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Fallen Between

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Melodie tried everything to get the attention of Jax, a friend she grew up with. Even if it means using words to hurt him. While Jax wants her, his life is complicated and he can't add another woman to it. As a Navy Seal, Melodie's father is his commander. Jax values his life, and vows never to touch her despite temptation. While Jax works a mission with her father, he is shocked to see her in a club, walking into a forbidden room of a BDSM club. He drags her out while she screams, and begs her to stay away from the place, but she ignores him. She gets herself in more trouble, deciding to work for the police, undercover as an erotic dancer. The person she is working to take down, is the same man, her fathers team is trying to capture. Jax tries to pull her free from the trap she finds herself in but nothing can. Soon, the past missions of Jax and Melodie's father, come back for revenge, and it's clear, Melodie is their target. Jax finally gives in to her, and their marriage quickly follows, but that silent life doesn't last long. With the main guy escaping, Melodie signs up to be a an assassin, and while trying to save her, Jax is forced to leave her for life. Breaking her heart, he walk away. Vowing to himself he will find a way to get free and prove he never stopped loving her. Only when he comes back. Melodie has fallen for someone else, or rather three other men, Jax's team mates. The ones who stuck around and helped raise Jax's son after he broke her heart and walked away. Can he overcome the face he needs to share her now he has got his life back?

Tempting Him

Please note: This book has strong scenes of BDSM, it also talks of r*pe, abuse, and more. It is a dark book that features human trafficking. Please be aware there may be some grammar issues while it's being edited.

Jax watched as her hips swung from side to side, her body moving to the music, her eyes taunting him, and she knew it. He watches as she saunters towards him, her hips swinging as she does. Stopping in front of him, she smiles. Jax stands, watching as Melodie comes to a stop in front of him with her hand on her hip. Her tongue gently strokes over her lip as she smiles at him.

"Dance?" She teases as her hand reaches out. Jax stays with his back against the wall as he shakes his head.

"Go play with the other babies, Melodie. Big guys will only make you get hurt." Jax says.

She snickers at him as she walks back through the bar, dancing with her friends again. She wasn't fooled: she could clearly see his c*ck straining beneath his jeans. D*mn, Lucas and his annoying disappearing acts! Even now, on her eighteenth birthday, he hasn't shown his face. Jax shakes his head, watching as she dances, the guys flocking around her. His teeth grind down as he fights the urge to pull them off her.

"Thanks for this. How mad is she?"

Jax turns to see Lucas, his head shaking as he does. "About time! I have a life myself, you know, Lucas."

Lucas nods, his head tilting to the side. "She is my daughter, Jax. You don't need to watch over her. Hell, I doubt anyone will ever need to watch her. No one is forcing you to babysit. You took that upon yourself." Lucas is standing looking at Jax, waiting.

"Let her think her own father forgot her birthday? Not even I am that cold-hearted, Lucas. As the text said, I told her this was all you, so she won't mind you being late. Have fun." Jax turns and walks away, catching Melodie smiling at him as he walks through the crowds.

He has to protect her. He feels his own head shaking in delusion. He doesn't have to; he feels he needs to. If she dies, he will go on a murderous hunt to kill people. Standing outside the club, the cold air whips around him as he takes out his phone and looks at the messages.

Roxanne will no doubt be asleep - his sweet, loving wife. If only she still saw him as her husband. He smiles slightly as he turns on his heels and heads to his apartment. Tonight, he needs more, that more being Heidi, his submissive. He knows she can easily take the edge of his feelings off him if he allows himself. He can’t deny it. Something about Melodie has him wanting her more than he even wanted his wife, and that scares him. He has enough to deal with when he leaves with Roxanne and Heidi crying at his feet. He can't add another woman on top of that, not that he would. Well, Roxanne has moved on. She no longer cries when he leaves. He just needs to accept it and break free of her ways.

Roxanne had agreed to one submissive. She was happy with him having that submissive to get everything he needed that she couldn't give. He loves Roxanne too much to walk away, but he can't seem to stay away from Melodie and not try to protect her when he returns from his missions. Hell, he can't have her thinking her dad is a jerk who forgot her birthday, either.

A small laugh escapes his mouth as he realises Lucas would shoot him dead if he knew the thoughts he had about his lovely Melodie. Lucas is like his brother. His teammate. Sure, he is twenty-seven, and Lucas is forty, but they are still close. That would go if Lucas found out he wanted Melodie.

Two Years Later

Shaking his head, Jax watches as Melodie purposely leans over the counter in nothing but a short shirt showing her *ss.

"He's late." She turns to face him and takes a bite from the waffle she holds. Jax nods. What did she expect? "You can leave. You don't need to sit and watch me until he walks back through that d*mn door like you always do, Jax. I ain't a child."

His laugh echoes around the kitchen. "No, you sure as hell ain't, Mel. You're more a baby than a child. One who can't be trusted." He watches as her feet stamp on the floor, his head shaking. Great, now he has to deal with her anger.

"I ain't no child, and I sure as hell ain't a baby, Jax. What's up? Scared that if you admit I'm no longer a child, you might just give in to your c*ck getting hard for me?"

He glares up at her. D*mn, she is hot when she is mad! "Wouldn't give in. The temptation isn't everything, Mel. I value my marriage over your body." He stands up from the table and walks further away from her, watching as her eyes follow him.

"You're just as bad as Dad. Both of you, you walk in, scare away any guy who looks at me, dictate what I can and can't do, and then f*ck off back to your own lives. F*ck you both!" Her words are loud, yet he can see the pain in her eyes, the tears threatening to come to the surface.

