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Married At First Sight

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After being forced to marry a 50 year old man, Azalea Wilson struggles to save herself on her wedding day. Whether fate or coincidence, in the middle of her escape, she met a groom who doing same thing with her. The man's name is Eros Aaron Ryder, the CEO of Ryder Group who was forced to run away on his wedding day because he found out that his fiancee was pregnant by his best friend. But the more surprising thing is, Eros offers Azalea a deal to marry him even though they have just met. Then what happen? Does Azalea agree married with a stranger she just met?

Chapter 1

"Alea, I'm sorry, i thinks you should quit your college. Your father's company is bankrupt." A middle-aged woman sitting across from Azalea. A 22-year-old girl who is studying at the best university in her city because previously her family's economy was quite well off and now she is enjoying her youth. She didn't think this kind of bad luck would happen to her. Hearing the word from her mother, the girl widened her eyes in shock.

"Because of gambling, your dad lost his company, and now he's running away." And now, what should Azalea do? She didn't say anything. She can't protest or reject his mother's decision.

"And mommy begs you for the sake of our family, mommy also did this because i had to. mommy and daddy must give you as collateral and let you marry Mr Adam." Another apocalypse came to her, her hands were now tightly clenched. Azalea was confused how to react. At the age of just 22 years old, she had to have a bad luck, which made her miserable.

Azalea had to marry a middle-aged man who was the same age as her father. His mother suddenly knelt in front of her, sobbing and holding Azalea's hand tightly. Azalea could guess, her mother felt very guilty. Holding back her tears, the girl got up from her seat and knelt down with her mother and hugged her mother tightly.

"Mom, it's okay! Let's get up, Lea wants it too. For the sake of our family, right?" said Azalea quietly, who knows since when she had shed tears. The girl burst into tears, feeling sorry for herself.


Now All she could do was stare blankly at her own reflection in the mirror, her face was pale and her eyes were red too. She was crying non-stop, blaming herself. Soon she will be someone wife, she must married seomeone, she didnt love. Plus the age of the prospective groom is very much older, Azalea's sure that she is not the only wife that the man named Mr Adam has.

The wedding dress she was wearing looked very beautiful and beautiful, if it wasn't in this suffering position Azalea would really like it.

"Lea?" Her mother walked into the fitting room, and was momentarily stunned. Her daughter looked so beautiful, she couldn't even take her eyes off her. A hug from behind made Azalea wake up from her daydream, from the mirror she looked at her mother while pretending to smile happily.

"You liked it?" she asked, Azalea nodded her head slowly. Her little hand was already holding her mother's hand that was wrapped around her waist.

"When you're ready, let's go out? Have you finished trying the dress? Mr.Adam wants to meet you," said the mother again. Hearing this, Azalea only smile and nod obediently, even though she was screaming in fear in her heart. But it seems he has no place to complain, his mother looks happy as well as his father. All he can do is obey all the orders of his parents.

Her mother stepped away from the fitting room, Azalea was assisted by the maids there to remove her wedding dress. Unlike a wedding dress, it felt like a dress to wear at her own funeral. She took a deep breath to prepare herself to meet her future husband, Azalea hesitantly stepped out of the room and found that her parents were already there, as well as two bodyguards and her future husband. Middle aged man with a scary smile, the man took a sip of his coffe and signaled Azalea to walk closer.

"Come here, Lea please sit here!" he drawled, while patting the chair beside Mr Adam. Azalea walked over to the chair and sat beside it, the pounding in her chest she could feel. Even her hands were sweaty and shaking. She was very afraid.

Suddenly Mr Adam's big hand grabbed her shoulder and her small body tightly and that man made Azalea uncomfortable. "I can't wait to have a beautiful wife like you Alea," said Mr. Adam laughed with her parents and had a good time chatting. You can see now the faces of her mother and father are very happy, seeing them, Azalea feels her chest throb in pain. They both felt happy, while Azalea had to sacrifice her life and suffer for the rest of her life.

When her wedding day arrived, Azalea's tears seemed to have subsided. She was tired of crying, her mother who saw her cry every night did not talk to her at all. Her parents seemed deaf and dumb when they saw Azalea suffering or they're didnt care at all. Finished her make up and putting on her dress, Azalea looked back at her face in the mirror. She had to brace himself, because she had to endure this suffering for the rest of his life. A soft knock on the door made her turn her head, and look at a servant.

