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Her Infatuation

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It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can't have them in your arms. ____________ She loved him unconditionally. Because love never applies conditions. Yet, it is so painful. Her love for him was unlimited. The pain was unbearable, but the outcome will be remarkable, that's what her love is… Her lips were always expressing her love for him, even though she knows it will never be reciprocated. Still, she was always expressing her love and she knew he will never melt. His cold heart will never love her. But what will be the last thing that will break his heart or remain the same??? So guys this is my new story and let's meet both of them, what will be their relationship. What will happen to them in the future?? Don't judge… Just read and comment…

Chapter 1

Author’s POV…

A girl was busy making dinner in kitchen while her thoughts were wandering in her life or we should say her husband. That what she needs to do so that her husband can love her , not ignore her. Only she knows how she is bearing everything, it is not like she is not in love with her, but she is afraid of his reaction.

She let out a small squeal as she was pulled in a warm embrace. Her breathing got stopped for a second at a sudden action. But then, inhaling the same scent, she let out a sigh of relief. She felt peace in his arms. Only if he was in love with her, everything would be different and beautiful.

“You scared me" she whispered slowly as the man didn't respond back because he was busy buring his head in her crook. He was busy showering his desire on her neck.

He was inhaling her scent trying to calm his burning desires,because he don't want to scare her more, but her fragrance made it difficult for him.

“ I made dinner, go fresh up” she said as she tried to remove his hand but find it very tight.. She instead gasp, finding herself in air in his strong arms.

The man picked her up in his arms bridal style and without sparing her a glance he made his way towards the room. She was not scared, not even bothered because this is what her life has become. She knew what is coming next.

“ Brennon first fresh up then eat something please and leave me I have some work” instead of listening to her words he threw her on the bed, he was rougher than usual times. He was not like this the other times. His whole demeanor is change today. He is looking like a beast. What will be the reason of his changed behaviour today? She wonder.

Instead of answering her he kept his mouth shut and starts unbuttoning his shirt, and she like a fool stared at him gulping down. His aura was different, he looked like a complete beast.

“Come here” came his deep, husky and cold voice, daring her to do the opposite of his demand. He removed his shirt and threw it across the room mercilessly. He stood in front of her impatiently.

Raising his eyebrow at her, he indirectly gave her warning which she worked on instantly afraid of his reaction and his cruelness. Jumping off the bed, she came in front of him like a statue. She was hurt, he never showed his soft side to her,which she wants.

Placing his hands on her shoulders, he starts pulling the strings of her dress, and she closed her eyes, trembling like a leaf. She always feels anxious with his touch. She was feeling like a new bride who would shiver at the husband first touch.

(that's what love does to people who are too much in love with the opposite gender, whether it is her boyfriend, her husband)

“ Do you love me?” it was not a question from him, but a confirmation of her love towards him. She nodded her head, still closing her eyes, standing bowed head. She knows her confession always gave him some sort of satisfaction, but what about her satisfaction? Will she ever get it from him?

His lips curved into an ugly and satisfied smirk, and he removed her dress from her shoulders. He unzipped her dress in a sensual way, and her breath got heavier at his touch.

He brushed his fingers on her bareback, reaching to the hooks of her bra, unclasping it. As soon as her dress along with her bra fell down on the floor, he grasped her waist in his muscular arms and pull her towards his naked chest. She gasped feeling his hard chest against her.

Her hands clutched his bare shoulders as he was teasing her on purpose. His eyes darken in desires as he noticed her lower lip between her teeth, biting it, controlling the sensation running down her body. He was turned on the very next second.

Some things flashed in his mind as the memories started roaming in his mind. His softness replaced his roughness. He harshly squeezed her jaws, turning her lips into a pout, and slammed his lips on her, taking her in a bruising kiss. He was sucking her lips as if taking her soul from the body. He was sucking and bitting her lips.

Indeed, the kiss was bruising and somewhat too hard for her, but again his touch is her weakness. She loves him madly, and she will never complain about it. His few seconds of softness turned her into his submissive. She always give in his demands for her body. She knows he is a man who have needs, but she only want love in return nothing else.

He pulled her up from her waist and instead of bed, he pushed the things from the dressing table down and settled her there in her birth suit. He was Gazing at her naked body with a sort of possession and some uncertain emotions. He knows that she is in love with him and that is enough for him to live their whole life together but is it so easy to live your life with only one person's love?

His lips moved upward in a satisfaction that he made her his, wholly his, only his. He felt proud of himself, as he is the only man who can control her and touch her like this. He knows it is selfish of him to wants her love only but he is not made for love anymore, right?

