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Liar, Liar Billionaires

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She is feisty. She is crazy. She is versatile and that is one of the few reasons why Chloe Pepper is so good at her job. And she is back in town to mingle and dine with the NAG brothers until the famous billionaires are successfully jailed. ~ Three men, famous for their wealth and beauty. Three brothers not from the same mother with a bond so strong no one has been able to cut through. They are the NAG brothers and they are about to receive an unknown storm in their household in the form of Chloe Pepper. ~ Working undercover is one thing, surviving the fiery gazes and seducing gestures of the famous gorgeous billionaires is something else. Will Chloe be able to expose the crimes of these brothers without being caught in her surprisingly fitting maid’s uniform? Or will she find herself falling for the charms of one of them or… two or… three of them, hence jeopardizing her mission?




She was high on it and she was so close to nabbing her tar…

“Ow!” Chloe howled, her flour-covered hand grabbing the foot that had just hit against an iron thing, her body struggling to maintain balance.

A burst of maniacal laughter from afar off suddenly reminded her of what she was up to. Smirking to herself, thumping her hurting foot on the cold ground, Chloe's eyes waved towards the fat, bald man who was presently running the most distance he probably ever has, thanks to her. "Oh no, you don't."

And… after that statement came; some catching up, grabbing, tossing, punching, groaning, pressing, choking, and finally… Chloe nabbed her target who she had worked for, for four freaking months.

As she bounced onto the big belly of the man who had just been caught red-handed dealing with blood diamond- the ultimate evidence that she had been anticipating, Chloe took a second to rest. And, to be honest, the belly was being a good bean bag.

Ignoring the groans of the hurting man, she proceeded to dive into her fantasy. A holiday on the beach after her four months ordeal in some God-forsaken flour-making company didn't sound so bad at that moment.

” Good to see you finally taking some rest.” Snapping her eyes open, her instant reaction was a sneer.

“How,” her eyes chose to rest again. “, on earth do you manage to arrive so f*ck*ng early?” Immediately, she made eye contact with the silver-haired man whose firm signature look was still very much in use.

"Are you people tracking me? You thought I was going to fail this mission at some point, didn't you? I don't believe this!"

Allowing her to be adequately melodramatic, the frail-looking man stood there, looking down at a ranting Chloe Pepper as patiently as he could. “Are you done?”, his firm voice asked.

Brushing off the strand of hair in her face, a sassy look on her face, she replied, “Yes, I am.”

“Well, Agent Pepper. I came into town two days ago to visit my daughter. And I decided to check up on you. But,” Conner stole a glance at the sprawled man on the floor who had already accepted his fate. “, it looks like you have everything under control.”

“Oh.” She immediately felt embarrassed. And grateful. She could have been penalized for her attitude considering that she had just talked to her senior angrily. “So, sir…” A huge grin covered her face as she slowly got up. “ Do I get to go on my break now?”

Conner sighed. He knew how stubborn and egoistical Pepper was. He just knew she wouldn't apologize for her unruly talk. “You have just a few hours break Pepper.”

Frowning, the dark-haired whined, “But I was told I would be able to get two weeks to myself after this mission.”

“Agent Pepper, “ with his firm voice hardened and the side of his face clenching Chloe knew she had to pull herself together and guide herself against getting into Agent Conner's bad books. “, even your seniors do not get two weeks break. Besides you have just concluded your second mission, you don't get to say anything about a break. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir." As her response was being murmured, her eyes stayed down on the ground.

Conner gave a deep sigh. " You know you have a long way to go in this agency right? Don't be in such a hurry. Anyway, there is a new job for you and this one is quite huge. So, leave this mess to me, go get refreshed. David will come to get you and we all will talk about this new mission. Okay?” Chloe gave a short, accepting nod.

"Good job Agent Pepper. Don't forget, the next one is quite huge, so brace yourself." Conner reached for her arm and patted it in a fatherly manner.

"Well," Chloe said with her breath heavy, her dream holiday being tucked away. “, I do like them quite huge.”


“Are you getting leaner or what?” The young man to who the question was directed, turned in the wheeled leather office chair, a large welcoming smile on his face .

“There she is.” Chloe, who was happy to be back took a little bow before having her seat. “How was Chicago?”

“Crazy. I got hit on a lot of times.”

“Who wouldn't want to hit on a hot lady working in a Flour company?” Chloe flashed Steve a side look, deciding to ignore his subtle compliment.

“So, what happened while I was gone?”

“This place was boring while you were gone.” The blonde pulled his chair towards her, his face lighting up the more. “Agent Skipper was caught masturbating though.” Chloe's eyes opened.

“He was doing it right here.”

“Right here?” Chloe took a quick look at the circumference of the conference room as though she was just seeing it for the first time.

“Over there.” His right hand pointed to the end of the large oval, polished, specifically structured wooden table . “He was doing it to Agent Sarah. She was on the phone and unknown to her, she was being wanked off to.”

“It really happened?”

“You can ask around. Agent Sarah was so embarrassed when Agent Conner walked into the scene.”

