandon silenced the nurse with tears blurring his vision. He moved tugged at his hair harshly as he moved to the empty chair, sobbing softly.

Memories of his time spent with Claire flashes across his mind and made it hurt all the more. He wiped his cheeks as he turned to face the nurse and asked them to take him to his son.

The nurse had complied. Holding his son in his arms there and then, Brandon swore to always make his son happy, to never make him feel the absence of a mother but the opposite was rather the case.

Six years later as Dmitri, his son grew, he always made sure to visit his mother’s grave without fail and didn’t let anyone female get close to him. Not even his aunt, Elle who was Brandon's sister.

Brandon heaved a heavy sigh as he laid down his complaint to Elle when she’d visited him.” I don’t know what to do. He seems to be shutting everyone out”.

“I’m sorry to say this Brandon, but I think the situation would be better if you remarried”. Elle responded.” I mean, he’s missing a mother figure and –“

“Stop it!” Brandon growled. “I’ll never remarry. I still love Claire and I’ll appreciate it if you never bring that up again”

Elle nodded her head. “Have you decided where to take him tomorrow? Vladimir is coming, remember”

“I’m sure he’ll go and visit his mother’s grave as per usual. You don’t have to worry about it”

“I’m worried why Vladimir demanded to come here, though. He knows all business meetings are usually not held here”.

Brandon placed his hands under his chin.” I wonder what he’s thinking too. I bet we would have to find out tomorrow”. He reclined on the couch. “How’s Thomas and the kids?”

Elle chuckled. “If you are so curious, come and visit them. Ryan and Jennifer already believe you don’t like them anymore”.

Brandon let out a peal of deep throaty laughter despite himself. “I’ll come with Dmitri soon, you can tell them that”.

“I’ll keep to your word”. Elle said as she glanced at the time. “I best be going back”

“Sure”. Brandon stood up to walk her out when he saw Dmitri walking in and bumping into them.

He smiled at his son.”Your aunty came over and is about to take her to leave. Would you like to see her off with me?”

Dmitri looked from his father to his aunty as he bowed his head, greeting her before moving up to his room.

Brandon heaved a disappointed sigh as he could see that his son was still shutting people out and Elle could see that so she’d placed her hands on his shoulders, consoling him. “Give him time, Brandon”

“Time?” Brandon repeated. “It’s already been 6years”

“He’s still a child so he’s allowed to walk at snail’s pace, don’t you agree?”

“You’re right. Let’s go”. Brandon walked Elle back to her car as he went back into Dmitri’s room.

Brandon rapped lightly on Dimitri’s door. “You are going to see your mother tomorrow, right?”


Brandon’s eyes widened, taken aback. “Why?”

Dimitri tilted his head trying to understand his father’s weird behaviour. “I don’t know”.

“Anyways, tomorrow father is going to have some guests over. Can you do me a favour?”

“What’s that?”

“No matter what you hear, don’t come out of your room. Okay?”. Dimitri nodded his head as Brandon placed a light kiss on top of his head before walking out of his room.

The following morning, Dimitri looked outside his window ad he saw ten sedan cars drive into their compound. He watched as Vladimir dressed in a blue suit puffing heavily on his cigar stepped out of one of the cars with other men behind him as they walked into his house.

Dimitri tried to convince himself that it was nothing. That they were just friendly guests but the sound of glass breaking under him, startled him and made his curiosity get the best of him.

Dimitri slowly turned on his door knob as he moved outside his room and headed downstairs to the living room.

He hid behind the wall as he saw Vladimir seated on a chair puffing heavy on a cigar with his father, Brandon and his uncle, Thomas bounded tightly by a rope.

They looked like they’d both been severely beaten to a pulp.

“You still don’t want to talk?” Vladimir asked disgustedly. “Fine”. He stood up from his chair and walked towards Elle whose hands were bounded by chains right above her head. “I’ll make you talk”. Vladimir snarled as he started touching Elle, violently.

Dmitri’s eyes widened as he watched his aunt, Elle whose mouths were duct-taped whimper and cry struggling in her chains.

“Stop touching her!”. Thomas shouted unable to stand the disgusting act that was being done to his wife. Vladimir chuckled as his hands moved lower from her breast to under her skirt.

Hot tears rolled down her cheeks as she squirmed. Unable to watch his sister go through such torture, Brandon blurted out. “It was me!”

