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Endless Desire

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"Okay, I'm done with this!" Carl said with anger "Who do you think you are? Some kind of Aphrodite? Why would I want to impress a witch like you? Look, you might be pretty on the outside but you're hideous on the inside." He went very close to her face, staring deep into her eyes "you ain't sh*t!! And get that into your head that the world doesn't revolve around you." Anne raised her hand to slap Carl but he was quick enough to hold her hand just before it could land on his cheeks. “not today" he whispered as he let go of her and left with rage. ..................... "Carl, do you still love me?" Anne seriously asked Carl but he kept quiet. He didn't want to answer her question. Anne moved closer to Carl and clutch the collar of his shirt with both hands. "Do you still love me? ANSWER ME!!" Anne demanded. … Carl swiftly grabbed Anne and pinned her back to the wall. With his hands firmly on her shoulders, his eyes were fixed on her silver eyes with so much desire and determination. He couldn’t help but lock lips with her and kiss her passionately…. ** Endless Desire is a romantic story that tells the tale of a beautiful and hot-headed girl, Anne, and a filthy rich, s*xy, charming man, Carl. They’re both lovers with insecurities but their love and desire for each other remain endless.

Chapter 1, Anastasia


“Get ready to pay my rent and it must be in full''. Yells the grumpy old man, the landlord of a small shop where Anne works as a baker.

“Sir, I still have a month till my rent fully expires and with all due respect, you don't have to pressure me at all". Anne fired back.

Anne is a bold and a witty lady who knows her rights and she always speaks her mind without any fear. People who barely know her calls her rude but she's just a straightforward person.

Her beauty is second to none and she knows it.

“Whether it's due time or not, just bear it in mind that in exactly one month, I am coming to take my rent money without hearing any plea from you and your brother'' the landlord said, hitting the counter.

“What is all this commotion about? Why are you insisting on your rent money when it hasn't expired yet?'' Anne's grandfather asked.

He overheard the conversation between his Anne and the landlord and he walks in to the scene.

“Forgive me Sir, but I must say that ever since the death of your daughter and her husband, paying my rent has been an issue for your granddaughter'' the landlord said in a nonchalant manner.

“But despite all your pressures, we always come through and give you your rent in full''. Anne chimes in, holding in her tears as she remembers how her parents

died in a fatal accident three years ago.

Since then, she has been the one looking for money to take care of her brother and her grandpa who is battling asthma and that is why she works at the bakery.

The landlord storms out of the place with rage patiently waiting for the month to be over so he can humiliate Anne when the rent expires. That's what he always does whenever Anne's rent is about to expire.

“Don't worry my beautiful princess everything is going to be fine, after all, you're a good baker. Everyone loves whatever you bake'' her grandpa said, trying to keep her positive.

“But you know we have no money at all. I've used all my savings to help my brother study in college. I don't want him to drop out of school. That's the last thing I want''. She said as she removes her apron.

“Making money is hard here in New York''. She murmured to herself.

“so far so good the money I have been raising for the rent isn't going to get us anywhere, I hardly have time for myself because of the workload on my head." she said, arranging her counter.

“If your parents were alive, we would've been in a better position.” her grandpa said, as he tries to reach out for his inhaler.

He took it in his mouth and inhaled it. He usually does that whenever he feels, stressed, paranoid or mostly when his asthma attack kicks in.

Just then he saw Carlos, Anne's boyfriend.

A smile filled Anne's face as soon as she saw Carlos who is her first love and her boyfriend.

Carlos is a handsome and a well-fitted man with s*xy brown eyes that could steal your heart with a single glance.

Anne's grandfather got irritated when he saw the smile on his granddaughter's face. He despises Carlos so much because he is jobless and highly secretive.

Carlos’s physical appearance is quite intimidating because he had a gangster look. He has series of tattoo drawings spread from his elbow to his wrist and he has tons of piercings too.

“Someone just polluted the air and I think I have to leave'' Anne's grandfather said, glaring at Carlos as he walked in.

“You're asthmatic and old, you could barely breath'' Carlos thought to himself and chuckled mentally.

“Grandpa! What did Carlos ever do to you that hate him so bad''. Anne said in frustration.

It’s difficult dating someone your family doesn't approve and Anne’s grandfather has been giving Carlos a hard time since he despised him.

However, Anne has been trying her best to make her grandfather like Carlos but it was a total waste of time.

“I really love your granddaughter and I also want you to accept me as your...'' Anne's grandfather walks out on Carlos before he could finish his statement.

“Don't worry Carlos, he's probably not in a good mood” Anne said.

“What's wrong with him?” Carlos said, pretending to care.

The bitterness Anne's grandfather and Carlos felt for each other was mutual

Anne had a sad expression on her face and she sighed.

“Never mind, please tell me about your day my love” she said trying to change the topic and feigning a happy face.

“No! I know something is wrong and you're not telling me. It's written all over your face''. Carlos insisted.

He wasn’t buying her fake happy face.

“I really don't want to bother you with my problems'' she bowed her head.

“Anne, you’re my girlfriend and I want you to bother me''.

Carlos is a good listener and he’s ready to listen to Anne all day.

“My rent is expiring towards month-end and my landlord is already pressuring me. I don't know where to start cause I don't have enough money'' she blurted.

