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Forget it,You don't deserve it

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Lacey, captivated by the charismatic live streamer Jax, becomes a regular in his virtual world, showering him with gifts and admiration. Her brother Rick, a self-made millionaire, disapproves, urging her to focus on real-life connections. Despite this, Lacey's infatuation grows, leading to a surprise encounter with Jax at her university's cultural festival, where her stunning dance performance catches his attention. Rick unknowingly brings Jax home for a business collaboration, igniting a spark between Lacey and Jax. As their paths intertwine, Lacey navigates her feelings amid the contrasting worlds of online allure and familial responsibilities, finding herself drawn to the enigmatic Jax while grappling with the realities of her brother's protective love.

Be secretly in love

QuickView is a short video platform.

It was past 9 PM, and the live broadcast room named "Love at First Sight" was bustling with activity.

This was the third time Lacey had entered this broadcast room.

She couldn't help it; the first time she stumbled upon this streamer, she was utterly captivated by the man's striking looks.

On the phone screen, thousands of female fans were frantically sending messages, all saying "My God", "Husband", and the like. The atmosphere was so lively that it brought a barely contained smile to the streamer's eyebrows, the corners of his eyes, his lips, and an unseen place.

His name was Jax, a rising star on QuickView. He probably hadn't anticipated being so popular with female fans. Right now, he was performing a stand-up comedy routine.

"One time, my buddy asked me, with so many scammers these days, why do I always manage to see through their tricks while he's been conned thrice?"

"I just grinned and told him one word— 'Broke!'"

After delivering this punchline, Jax flashed a cunning smile, capturing the hearts of his female viewers, including Lacey.

The messages on the screen were filled with praises like "So handsome! Wow... He's my god, don't steal him... He's not your god, he's my husband, kisses... Husband, husband..."

Seeing all the "husband" messages, Lacey was far from indifferent. She was outgoing but had a traditionally reserved way of expressing herself.

Lacey: "Jax! Don't worry about money, I'll tip you three planes every day."

After sending this message, she tipped three virtual 'planes', each worth 100 yuan, totalling 300 yuan.

Of course, this was what Lacey thought Jax would receive. In reality, Jax only got a 120 yuan cut from it. But three planes for three consecutive days still made him remember this girl—Lolo.

"Lolo" was Lacey's nickname on QuickView, while Jax was the name he used in the broadcast room.

"Why are you tipping that streamer again? Is your pocket money enough? Buy yourself some nice clothes and good food. Find a decent boyfriend instead of indulging in these fantasies," said Rick, Lacey's brother. He started as a vegetable vendor at 18 and worked his way up to being the CEO of Candy Group, now worth over a billion.

Still lost in thought, Lacey blushed with a smile, "Okay, I know, brother! I still have a lot of pocket money, don't worry about me. You should take care of yourself, it's tough running the company alone. Don't worry about me."

Rick smiled softly, ruffling her hair, reminiscing.

After their parents passed away when he had just graduated from high school, he had to give up college and start working to ensure Lacey could study and live happily. The hardships were known only to him, but he never complained, as his sister was the last comfort in his heart.

After pouring Lacey a cup of hot water, he quietly left the room.

"Darlings, I'm signing off now. See you tomorrow at the same time. Love you, kisses!" Jax blew a kiss to the camera.

The messages on the screen were a mix of pleas for him to stay and flirty remarks. Lacey blushed as she typed: "Goodnight, Jax, kisses!"

Her message was quickly lost in the flood of other messages.

She reluctantly put down her phone when the screen read "Broadcast Ended" and went to bed with a smile, dreaming of Jax's handsome face.

The next morning, the doorbell rang at the Lacey's mansion. Rick put down the last breakfast item and opened the door.

Standing there was a tall, smiling girl. Her cheeks flushed upon seeing Rick.

"Morning, Rick! Is Lacey awake?" she asked sweetly.

Rick didn't answer but instead took her bicycle inside the yard, giving her a soft look, "Come in, Lacey is washing up. I've made breakfast. You two can eat before going to school."

He then headed inside.

The girl, Carol, watched Rick leave and pouted as she followed him in.

The breakfast table was set with pastries, thin pancakes, and sunny-side-up eggs—Lacey's favourite, especially the eggs cooked by Rick.

"Carol, I'm off to the office. Tell Lacey to put her laundry in the washing machine," Rick said, taking his coat from the rack.

"Okay," Carol replied.

Carol was Lacey's classmate and close friend. She rode her bike to meet Lacey every day. She rarely saw Rick, but today she arrived early enough to catch him before he left.

Carol watched as Rick drove away in his Mercedes-Benz van, and then gently closed the door.

"Lacey, you're here," Carol called as Lacey descended the stairs. Lacey was dressed in a cute bear-printed hoodie and a beige plaid skirt, with a big red butterfly hairpin and round-toed leather shoes, looking playful and adorable. This contrasted with Carol's simple, casual attire.

Lacey grabbed Carol's hand, sitting at the table. "Carol, did you watch 'Love at First Sight' last night? Isn't Jax handsome? I like him!" she said, excitedly tapping her foot.

"Stop, you're going to spill the milk. I didn't pay much attention to him, I just saw you sending all those sweet messages. You're generous with your money for someone you've never met," Carol said, thinking of the daily tips.

"For someone you love, you shouldn't care about the cost!" Lacey giggled. She wasn't short of money, so she didn't mind.

Carol felt helpless. Although her friend was wealthy, she wasn't extravagant and was willing to spend her pocket money on a streamer. Carol thought, "Your brother's money is for you, not for other men."

A blush appeared on her face when she thought of Rick, and her heart began to beat wildly as the handsome and burly figure appeared in her mind.

She dared not think further.

Appear in the auditorium

Today is the Cultural and Art Festival at Huashang University.

After arriving at the campus, Lacey and Carol noticed the difference from the usual days. Flags bearing the slogan "Youth With Us" fluttered gently in the breeze along the campus paths, as if waving to every passing student.

Lacey had signed up for a solo dance performance. This was her first performance in her four years of college and also her last one at the university, just to avoid any regrets.

The festival was held in the auditorium opposite the canteen. After a quick meal in the canteen, Lacey and Carol held hands and headed straight to the auditorium.

The two young girls, brimming with youthful vitality, attracted many admiring glances from male students as they walked through the campus.

Entering the auditorium, they found half of the nearly thousand seats already occupied by students, all laughing and enjoying themselves.

They found a spot behind the stage with a dr


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