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Falling For The Greek Magnate

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Prepare to be enthralled by the irresistible allure of the Latsis brothers, a duo of captivating eye candies who embody power, dominance, and a unique blend of passionate intensity and calm composure. ※※※※※※※※ Book 1: Falling For The Greek Magnate Embark on a captivating journey as Suna Tara, a young Turkish maiden, ventures far from her homeland to pursue a new chapter in her life working in Patras, Greece. Little does she know that her path will intersect with the enigmatic Dimitris Latsis, a powerful billionaire whose reputation precedes him. Dimitris, driven by his ambitions to expand his business empire across Europe, the Middle East, and the USA, remains focused on his corporate pursuits. Unbeknownst to Suna, her exceptional skills and success in securing a crucial contract from Solomons catch his attention, leading him to summon her to his office. As Suna and Dimitris come face to face, a magnetic attraction sparks between them, electrifying the air around them. However, Suna is determined to suppress her desires, as whispers of Dimitris's reputation reach her ears―rumors that could make any young woman, particularly one with her innocence intact, wary. Is it all merely a misunderstanding, or is there truth behind the stories surrounding Dimitris? Suna finds herself compelled to uncover the reality lurking beneath the surface, diving into a quest to separate fact from fiction. Join Suna on her quest for truth as she navigates the tantalizing world of Dimitris Latsis. Will she succumb to the alluring pull between them, or will her cautious nature guide her toward the answers she seeks? In a tale teeming with secrets, desires, and the pursuit of clarity, prepare to be captivated by the unfolding of Suna and Dimitris's intertwined destinies. ※※※※※※※※ Book Two: Falling For The Greek Magnate The Hubristic Dario Prepare to be swept away by a tempestuous tale of love and rivalry as Dario Latsis and Alexandra Carozza find themselves thrust into the tumultuous world of wedding preparations for Dimitris and Suna. In this captivating story, their sworn enmity fuels an explosive dynamic that seems impossible to overcome. Despite the heated animosity between them, Suna and Dimitris make valiant attempts to bridge the divide and bring peace to their feuding wedding planners. Their well-intentioned efforts transform into a mischievous matchmaking scheme, hoping to kindle a romance between the fiery Greek magnate and the alluring Italian beauty. However, the chasm that separates Dario and Alexandra proves vast and insurmountable. Their egos, inflated and prideful, clash with excessive aggression, making the notion of Alexandra falling for the Greek magnate seem improbable at best. Delve into a world of passionate confrontations and fierce competition, where love and hate walk a fine line. Will Dario and Alexandra find a way to set aside their differences and discover a connection that transcends their rivalry? Join them on a tumultuous journey filled with unexpected twists and turns as they navigate the treacherous path between love and loathing.

Chapter 1


‘You are the only man who makes my toes curl in disgust!’ Alexandra snapped.

‘Oh really? I thought it was supposed to be contrary,’ Dario smirked.

‘Huh! You wished!’ Alexandra burst out.

‘You and me— Not a bad idea!’ Dario teased.

‘Not even in your dreams, Mr. Latsis,’ Alexandra ejaculated.

‘You do come in my dreams quite often and leave me… Ahem! If you know what I mean?’ Dario approached her, leaving only an inch between them.

‘Don’t come near me!’ Alexandra warned as she tried to move back.

Nevertheless, it was too late. Dario had already made up his mind. She found herself pinned against the wall adorned by the very same frame she had gifted him.

‘I am not going to be an ask-hole, as you described me… I won’t ask you how you feel about me when we both already know the answer,’ Dario whispered in her ears.

Alexandra was doing her best to push him away and resist his charm but in vain. Who would have thought that she would fall in love with Dario? She felt ashamed of her feeling towards the man she had hated for months.

Lost in her thoughts and emotions, she had not realised that Dario’s lips had captured hers and his minty breath turned her dizzy with pleasure.

He had found her secret out. Beneath so much contempt, love was buried.


So, you're the new recruit? Dimitris Latsis asked as he set eyes on Suna.

He had heard about this new sales executive who joined his company a month back and was responsible for the turnover of Latsis Shipping & Cargo.

‘Yes, sir. I'm Suna Tara,' Suna responded and she had seen him only in the photographs but she could never imagine that he was perfect.

Dimitris was a well-known magnate in Europe. At a such young age, he had achieved so much. He was featured in Forbes Youngest Billionaire and won awards several times as an Emerging Businessman.

He could make any woman fall for him and nobody would be able to refuse to sleep with him. However, Suna had heard that he was very choosy when it came to women and relationships.

‘He preferred girls from the fashion industry,’ Mrs. Claire had mentioned once.

‘Do you know why I have called you into my office?' Dimitris asked, bringing her back to Earth.

‘I suppose it's regarding the upcoming project in the United States?' Suna guessed.