“How much is the rent money?'' Carlos asked caressing her hair.

He know understood why Anne was trying to change the topic. She hated talking about her money problems.

“A hundred dollars” she said in a low tone

“Well, I promise to give you the money before the month ends” Carlos said with a smile.

“Really??” Anne was astonished.

“Of course!! I'll do anything to make my girlfriend happy”.

He dipped his hand in his pocket and brought out a tiny silver bracelet that has Anne's name customized on it

ANASTASIA, her full name

Carlos wrapped it on her wrist but it was a little loose.

“geez… I'm sorry I didn't get your size” Carlos said, feeling disappointed

“What? It doesn't matter at all. This is so beautiful!! Thank you so much for this''. Anne said checking out the bracelet.

She felt really happy

“How did you get my name on it? And this is quite expensive. I'm sorry to ask but how did you get the money to buy such an expensive bracelet?'' Anne asked because she knew Carlos didn't have such money to get her that bracelet.

“I've been saving up to get this for you as a gift for our first relationship anniversary.” He said

“Oh! Carlos! Oh no! I can't believe I forgot to get you something. So today is our relationship anniversary?” she slapped her forehead.

“you forgot?” Carlos asked and she nodded.

“but I promise I’ll make it up to you” She said

“umm… You can make it up to me by baking me cookies. You know how much I love your cookies”. He said licking his lips

Anne giggled

“consider it done my love” she said

She wrapped her hands around Carlos’s neck and was about to kiss him when Dexter, her younger brother barged in, startling the both of them.

“Oh hey sorry, but I’m really not sorry to interrupt whatever you guys were about to do” Dexter said as he grabs muffins by the counter and starts devouring them in his mouth.

“Don't you know how to knock? Can't you see I and Anne were in the middle of something?'' Carlos glared at Dexter.

“First of all, this is my sister's diner and I have every right to barge in unlike you who's just a temporary boyfriend” Dexter said.

Dexter also can’t stand Carlos and it was because of petty reasons. Dexter isn’t afraid to speak his mind about Carlos even in front of Anne. He’s ready to paint Carlos black at every chance he gets.

That word from Dexter ‘temporary boyfriend’ pricked Carlos's heart like a needle and besides, Carlos is the type to get angry seconds.

Carlos is a hot head with anger issues and to top it all, he has severe bipolar disorder that is mostly triggered when he’s being yelled at.

His bipolar disorder isn’t a secret, everyone around Carlos knows about it and Anne his girlfriend still love him either way.

“Apologies to him immediately” Anne yelled at Dexter “can't you see you're being disrespectful to the both of us?”

“I’m sorry!'' Dexter said without showing any emotions.

Anne rolled her eyes at Dexter. 'I'm terribly sorry for my brother's stupid attitude towards you” she said while cupping Carlos's face.

“It's okay, I'm somehow used to his childish behavior”. He kissed her forehead. “Promise me you're not taking this bracelet off”.

“I promise”. She said and Carlos left the bakery.

“Gosh, I thought he'll never leave” Dexter said rolling his eyes

“I still don't understand why you and grandpa hate him so much when he's nothing but being sweet”. She said.

“If you watch closely he's only nice to you just because he loves you which I hope is true... Wait what's that on your wrist?'' Dexter said looking stunned by Anne's bracelet.

“Oh my boyfriend, Carlos bought it for me”. Anne bragged.

“Haa! I'm sure it's stolen. Carlos can never afford that.” Dexter said.

“You know what? Just keep your opinion to yourself. Carlos loves me and I love him end of conversation”

“Yes, ma” Dexter said throwing a salute.

A week later, Carlos boarded a plane to see his best friend in Canada. The trip was sponsored by his best friend Carl who asked him to see him in Canada.

Carlos watched his best friend as he comes out of the swimming pool. Carl’s body is a work of art, with well-defined abs.

Carlos is definitely a good-looking man but compared to Carl, he’s the second best. Carl’s handsomeness is just out of this world.

He has a nice black curly hair that suits his manly face, adored with a chiseled jawline. His alluring dark green eyes are to die for, talk more about his slightly-full pink lips that were just too s*xy.

Carl was a former model during his teens before he became a prosecutor. He is born with a silver spoon but he still worked his *ss out like a commoner.

He’s currently a multi-billionaire with exotic cars, and estates. He owns different companies that does well.

Carl is literally the definition of every woman’s dream.

Chapter 2, love at first sight

"I've missed you, bro. I see you've been busy and we barely even speak. Sometimes you ghost me''. Carl said while grabbing a towel to clean his wet body.

''I know we've got separate lives but never be too busy for your pals. And I'm glad you finally agreed to come to see me here in Canada,'' he added.

“Dude I know we've been best friends since we were five years old and you're right we got our separate lives but you can't compare yours to mine. I only came to see you cause you paid for my trip from New York here to Canada. You're filthy rich, so nothing bothers you. I on the other hand,'' Carlos exhaled sharply.

“I have works to do that I can't stop and it drains the shit out of me and most importantly, I have a girlfriend I am committed to.”

Carl laughed hysterically.

“A girlfriend you say, you of all people have a girlfriend? Nah! You can never stick to one girl


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