“You most definitely are not telling Pepper about Agent Skipper, are you?” At the voice of their superior, the two immediately sat upright.

“Agent Who, sir?”

“Right.” Eyeing the both of them quietly, Conner grabbed a remote and pressed a button, bringing the projector screen to life.

“Who are the models?” Chloe's lips formed into an amused smile as she studied the pictures that were staring right back at her.

“They are not… they are the NAG brothers .”

“NAG brothers.” She repeated, not sure of what she should make of the unusual brand name.

“Yes, London's finest bachelors. Billionaires to be specific.”

“And what am I supposed to be doing with them?”

Conner took his seat opposite Chloe. “You are going to become their maid.”


“The Agency needs you to form a personal relationship with these men.”

Chloe's hand clasped beneath her chin and she twirled in her seat, studying the images closely. “And I can only form this relationship by becoming their maid? "

That's the only choice."

Sitting back, a large gust of air escaping her lips, she continued, "What exactly is the deal here, sir?"

"Let's start with this." He pressed the remote again and a loading video came up.

' H…Hey. My name is Natalie Summers. What I am about to say might sound crazy, but I think… I think I have been r*p*d. Two weeks ago, I went partying with friends at Club NAG. And till now, I have no idea what happened to me there. When I came back to my senses, I noticed a whitish substance coming out of me, I collected it, and uh...

I was told it was sperm. The hospital told me that they would try to collaborate with the police to find out whose it is, but till now I haven't been told anything. I think they are hiding…


Agent Conner paused the video and took it back to the images. A bit lost for words, Chloe sat back, the image of the blonde with tears in her eyes replaying in her head. “Sir…” Her voice shook a bit. “What is going on?”

“That video was recorded by the victim almost two months ago and she is yet to know whose sperm it was. We here decided to do our investigation and we found out the sperm is,” he gestured towards the screen. “, one of these men.”

Mouth suddenly dropping, Chloe stared at the smiling, dashing men. “Who exactly, sir?”

“The man in the middle is Amir Cook. He is the culprit.” Chloe did not know why her chest squeezed, but staring hard at his image just made it worse. “Pepper, this is not just about Natalie. We have some uncertainties, yet most probably true information about the illegal business of these men. Human trafficking.”

Her eyes went back to Amir Cook. His smile was his best feature in the picture, then his eyes followed as they had their sparkle that just made his obvious clear skin and face structure look a lot better and it made her a bit jealous.“ Who are the others?”

“To the left is Nathaniel Stone. And the last one is Gabriel Hovers. These men have their hands on almost everything in the country. In fact, Nathaniel is presently looking at officially joining the country's political world. And before that happens, we need to get these men exposed because once he becomes officially part of the system it will be quite hard to bring them to justice.”

"So, Nathaniel, Amir, Gabriel. NAG. Now, it makes a lot of sense. Okay, going back to Natalie, is it safe to say that the presence of these men is causing the delay in revealing the culprit?"

"Yes . They can't afford to have such happening tainting their businesses, can they? So…” Conner leaned forward, his eyes pressed onto a debating Chloe. “What do you say? Are you up for it? You are the only one… “

I will do it.”

“But if you want to… You will?” Chloe nodded. Conner paused for some seconds. “In that case, the board is concerned about your hormones.”

Chloe looked sideways at Steve who shrugged. "My hormones?"

“Well, you see, these men are extremely good-looking. They can get any lady they want without trying. And you are going to be working for them, so yes, hormones. And you are also an attractive woman, they might want to try their luck with you. ”

Chloe huffed, resisting the urge to laugh out loud. “What? I don't fall that easily. Besides,” her eyes flickered to the first image. “, they are not that good looking. "

Chloe," Steve called her attention. "Darling, I am a guy and I am jealous of them… maybe a bit attracted to them."

"I will be fine My hormones are going to be fine."

Conner nodded. “If you say so. It is just that when s*x enters any kind of relationship, things change. But if you will be fine, no problem. We will brief you on things you should know about them and your exact mission later on. Enjoy your break. Steve, we need to go.”

“Alright, sir.” Steve tapped her shoulder gently. “Take care of yourself. We will talk later .” Chloe and the two men walked out, chatting.

' My hormones will be fine.' Chloe said within her, her eyes traveling to the calm-looking picture of Nathaniel Stone.


The atmosphere was different that particular day, it was not so hard for Nathaniel to notice. He was the calm, calculating one after all. He did his things with precision and made sure his environment moved according to his pace to any extent possible.

So, yes. Something was different.

“Are we done here?” an impatient Amir asked, his hand running through his head which did not carry much but just a layer of hair that was glued to his skin in all its oiliness, without stress.

” Are we going to talk about the fact there is no house help in this house anymore?” Gabriel returned, his child-like face molded into a sneer at Amir.

“What happened to the one we have?”

“Well,” Gabriel sat back properly as he answered Nathaniel. “, why don't you ask Mr. Pervert here?”

On hearing the p-word, Nathaniel's interest was ultimately roused that he turned in his seat to fully face the culprit in question. "What did you do Amir?"

"I did


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