He put his lips on her and s*ck the hell out of them. Leaving her lisp swollen and plump, he made his way towards her neck and starts bitting and sucking it harshly. He was marking her as his again without any affection.

Without his knowledge, he has an undeniable effect on her. He can do anything to her without caring about her denial because she would never deny him ever. He knows about his power over her. She is a weak woman, who needs him, that's what he thought.

She let out a loud moan as his sucking was really hard. Her fingers dug deep inside his bare flesh as he was literally chewing her skin. She was feeling heaven with this man.

“Bren...Brennon ” she gasped out while he let out a groan of satisfaction and proud Ness. Instantly moving down, he pulled down her pants along with her panty and removed his pants as well.

He looked at her pink glistening p*ssy with hungry and red eyes. Who wants nothing but to launch on his prey with his dark features. He wants to ravish her, only her.

Without waiting for a second, he entered her tight p*ssy with a hard thrust, and she let out a scream. He was rough. Too rough for her delicate soul and body. She didn't know what was the reason, but she knew he was angry and this was his only way to take out his frustration. Anger and stress on her by f*ck*ng her ruthlessly.

“ Urgh f*ck Grace” he growled as her soft walls clenched him hard. He grabbed her waist and pulled her up, pressing her against the wall, and slammed inside her hard and fast.

Her head fell on his shoulder, but the next moment he threw her on the bed, not stopping his thrusting session even for a second.

She had always given him an undeniable pleasure. He couldn’t help but feel satisfied that he is the only person in her life who has touched her and still touching her in the most forbidden way.

He knew she will never leave him, as her love for him was stronger than he thought. For the past three years, of their marriage, she has shown him how much he means to her, and he was more than fine with her one-sided love.

That’s the only reason which is giving him the most unasked pleasure for being her only one. After a few more hard thrust, his body fell on her sweaty one as both were trying to calm their ragging breaths.

His head was buried in her neck, inhaling her toxic scent, which is like a drug to him. Controlling his breath, he pulled away from her and went to the washroom without sparing her a single glance.

Grace calmed herself down as a lone tear ran down her cheek bone. After feeling his warmth, his touch, his presence against her, she still feels lonely.

In the end, she only feels emptiness.

Wiping her tears away, she stood up with her trembling legs and wore her clothes. She hissed from the pain in her neither region and made her way towards the guest bathroom.

Taking a shower, she changed her clothes and entered their room only to find her cold-hearted husband laying down on the bed with eyes closed. She sigh, this is their routine after having s*x.

This is their life, no cuddling after s*x, no love making, no sweet talks, nothing.

She turned off the lights and gently placed her body between his arms, and placed her head on his chest like a kitten. She made him wrapped his arms around her waist and herself placed her hands on his torso.

(I love you so much, good night)

Whispering in his ear, Grace slept unaware of someone sharp ears.

For Grace her husband was asleep but only if she knew he was wide awake and this was not the first day he is letting her cuddle him. Every night he is letting her cuddle him, but he never stopped. Not because of her, but for himself.

He felt a weird feeling of being loved. He felt that there is someone for him who is giving everything to him without demanding anything in return.


When he felt her breathing peacefully which indicated her sleep. He tightened his hold on her waist, letting her snuggles more into him. Kissing her head softly, he smiled at her but not with his lips, only his eyes were smiling because his lips were always in a thin line.

“Good night Grace ”…

He whispered against her head and slept, unaware of his feelings. Was he really unaware of his feelings or just too scared to accept it.


**so guys, do you think love is something which is too hard? Or is it so easy to be loved but not giving it back?? Please let me know what you think about love? I will be waiting for your response guys??**

So, this is the first chapter of my new book and I hope you will love it. Give your precious time to my book, guys, please help me secure a place in your libraries. Please guys support me and my works, I will be thankful.

Thank you

Bye bye take care


Love Zelda Blair

Chapter 2


Unfolding her eyes she met with an empty bed making her sigh in disappointment. Maybe it was not good for her to expect too much from her husband. But it was not only her, but everyone dreams to wake up the next morning in the arms of her loved one after their beautiful night. Only if her dream was ever going to come true.

She gave him everything. Her time. Her peace. Not only that, but her body. Likewise, her soul. Her heart. She let him rule over her without demanding anything in return, but now she feels nothing, only emptiness. Perhaps this is her fate. Maybe she was expecting too much in return of her love, she is giving him. She has sacrificed everything for this man only to get emptiness.

She wanted to be loved. For once, she wanted his care for her. She wanted to hear those words which he expects hearing from her. Is it so hard to love her or to forget about his past?? Will she ever make her place in his cold heart?? Will she ever get th


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