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Luna- The perfect submissive

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The story of a girl who gets married and one night her husband has an accident and she needs the money for treatment and ends up becoming a prostitute. And to make matters worse, her mother is ill and needs treatment and she is forced to sell herself to get out of debt. She became a responsible woman overnight and left all her dreams behind, one of which was to be a mother. In the midst of her suffering, she meets the CEO who owns the wineries and hotels where the BDSM club is hidden, and the dominatrix who is part of the summit of the world of lust. He has three failed marriages and doesn't believe in love because he thinks he was abandoned by his father and raised by his stepfather who cheated on his mother and made them even richer. And what he feared most, which was love, happens: he meets this beautiful girl with her submissive perfume and he gets involved with her, buying her and making her his submissive. He introduces her to this world, but she doesn't accept it at first, so he buys her to be his alone and ends up getting her into it. In the midst of nights of lust and parties, they become involved in a world of love and end up giving in to the charms of the purest love. She gets pregnant by him and the contract says: no children. She runs away for fear of him wanting to take the child away and he captures her back and discovers that she is already married to a man who is in a coma and that is why she was a prostitute. And yet he wants her at all costs and will pay the price for being the other person in his life.


Emma has her life all planned out, her dreams are about to come true, but everything changes, and the sweet and naive Emma finds herself having to make a big choice, and so Luna is born. The coldest, darkest woman with a big secret. In this dirty new world, a love arises, the most unexpected and reluctant. And before she knows it, she's caught up in his world, the dark world of BDSM.

Will Emma, or rather Luna, be able to love in her new life? And can that love survive in the face of her great secret? Come and discover the reality behind the life of a prostitute who becomes a submissive.

Luna- The Perfect Submissive- BOOK I

I could tell many adventures I've lived and crazy things I've done in life and moments of horrors, but no more suffering I need a new life and new paths and so I see myself today wanting a new path ...

I will tell you a story of love and desire that I lived, with him I learned to be able to dream and believe that love can all and that I can reach orgasm several times and be s*ck*d by a mouth that takes you to heaven and hell and that's friend I lived it ...

With him I learned to be able to cry, and smile at the same time, I learned to have s*x and love at the same time... He made me learn that I can do everything when I love and value myself, but I also learned that loving hurts and brings a chest pain that does not let you breathe ...

I grew up thinking that my world would always be pink, that life would be easy, that there would be no problems.

Illusions and more illusions, I learned that we only value things or people when we lose them... And I lost a lot.

Sad are the questions that you don't know the answers, when there's no way to try and have to accept that certain things tend to end even if you never start...

You were in my life like a hurricane that took me to heaven and hell simultaneously, it was my dream and nightmare...

With you I learned a lot to be happy, to value small things that for me had no importance, such as waking up in the morning and listening.

"A Good morning my love" is magical to hear your voice in the morning, your smell, and your body in mine, our so i wish!

I can't talk about you, and I don't feel the urge to be in your arms and kiss your mouth, not live your touches and your body in my...

I want to wake up every day with you by my side and hear your hoarse, thick voice in my ear..." I love you" I don't ask too much for my love, I just want to have you by my side...

Forever be yours and you mine!

We belong to each other, I'm sure!

He just looked at me, I felt like he liked my daring and closed his eyes, ours was irresistible like that, I passed his hand through his chest and down to the clasp of his pants open, smile dearly to feel that I was already very excited, and I climbed my lips up to his neck and went down kissing his chest and my hand were already stroking the limb and playing, I felt him move and bit his nipple...

"You and my Luna!" His panting voice in my ear was the sweat of lust.

Emma Hernandez

But one of those nights, after seeing my annoying client, you know the one who talks more than he does? Well, he talked all the time and yet he did too little. I couldn't stand it any longer, I wanted to go to bed and relax with a glass of wine, and the next thing I knew, that beautiful party was getting boring.

It was just another party for the rich who paid to have the most beautiful women in their company, and I was one of them, like a luxury doll in the arms of a very boring mineral businessman.

- My time is up, sir.

- Will you stay with me tonight, doll?

- Impossible, darling.

Everything was irritating me and I just wanted to leave. I looked at my cell phone and saw that there were only five minutes to go and I ended up laughing, I had too many messages and I lowered my face tiredly. I was startled when I bumped into a tall man with black curly hair, he was very smelly, I didn't see his face, but I could smell his perfume


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