"We're keeping you safe, Melodie, come on. You know the sh*t me and your dad face. You know how easily anyone of those guys could decide to get revenge by coming to his sweet, innocent, stupid f*ck*ng daughter."

He is irritated. The guys were all jerks, all of them. She deserves someone better.

Her snicker shocks him, his head whipping up to look at her confused.

"You tell yourself that's why, big boy. I'm no fool. My dad doesn't want a guy near me as he still thinks I am his innocent little girl, and you, well, you get jealous when a guy looks at me, so knowing I am f*ck*ng them just eats at you until you push them away." She stands staring at him. He knows she is right, partly, but he can't let her win.

"Melodie, I don't give a sh*t who fucks you or where they f*ck you. You getting hurt or killed will kill your dad, and he's a friend. There's nothing more. It's all in your f*ck*ng head." He goes to leave, her hand stopping him as tears fill her eyes. He can't. D*mn her and her crying.

"Why do you fight it? I know, Jax. I know about your marriage, about your submissives. Rather, I should have said I know who your submissives are. I have seen you at the parties; each of them resembles me. You can't seem to scratch that itch with them, though, can you?"

D*mn, this woman! How the hell did she know? He stands staring at her.

"I'm no fool, Jax. You and Dad go to your fancy parties. He takes his little submissive, and you take yours. You see, while you two happily walk around without a mask, I don't. I put one on and watch."

His eyes widen at her.

"How the hell did you find that place or even get in?" She shouldn't have found out about it. Lucas always made sure it was hidden from her.

"I'm good at following people, Jax, very good. I saw you last night, all alone, looking for that submissive that could be me."

He looks at her, laughing, which only seems to make her anger worse. Her hands push against his chest. "Don't you dare laugh at me, Jax! Why watch when you can f*ck*ng touch?"

He nods, smiling. "Because I don't want to touch, Melodie. You're nothing but a baby spitting her dummy out, and it won't work. You wouldn't last one night as my submissive. Your bratty f*ck*ng attitude would have you screaming while I whip your *ss." He goes to walk around her, her body once again moving into his path.

"Please, Jax. I am not a child or a baby. I will f*ck*ng prove it. I mean it."

He tilts his head to the side, a humorous expression crossing his face. "How so? How do you plan to prove it?" She can't. Hell, she could parade her boyfriends in front of him, but they were all children, just like her. She shouldn't have gone to those parties. She's too innocent for them.

"I'll go back there tonight. Hell, Jax, I will dance in that green corner like I need it and just wait to see which Dom steps forward first to try to claim me as his own, and I won't say no." His eyes widen at her. What is she playing at? "One kiss, Jax. One f*ck*ng kiss, then you can leave, and I will stay the hell away."

He stands staring at her, his heart racing. "Not happening. I love Roxanne. I won't do that to her." He goes to turn, her hands grasping him.

"Do what to her? You don't have a submissive, Jax. I know that, so use me. Use me right now and just f*ck*ng kiss me, or I swear to god, I won't be sleeping alone tonight." Her breath catches in her throat as his lips suddenly press against hers. A cry shakes through her throat as his kiss is forceful. She tastes perfect, her lips like silk and soft. Their tongues dance together. Jax's hands ball into fists to stop his hands from grasping her and pulling her closer. If he were to do that, he wouldn't walk away until he had taken all of her. A groan escapes his mouth as he steps back, a smile forming on her face.

"Stay the hell away from there, Melodie! it's not for kids." She smiles slightly, happy that she has gone from a baby to a kid in his eyes, but more that she knows now he has kissed her, he will want it again.

"And if I don't, Jax?" The smile tells him she is teasing, his eyes looking at her. "Will you go around and take off all the women's masks just to see if it is me?" Would he? Hell yes, he would if he doubted for a moment she was there.

"Simple, Melodie, I will just ensure you're banned for life, and then you can't step foot inside there again." Her eyes widen at his words.

"Behave and stay the hell away from that place, Melodie, because I swear, if I so much as get told you were there, you won't be allowed back in." He turns and walks towards the door. Her screams are loud behind him as she protests.

"Running scared from a baby, are you, Jax? Big man Jax running away because he is scared he will kiss me again." She feels her body get thrown against the wall by him, his hands holding her there, his breathing hitched. He closes his eyes. D*mn her and her anger making him want to f*ck it out of her!

"Enough, Melodie! You won't like this side of me. I'm gone. You don't think you need protecting, well, fine. You won't see this face again." She stares at him, her lip quivering. Oh d*mn. His eyes close. If she cries, he won't leave. Turning with his eyes shut, he runs out of the house. He can't do it. He can't see her cry and leave and never come back to check on her. He needs to, though.

Taunted Words

Climbing in his car, he pulls out of the garden and speeds off.

This weekend will be dull. Roxanne is at her parents so he is alone. He drives to the familiar building. Walking in, as always, he is greeted with nothing but smiles and warm welcomes. He stalks to the bar and orders a drink, his head shaking as he downs it.

"You look worse than usual, man; you okay?" Jax turns to face Lucas.

"You were here? What the fuck, Lucas! Melodie is sitting waiting for you at home! I told her you were due back in the country this morning." Jax shakes his head. He went straight to check on Melodie when he got back three days ago, but he knew Lucas wasn't back until this morning.

"I spoke to her. She has plans tonight and told me not to waste my time going home. Apparently, things are getting more serious with that Jake guy." Jax looks at Lucas. He thought he had scared him off.

"And you're not stopping it?" Jax stare


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