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Inside the Billionaire’s Secret

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All Tara wanted was a means to unravel the secrets hidden in the billionaire’s mansion. Her curiosity however landed her in Alexander’s abode where she comes across various things that stands as a threat to her life and their love… The diamond house had a lot for her, secrets, love, betrayal and enemies. She is a blogger and famous online personality who would go to any length to get information. For a while, her aim was focused on getting something dirty about Alexander, one of the richest men in San Francisco. Her victory comes after she is fortunate to attend a dinner party at his mansion. She gets the proofs she needs but that became the start of a journey she never planned for

Chapter 1

When the name “Diamond House” is heard, it's

definitely not improper to narrow it down to a house filled with diamonds, golds, or treasures at large.

But then, the diamond house is nothing related to those characteristics.

The Diamond House is a large building, crafted and built to replicate or resemble a castle.

From afar, people wondered what went on in the diamond house, as well as the mystery behind its name.

Even, there have been stories that different people plotted to infiltrate the diamond house to search for the treasures, but failed woefully, because of the level of security it had at every corner.

A lot happened in the diamond house. Nobody knew what it was, and that caught the interest of Tara, a contemporary blogger and online personality who lived in San Francisco.

For a while, she watched from a distance the businesses and events of the owner of the diamond house.

She was a very curious person who could go to any length in a bid to discover information.

For the fame, money, or passion? She couldn't pinpoint the reason behind her blog.

One thing she knew for sure was that she wanted to get a huge amount of money from a story, and to accomplish that, she needed to get rigid information from an influential personality.

The only person she had in mind for this, was the owner of the well-known Diamond House, Alexander Morgan.

Alexander, a computer programmer, handsome and well-built, owned the Diamond house.

His day-to-day life is generally spent on reading code, fixing errors, and translating them.

His focus was however primarily related to developing video games or related software


Alexander’s house was named Diamond house, not

only because of the luxury it entailed, but because his games and other computer programs were called “Diamond Tux”.

This made him highly popular and acknowledged by the public.

The Diamond house appeared to be highly suspicious, specifically because, Alexander hardly came out of his magnificent Castle-like mansion.

Rumors had it that it was so large that he used a part for his computer programming company, and the other part as his residence.

All efforts made by Tara to discover the truth in the rumor proved abortive because, people she presumed to be workers in the house never

mentioned a word to her in that regard.

Once, she had monitored the gate of the

Diamond house until she found a car driving out. From all indications, it was one of the few workers of the Diamond house.

She had trailed behind the car until it pulled over

at a restaurant.

Firstly, she observed his expensive peak lapel sky-blue tuxedo suit.

“They are really on money”, she had thought as she watched him enter the restaurant.

She was far from feeling hungry, but she knew that if she needed some information, then she had to get it from a solid source.

Her solid source was the young man who had gone to feed his stomach.

She put on her sunglasses, and walked calmly into the restaurant.

Tara sat on a table behind him as she observed him

intently. The man never took his gaze off his phone as he ate.

And so, Tara had no option other than to grab his attention.

She stood up and gazed at his leg that was stretched on the floor and obstructing the way. Smiling in contentment, she intentionally hit the leg and fell with a thud.

“Oh my God!” The man screamed, taking his eyes off his phone and glaring at Tara, who winced in pain.

“I'm so sorry”, he said apologetically, while she smiled and stood up.

“It's okay, I'm fine”, she assured.

“Are you going already? Do you mind if I escort you out?” He asked.

“'Not at all, I don't mind”, Tara had replied, with wide smiles on her face.

They strolled outside, exchanged contacts and became friends.

However, their friendship came to an end the moment she requested for information pertaining to Alexander Morgan.

Without looking back at her, the man had left and never returned.

This increased the suspicion she bore about the diamond house. And inwardly, she swore to uncover whatever secrets the diamond house, and its owner veiled.


She was tired, worn-out, and frustrated with her investigation. But still, enthusiastic and determined to uncover the secret behind the Diamond house, and the means through which the owner earned such huge amount of money.

Recently, Alexander had purchased a brand new Rolls-Royce Swept ail which was worth about 13 million dollars.

This spurred her to carry on with her investigation because inwardly, she was certain that it wasn’t legit.

She stood at a distance, watching the Diamond house with a binocular.

Tara yawned tiredly at intervals because of how tired and hungry she felt, but then, she wasn't going to give up.

She waited for any movement from within the diamond house, but unfortunately, there was none.

The house was so quiet, as though nobody lived there.

Silently, she wondered if it was really true that he had his computer programming company inside there.

Tara hissed in frustration as she entered her car and drove back to her house.

Tara lived with her family. She was 24. Highly intelligent and beautiful.

Her parents frequently got worried about her health, and peace of mind, due to how she was always determined to figure things out of every situation.

She walked into the house and sauntered towards her room, refusing to utter any word to anybody.

Her mother gestured to her younger brother, Jack.

He strolled up the stairs behind Tara, and just as she was about to lock the door, he held on to it with his toes.

“What’s the problem?” She demanded angrily.

“You shouldn't be angry with me, I'm not the owner of the diamond house who you're

trying to unravel his secrets”, Jack said with a slight chuckle.

Tara rolled her eyes away, letting out a slight smile, but still, preventing him from entering her room.

“Would you allow me to enter already?” Jack

inquired as his toes were beginning to burn.

“No, I won't, I would rather not talk”, she snapped.

“I know you aren't saying the truth”, Jack

countered as her firm grip on the door loosened.

He laughed aloud and walked into her


She hissed in frustration and sat beside him on the bed.

Tara was older than him, with a year. But then, while growing up, they were both mistaken as


However, now that they were adults, Jack appeared bigger and way matured than her.

She didn't mind, though. She always knew that he would grow bigger than her someday because, he was a man.

They always shared dreams, plans, and tales together.

They wanted to be successful, and they encouraged and motivated each other towards achieving that.

While Jack was a computer programmer who admired the owner of the diamond house, Tara was a blogger who felt that she needed to investigate his operations.

It was ironical. But then, Jack never failed to support Tara in whatever way he could, she was his sister, and that was all that mattered.

“What's the matter this time?" he finally asked after several minutes of silence.

Tara stayed mute, almost at the verge of tears. She detested being a failure in whatever she did and so, the diamond house case caused her great anguish.

“Not even a glimpse”, Tara muttered with a scoff, while Jack widened his eyes in surprise.


Chapter 2

“Not even a glimpse”, Clara muttered with a scoff, while Jack widened his eyes in surprise.

“Not even a glimpse of what?” He asked.

“Not even a glimpse of him, you dummy!” Tara snapped in annoyance, making Jack burst into uncontrollable laughter.

“You should learn how to say it clearly, mention his name”, he corrected.

“I can't mention the name of a fraudster” Tara countered with a look of disdain.

“He's not a fraudster!” Jack countered.

“He is!”

"Then prove it, show me a proof that supports your claim', Jack finally said while Tara's face fell.

“He bought a car worth 13 million dollars” she mumbled and looked away from his fierce eyes.

Jack started laughing uncontrollably, crouching in his stomach and almost falling to the floor.

Tara shook her head in disbelief as she silently wondered why she allowed him into her room.

“Dear sister, Alexander Morgan is a rich dude! He's a computer wiza


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