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Keyller Rafe Hayes (Wild Men Series 34)

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Wild Men series 34 *Mature content *sensitive words !! Read if you have broad mind Welcome your honor Keyller Rafe Hayes Earl of Ulster! Wild, unrestrained, and ruthless. A dangerous man you wouldn't wish to encounter. Keyller Rafe Hayes, bestowed the title Earl of Ulster at young age, but experienced downfall at the age of 18. His entire family, together with the butlers and all the staff in the palace was mercilessly killed on the day of his birthday. War broke out and rebels succeeded in forcing Keyller to escape and left the place he called home. The tragedy has caused Keyller to become as merciless and cold as ice. He lost interest in the opposite s*x because the killer of his family were women. He tracked down the people behind the murder of his entire family to avenge them but instead, he found Foedus-a secret organization where he found help and allies. Could Foedus be his way to take back what is his mine? or it is the reason that will force him to put himself inside a body bag?

Chapter 1

The loud wailing of servants crying for help, and the grunts of the guards fighting for their lives, echoed through the palace grounds as the slashing sound of swords and the loud boom of guns could be heard. The metallic smell of blood and the pungent scent of gunpowder wafted, and dead bodies scattered the place, but the attackers did not stop as they kept killing the entire royal family.The eighteen-year-old Keyller hesitantly walked towards the middle of the double wall to the entrance of the secret passageway with brimming tears, together with his butler, Montague. A few seconds later, he stopped and ran back towards the entrance to his mother and embraced her, who was watching them with longing in her amber eyes. Her expression was stern but Keyller hugged her tightly, not wanting to let go. His face was brimming with tears.Keyller was loved by his mother, so much that it was excruciating to watch her sacrifice her life for his safety. It was only yesterday when he was crowned as the heir of Ulster at his young age, but who could have thought that a tragedy would fall today? Who could have thought that their enemies would attack at this harmonious event?After giving Keyller the sword, Fergus, the heirloom of the Earl of Ulster, his mother pushed him back towards the secret passage to save himself with only a few words said to Montague."Protect the last heir of Ulster. No harm shall befall unto him if you don't want me to come looking and hunt you. Now, go!""Understood, my lady." Montague pulled Keyller, peeling him from hugging his mother, the Countess, and led him towards the secret door that would lead them to the tunnel.The palace was built with maximum security and was also convenient for their escape. The wall was doubled with a pathway in the middle, enough for a man to pass. But the attackers planted a few spies inside the palace, some of them they trusted the most. But the double wall, the secret escape, was only known to the royal blood, giving them the means to escape."No! Let me go, Montague. I am not going without my mother!" Keyller wailed firmly, but even if he struggled with Montague's hold, he still couldn't free himself. This guy is just too strong for him.Just as Montague was about to press the button for the secret tunnel, the door to his mother's room was slammed open. The attackers were here. They could still hear the rustling on the other side of the wall.Keyller was pulled by Montague and quickly covered his mouth, not wanting him to let out another wail. They stood there like a log and not making a single noise to attract attention."Well, well, well!"A slow clap resounded after that mocking voice and Keyller's pupils contracted. His mother was left alone outside while the enemies were closing in.He wanted to go out and confront them, but Montague was holding him tightly, not giving him a chance to be a mercenary."Countess Krishna. The ruler of Ulster. Aren't you welcoming my humble presence?""F*ck off! A filthy scum like you has no right to step into my palace!"Keyller clenched his fist tightly when his mother spoke. Never in his eighteen years had he heard his mother cursing. Nevertheless, he didn't make a sound to not distract his mother's tactics."No right? Have you forgotten that you took what is mine?""You are not worthy of owning him, so, don't say such stupidity. You have nothing to claim here. Get the f*ck off my place before I drag your filthy body outside and feed you to my lions!""He is mine and I will take him back whether you said yes or no. And what can you do in that weak state of yours to fight me? We invaded your so-called palace and soon will fall into me. If you value your life, I suggest you hand him over before the bloodbath floods your gates!""Never! You will come through me first before you can ever see him!" The Countess retorted."You have no right to stop me from seeing my son! Give him to me!""No. He is not your son, nor am I giving him to you!""You