‘No, it's not. The best opportunities lie in Dubai and I would like you to accompany me this Saturday. We are planning to open a firm in the Jebel Ali Freezone.'

Suna's heart throbbed and she was taken aback. She could not believe what she had just heard. She was still processing the information he had conveyed.

‘Any problem Ms. Suna?' Dimitris broke the trance.

‘Hmm... Sir... Of― of―course… Sir… It'll be great!' Suna stuttered.

‘Good, then, Miss. Get the presentation ready for Sunday, as the first working day is Sunday in the United Arab Emirates. The meeting will be held at the Mövenpick Hotel at 10 AM. The rest of the details will be given by Claire,' Dimitris informed.

‘Very well, sir,' Suna said.

Before she could leave the office, Dimitris questioned, ‘Where are you from?'

Suna shivered and replied, ‘Turkey, sir.'

‘You speak Arabic, don't you?'

Suna nodded in affirmative.

‘Great! Then you won't have any issue communicating with the Sheikh.'

‘Not at all, sir.'

‘Please stop calling me sir. No one addresses me by this title in my company. Didn't Claire tell you that?' Dimitris stared at her pretty eyes and she was so nervous.

‘Will not happen again Mr. Latsis,' Suna promised.

'It's Dimitris for you!'


For the first time, Suna Tara, a beautiful maiden, sat in a plane to travel to Greece.

As Turkey's economy crashed, after a deadly virus hit the area, the country found it tough to cater to its population.

Suna had made up her mind to move out and look for better prospects in other neighbouring countries. She had applied for the job of sales executive in companies in Greece, France, Iran, Italy and the United Kingdom and was lucky to receive a contract from Latsis Shipping & Cargo in less than three weeks.

The twenty-two-year-old Turkish beauty had no experience, yet she was selected for the virtual interview conducted on Zoom, with the executive secretary, director of sales and marketing, and the human resources director.

The interview went well and as she had completed her Bachelor's degree, she was appointed. She had done quite a research about the company and she felt that her career would propel her to the precinct.

Sitting in the plane near the window, she was thrilled. The plane was about to take off. She had checked videos on YouTube to learn how to fasten her seat belt and what safety measures to adhere to.

For the first time, she was doing pretty well. No one could say that it was her first flight.

Nevertheless, as the flight took off, Suna's heart started pounding in her chest. The jolt made her hold onto the seat firmly. She closed her eyes and took deep breaths.

After a few minutes, she settled down. As she saw her place becoming tinier when the airplane was going higher, she suddenly felt a pain stabbing her heart.

Her fifteen-year-old sister Huma, whom she had to leave with her Aunt Sabah and Uncle Saud, after their parents' demise, made her feel miserable.

After all, she wanted to make their parents' dream come true; Huma to be a heart surgeon. The girl had told Suna that she did not find abandoning her studies and searching for decent work an issue. Huma was ready to be independent, but Suna was against it.

She took the responsibility of handling everything and she had the support of her aunty and uncle, who were childless.

All of a sudden, the beautiful air hostess of Lufthansa airlines startled her with a warm wet towel and offered to welcome the passengers on board.

‘Good evening, miss. Here you're,' she handed the towel and her smile was overwhelming.

‘Thank you,' Suna smiled back and picked the towel from the face towel clamp the air hostess was holding.

This was what she required right now; to wipe the worries, sweat and tiredness off her fair and soft face.

Fortunately, there was no one in the seat next to hers and she was going to have a great nap later. She checked her watch which indicated 6:05 PM.

It was a long journey and she would have a layover of 10 hours and 45 minutes in Frankfurt before taking the next flight to Patras at 6:50 AM, the following day.

She was booked at the N H Frankfurt airport hotel to freshen up and sleep. Suna was not sure she had ever heard of any firm taking such steps for their employee—not for a new recruit.

She could not ask the Almighty for more. She was thankful that Huma and she could start their life from scratch. Suna was convinced to succeed.

Soon the plane flew higher and the lights beneath disappeared. Actually, Turkey and Greece were quite close and initially, Turkish Airlines used to fly directly. Unfortunately, after the problem of inflation, Lufthansa came to the rescue.

While she was zapping the channels, the crew members prepared for dinner to be served. She had already checked the menu and opted for Indian cuisine.

The food and service were top of the class, although she was travelling economy.

Besides, Suna thought that she would be tired and sleepy, but the excitement drove her sleep away.

At 7:50 PM, the pilot announced that they would be landing in Frankfurt soon. Passengers were requested to collect all their belongings before leaving the aircraft.

Upon landing as she made it to the airport, she was escorted to the hotel for rest.

‘Good evening, Ms. Tara. Hope you had a pleasant flight. Please follow me, I shall take you to the hotel,' the young driver spoke.

‘How did you recognise me?' An appalled Suna asked.

‘Mrs. Claire of Latsis Shipping & Cargo sent me your passport copies. I must say you look gorgeous in both person and I.D!' The driver complimented her.

