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mamy chris

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About me

Sou casada e tenho 49 anos. Casada e tenho duas filhas. Eu escrevo a uns dez anos por diversão com amigas o amor que sentia por uma banda de música na época nos juntamos para falar dos casais do grupo e assim escrevemos histórias de amor. E gostei da experiência e escrevo até hoje. Gosto muito de ficar no meu cantinho favorito e sonhar que posso ter uma vida diferente.


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  • Author: mamy chris
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 270
  • 7.5

The story of a girl who gets married and one night her husband has an accident and she needs the money for treatment and ends up becoming a prostitute. And to make matters worse, her mother is ill and needs treatment and she is forced to sell herself to get out of debt. She became a responsible woman overnight and left all her dreams behind, one of which was to be a mother. In the midst of her suffering, she meets the CEO who owns the wineries and hotels where the BDSM club is hidden, and the dominatrix who is part of the summit of the world of lust. He has three failed marriages and doesn't believe in love because he thinks he was abandoned by his father and raised by his stepfather who cheated on his mother and made them even richer. And what he feared most, which was love, happens: he meets this beautiful girl with her submissive perfume and he gets involved with her, buying her and making her his submissive. He introduces her to this world, but she doesn't accept it at first, so he buys her to be his alone and ends up getting her into it. In the midst of nights of lust and parties, they become involved in a world of love and end up giving in to the charms of the purest love. She gets pregnant by him and the contract says: no children. She runs away for fear of him wanting to take the child away and he captures her back and discovers that she is already married to a man who is in a coma and that is why she was a prostitute. And yet he wants her at all costs and will pay the price for being the other person in his life.


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