are asking for death!"In the place where Keyller was hidden, he couldn't help but inquire Montague if he understood what his mother and the enemy were talking about.Keyller was confused as f*ck! What are they talking about? Son? Whose son?But before Montague could answer him, the fight started. His mother was outnumbered and in the small hole where they were hiding, Keyller could see how the enemy slashed her mother's throat without any ounce of hesitation after a few blows.Keyller's mouth spread wide open, his eyes rivulet with tears, his throat dry like he was suffocated under the hot sun in the desert. He wanted to shout but he couldn't. His voice was stuck in his throat. His face was drained of color and his eyes bulged in horror. Before he could make a sound, Montague covered his mouth and restrained him."You talked too big, yet you couldn't even last for long! If you don't give me my son, I will find and kill him in front of your ancestors! Pweh!"Keyller could only watch in terror in that little hole as the culprit spat and ridiculed his mother's lifeless body. He wanted to scream. He wanted to go to her and hold her in his arms but Montague wouldn't let him. He could only wail in silence. Too afraid to make a single sound to avoid catching the enemy's attention."Let me go, Montague. My mother, my mother was still there!" Keyller shrugged Montague's hold on his arm and looked back at him. His eyes speak of desperation. He couldn't even see his mother and didn't know if she was still alive. His heart was crumbling, it hurt so much."No, young master. We couldn't. It is still dangerous there." Montague did not let Keyller go and continued moving forward.They were already inside the tunnel making their way to the other side, hoping that they could come out safely."Let me go..." Keyller wailed again. His voice was laced with anger that came from deep within. "I will kill them all and take back what is mine!""Can you? In that weak state of yours? You couldn't even hold a sword, young master!" Montague couldn't help but comment. He tightened his hold on Keyller's arm. His expression was grim.Keyller wailed but understood Montague's point, so, he could only cry in despair as they kept running forward.With him and Montague alone, they will not win if they fight them head-on, so they choose to run away.***"Argh!"Keyller jolted awake and abruptly opened his eyes, scanning the surroundings in passing. His body was shivering from the cold and he was suddenly finding the comfort and warmth of his room, but his hope crashed. He was not in the palace anymore, but rather in a run-down building where he didn't know where the surface of the earth was.He was alone and Montague was nowhere in sight. His nose itched in the nauseous smell of the room. He slowly sat up while clutching his chest, which was covered in a bandage. He was hit by a bullet while escaping and passed out because of fear."Oh, the young master is awake!"That scornful voice filled with malice traveled Keyller's ears, making him move his gaze towards the open door."Who are you?" he asked. He tried to go down but was stopped by another person who had just entered. He was in his mid-forties but his white hair and wrinkled face were standing out. He looked older than he is."Stay still. You are still wounded.""Where am I? Where is my butler?" Keyller asked again. He leaned his back on the bed rest while his gaze was not leaving the man.He smiled and sat on a stool before answering him."I am Federico and you are in my territory here in Italy. You've been out since three days ago due to blood loss."Keyller suddenly felt fear. He doesn't know anyone here and he doesn't easily trust strangers. Until he sees Montague, only he can be calmed."He left."The first guy answered. His expression was still the same as if looking at Keyller was a sin."What?" he asked, dumbfounded."He's gone and will never be back. He left you alone like anyone else."Keyller almost tumbled his fatigued body upon hearing that. Even the only person that he trusted and fought side by side with, was nowhere and left him alone. What was there to live on?

Chapter 2

"What the hell, Rafael? How many victims are already there today?"

Keyller lifted the corner of his mouth into a devilish smirk when he heard his comrade Shadow talking behind him. He continued torturing his latest victim, disregarding Shadow's comments.

"When I say four, is it too much for you?" Keyller sneered. His lips curled into an evil and menacing grin as he pierced the sword deep into the woman's chest and pushed it harder until it penetrated her back. Blood gushed out from the wound and a heart-wrenching sound bubbled up from the victim's throat, but Keyller didn't give any hint of pity.

He twisted the sword like he was twisting a doorknob and the edges of the sharp blade carved widely against her chest, causing the entire floor to flood with iron-smelling liquid. A sense of satisfaction entered him inside as he watched the woman's life slowly drain.

With the sword still twisted into the victim's ches


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