‘Thank you,' Suna responded.

‘Mrs. Claire requested that you call her once you are in your room. She also mentioned that all of your bills would be taken care of by Latsis Shipping,' the driver informed.

‘Thanks,' Suna said.

‘I'm Florian,' he finally told.

‘Nice to meet you, Florian.'

Soon they were in the black Volkswagen Passat and reached the hotel in ten minutes.

Suna was so relieved to reach her destination as Florian was so talkative and kept on praising her chestnut-brown eyes and features, which irritated her.

A great escape!

‘Thanks, Florian. Have a great evening!' Suna said instantly and walked faster than usual.

‘Take care, Turkish beauty!' He called out as she headed inside the hotel.

Suna pretended she did not hear that and disappeared, rolling her eyes.

As she stepped into the hotel which was luxurious, she held her breath.

‘Wow,' she mumbled.

Her almond-shaped eyes were admiring the lobby. Afterwards, Suna walked to the receptionist who was expecting her and the other guests.

‘Good evening, I have a room reserved under Suna Tara,' Suna informed and showed her documents.

‘Good evening, miss, welcome to N H. Let me check,' she greeted, welcomed and checked on the system.

Meanwhile, Suna was admiring the décor. Although it was a business hotel, it was not boring, as she was anticipating. The marbles and furniture were cream and brown, with lovely assorted flowers embellishing the lobby.

There were some guests in business attire, while they did have some guests with families roaming the lobby, as well. The laughs of their kids resonated, warming everyone’s hearts.

‘Room number 652, Ms. Tara,' the receptionist informed and handed over the key to her.

‘Thanks,' Suna received the key and she was guided by the concierge to her sumptuous standard room.

Immediately, Suna headed to the washroom to brush and shower. Once done, Suna noticed a note on the desk, with Claire's telephone number.

Claire picked up after three rings.

‘Hello, Mrs. Claire. Suna here,' Suna greeted.

‘Hey, Suna. How is it going?' Claire's energetic voice echoed.

‘Wonderful! Everything is awesome,' Suna replied cheerfully.

'So, tomorrow, Richard will pick you up from the airport to take you to the executives’ accommodation in Patras. You’ll take a rest. You resume work on Monday at 9 AM,' Claire instructed.

‘Very well, Mrs. Claire,' Suna said.

‘Hey, call me Claire!' She chuckled.

‘Oh! Certainly… Claire...'

'See you tomorrow,' Claire said.

'See you. Bye.'

Suna disconnected only after Claire did so. She took a deep breath and threw herself in bed.

The blue silk nightdress she wore hugged her hourglass figure. She was blessed with beauty and brains; she was coming from a middle-class family, yet she had royal qualities.

If a billionaire was to set eyes on her, he would know her worth. Suna had always had men trying to date her, but she had been very careful in matters of the heart.

She wanted to marry a decent man who would love and respect her, who could see the goodness in her—not be crazy about her looks only.

Suddenly, she was craving a green tea and she got up immediately from the bed to head to the table where all amenities were kept for self-service.

She quickly made tea and sat at the study. There was a magazine about Frankfurt; the metropolitan city so rich in itself.

As she brought the cup to her glamour lips and sipped, the telephone rang.

She went to pick up. It was the receptionist.

‘Madam, tomorrow the driver will pick you up at 5:30 AM, for your flight.'

' Sure, I'll be ready. Thanks,' Suna replied.

‘Madam, have you had dinner yet?'

‘Oh! Very kind of you to ask, but I'm full.'

‘Please, do eat something before you sleep. Mrs. Claire asked me to ensure you had your dinner.'

‘I had in the flight. I'm alright, thank you.'

‘Okay. Good night,' the receptionist said.

Suna went back to her seat and had her tea. Then she texted Huma to let her know that she was alright and was safe.


It was a text from Huma, ' So happy for you Ukhti. Take care. Love you.'

‘Love you too and missing you,' Suna texted.

There were no more texts from Huma. The poor girl might be suppressing her emotions due to the emptiness Suna left.

Chapter 2

Suna had set the alarm for 4 AM. She was ready by 4:30 AM for breakfast at the Nhube restaurant.

She had options from the à la carte menu and she chose to have a Mediterranean breakfast. She had a light meal, without of course skipping her black coffee.

Without coffee, her brain would not work and her mood as well would be off. That was the last thing she wanted during her trip.

The waiters and waitresses were very polite and if it were them, they would recommend some more stuff to be added to her meal.

At around 5:20 AM, she went to the receptionist to check out from the hotel.

‘How has your stay been with us, madam?' Another receptionist, different from the previous night, asked.

‘Excellent… Thank you,' Suna said.

Suna was requested to fill in the guest's comment card which hardly took her a minute. She ticked excellent and handed over to the front office lady, who simpered.

The concierge escorted Suna to the car and t


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