Thomas's eyes widened. What the hell was he doing? “Brandon, stop lying”

“I’m not lying!”. Brandon shouted at Thomas before turning to face Vladimir. “It was all me. I was the one that-“

Vladimir brought out his gun from his pocket and fired a shot at Brandon, shutting him up and splattering his blood all over the wall and Thomas's face. Elle muffled a scream as she saw her brother fall to the ground as he coughed up blood profusely from his mouth. In a short moment, his eyes caught Dmitri’s.

The little boy whose eyes were filled with tears held his father’s gaze for as long as he could.

“Leave”. Brandon mouthed. Seeing Brandon still moving, Vladimir fired a second shot at him as Brandon ceased moving. His eyelids closed, slowly.

“Brandon!”Thomas cried sobbing as he moved to his side Vladimir pointed the gun at him and shot him twice, unfeeling.

Elle squirmed as she tried to break free from her tears, sobbing profusely as she knew she was next.

“You’re wasting your time”. Vladimir said as he pointed his gun in between her temples, ready to pull the trigger when he heard a thud.

Vladimir looked towards the direction in which the sound came from, which was where Dmitri was hiding as he slowly walked towards it also signalling his men to search the house.

When he looked behind the wall, he didn’t see anyone. His men came back from their search and shook their heads as they told him that they didn’t see anyone in the house.

Vladimir went back to the living room and cursed out loud as he didn’t see Elle where he’d left her. “F*ck!”. He cursed.

Someone was here. He was sure of it. He angrily started shooting at his men for letting Elle and the ‘mysterious’ person getaway.

Miles outside the house, Dimitri hailed a cab he and Elle climbed in as the driver drove to their destination.

Immediately they got to Elle’s house knowing full well that Vladimir would be coming here to look for them, she packed up her children, Ryan and Jennifer’s luggage and hers as well before heading off to the airport with them and Dimitri.

Elle wore a black hood to cover the marks on her wrist obtained by the chains and black sunglasses.

As they waited for their flight to be called, Elle decided to break the news of Brandon’s death to Dimitri.

“Dimitri, your father-“

“I know”. He cut her off. “I saw when they killed him”

Elle sighed unable to imagine what the kid was going through. He lost his mother at birth and now, he’d just lost his father.

When it was time for their plane to depart, as they stood up to leave, Elle heard Dimitri’s little voice speak up. “I’ll be back”. She could see rage and anger in his eyes as he spoke. “I’ll be back here”.

Elle knew there was no stopping Dimitri. He was the kind of kid that once he set his mind towards something, was going to do it. I mean, for 6 years he’d kept on going to his mother’s grave without fail!

When they’d landed in America, Dimitri became a different person entirely. His family's death made him more mature into his teenage years. He had become violent, silent and ruthless.

He’d participated in the Mafia world to gain power that would help him with his revenge plan.

Now exactly 22 years later, 28 years old Dmitri, a billionaire with hazel green eyes, the proper masculine physique, perfect face cut, and impressive height of 6’2”, is a typical introverted, observative, arrogant and quick-witted person, who doesn’t want anyone in his life, especially a woman.

He runs his companies in the line of electricals, Machinery, software and textiles apart from other investment businesses like equestrian, casinos and resorts in foreign countries. He manages both legal and illegal work perfectly. He’d also become one of the most successful and eligible businessmen in America.

With this power, all he had in his name now, he felt as if he was ready now as he boarded a private plane heading to Russia.

As he looked outside the window of the plane, he couldn’t believe it had taken him 22 years to finally execute his revenge.

The corner of his lips lit up as he could feel the excitement of watching Vladimir beg for his life coursing through his veins.

Chapter 2

“Excuse me, where’s my order?”. An impatient customer called out from his seat.

Maya flashed her brightest smile at him. “I’m sorry. I’m bringing it now”.

She hurriedly placed his coffee on a tray as she moved to serve the customer. Maya is a 21 years old girl blessed with a pretty face, brown eyes and blonde hair, 5’6” inches tall, the perfect epitome of beauty with brains.

Her insensitive father had left them on the road when their business went bankrupt.

He’d left them with a huge amount of debt to pay off from different loan sharks and went to be with his former lover with whom he had a secret child before he’d gotten married to her mother leaving her to take care of her mother and her younger sister.

Maya who was in college at that time was very bright in her studies and was doing her degree in electrical and computer engineering and had a dream to become a very successful engineer but seeing her family struggle, she’d given up on her dreams an


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