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Zelda Blair

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Fantasy world
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“ tell me, who you belongs to " he orders,his tone firm and sexy as hell as he slides his fingers inside her, pressing deep... ______________________ Collarbone calling for my lips. The delicate skin of your breast beckoning my mouth As i whisper your name on goosebumps rising Give me those eager hips, And i will make them dance with a flicker of my tongue. __________________ KISS me  In a way that tells me         that i am What your FANTASIES     are made of           AND the dreams that you refuse to wake from       AND  the reality of both being      breathed  Into LIFE....

His Belamour
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"Love " one word which is so difficult to get. Yet so easy to throw. _______________ A beautiful and innocent girl running from her past met a sinfully handsome man whom she thought to be her saviour, but end up being her nightmare. She was running from her past nightmares but wasn't aware of the future nightmares. Will that man help her before it's too late or she will be drown in the deep hunting nights of her past?? Will he ever realise her worth?? Will she ever be comfortable to share her past?? Will he ever love her the way she deserves??

Ricardo's Revenge
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  • 3.0

“Please, don't kill me…. Please.." she pleaded, trying to grasp fragments of her breath as she stared at the lifeless body and pool of blood before her in fright. "Jason, she might be a good toy for the night, what do you think?" One of the men asked his colleague, stretching strands of his beards. "You must be insane. Have you forgotten the mission statement?" Jason asked and he scratched his head. "Pretty girl, I'm sorry" he said, squatting to the level of the girl who trembled on the floor. "Anyone who sees the hit, goes down with the target" one of them said coldly from behind and the next moment, a bullet hole was formed between her brows as her body convulsed.

Her Infatuation
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  • 7.5

It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can't have them in your arms. ____________ She loved him unconditionally. Because love never applies conditions. Yet, it is so painful. Her love for him was unlimited. The pain was unbearable, but the outcome will be remarkable, that's what her love is… Her lips were always expressing her love for him, even though she knows it will never be reciprocated. Still, she was always expressing her love and she knew he will never melt. His cold heart will never love her. But what will be the last thing that will break his heart or remain the same??? So guys this is my new story and let's meet both of them, what will be their relationship. What will happen to them in the future?? Don't judge… Just read and comment…

His mania
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  • 6.5

"leave me" she whispered in a heavy voice. " never gattina" he spoke huskily while moving his fingers along her thigh which made her shiver. "" she stuttered, enjoying the havoc creating in her body by his calloused fingers. Suddenly he wrapped his sexy digits against her swan like beautiful neck and squeezed but not hard to hurt her, but enough to make her feel wet between her plumply thighs. "YOU ARE MINE, GATTINA. ONLY MINE. I WILL DESTROY WHO EVER WILL SNATCH YOU FROM ME. I WILL MAKE HIS LIFE HELL. I WILL BURN HIM ALIVE IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES. " HE shouted in a dominating tone. She closed her eyes, feeling the pleasure building up in her body by his dominance and let out a husky sigh. His eyes darkened in desire and" FUCK IT" HE smashed his lips against her and suck the hell out of her pink petals. H3 was sucking and biting her leeting out his frustration on her beautiful lips....


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