"Miss Alea, you must leave immediately." After seeing Alea nod, the maid came out of her room and closed the door again. In a few moments her "Miss" call will change to "Madam". She will be owned by someone else, as a wife even if it is forced. Azalea decided to walk carefully because her dress was quite long and beyond her long legs, she came out of her room and found no one there. Probably everyone was already in the Hall where the wedding was being held.

An idea appeared, she saw the exit door was wide open. Azalea took off her high heels and walked sneakily out of there, she kept her eyes darting around afraid that someone would see her. Arriving at the yard, Alethea ran very fast. Pulling her dress up so as not to get in the way. Her chest felt very pounding, but for some reason he felt there was some hope for herself. Azalea didn't know what she would do after running away or where would she go. Most importantly she could avoid marriage, she didn't want to live in misery with that old man.

She wanted to be free, even if he had to die. Azalea does not want to see her parents or Mr Adam again for the rest of her life. Now her make up and dress are disheveled, her hair which was originally in a bun is now loose. Until a bodyguard who was heading to the Hall where the wedding was to realize that the running bride was Alea, the future wife of his boss. "Hey!" Alea looked up, staring at the guard wide-eyed in surprise. She must not be caught or she must choose to end her own life.

The bodyguard chased after her, Alea ran even faster. Fortunately the bodyguard lost track of her, even though Alea was hiding in a large trash can. A footstep made her cover her own mouth, she held her breath so the guard wouldn't hear. Alea was hiding for a long time, there was no sound of footsteps pacing around her anymore. She peeked out, and sure enough there was no one.

The girl could breathe a sigh of relief and get out of the trash can. Her dress was completely dirty and her body smelled bad. She walked limp, had no money, or a place to go. But still grateful for being able to escape. After walking for a long time and being very far from the wedding hall, Alea was able to stand for a moment in front of the bus stop. Staring at the street, tears welled up in her eyes. Her life was so terrible, she couldn't take it anymore. Until her eyes met the eyes of a man, Alea could guess he was in his late 20s. Alea admits the man is very handsome, his body is also very tall and sturdy.

The man seemed to be running and standing right across the street right in front of her. He seemed to call someone and rolled his eyes that looked as sharp as an eagle. The man also controlled his breath, but still looked at Alea with a look that Alea couldn't understand.

"Miss Alea!" When he called again, Alea turned her gaze to the bodyguard who had been chasing her for a long time. Alea was about to run until a hand grabbed her and asked her to run with him. It was that man, the man who had eyes as sharp as an eagle who asked her to run. Alea looked at him confused, but as they were running a car stopped in front of them. Alea's fate seemed to be over,

"Come on in!" The stranger in the car that Alea didn't recognize drawled, the man beside her told her to get in but Alea still confused and obeyed the stranger's orders.

"Come on Kev, come on!" the man beside her yelling to the driver, Alea at first was just stunned by what was happening to her at this time but suddenly she realized and was wide-eyed in shock.

"Where do I want to be taken?" shouted Alea, the man beside her turned. Instead of answering the man just smiled mysteriously, his eagle eyes were still staring at Alea sharply and closely.

Chapter 2

"Eros! I'm pregnant," his fiancé squeaked in fear, Eros frowned confused, but he put aside his confusion and felt happy with the news he heard. He smiled, a big smile and hugged his fiancé, Emma tightly.

"You want to marry me?" asked Eros, suddenly proposing to his girlfriend because he wanted in the future his child to be born with official status. Of course Emma, ​​who was initially shocked, she's immediately changed her facial expression to a smile, she was very happy when her fiancé offered her a marriage.

Because of that, Emma chose to keep secrets about the baby in her stomach and lied to Eros. "You want to marry me, Emma?" Eros asked again, Emma happily nodded her head.

"Yes, Eros!" she answered and hugging her fiancé and her future husband, Eros smiled a wide smile and returned Emma's hug with great affection. For him, marrying Emma was like a dream he had been waiting for, and soon his dream would be c


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