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Dirty Affairs

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Warning!!! This story isn't suitable for young readers!!! "I like it rough! The size of my c*ck can make you c*m only by setting your eyes on it. I can make your wet tight p*ssy beg for my hard c*ck only by placing the tip of my c*ck on your wet p*ssy." He said authoritatively. Upon hearing him speak, Sophia swallowed her saliva as the thought of having his big sized c*ck inside her tight p*ssy struck her heart so hard, imagining how painful or enjoyable it may be since it was her first time. "Hey! You can touch my c*ck. It's all yours for only this moment." He ordered as she lifted her feet not knowing if she should take a step forward or backward. Meet Ace Micheal Diamond, a young mafia billionaire CEO who owns a s*x company.His company was in charge of supplying women to rich men who were willing to pay for sexual satisfaction. He saw women as s*x slaves. He belonged to no woman but that didn't last for long. Read to follow Sophia and Ace's story. Happy Reading

Chapter 1 SON OF A CUNT!

"What do you want!" A man asked in anger.

"I want you!" Michelle replied.

Upon hearing Michelle's reply, the man was so angry that he felt like strangling Mitchelle.

"I don't want you!!! Stay away from me!" He said calmly but with so much anger.

Inside a luxurious shopping mall, there was a loud angry voice that came from a handsome young man.

His name was Ace Micheal Diamond. A Mafia billionaire CEO who owns a s*x company. His company was in charge of supplying women to any man who was willing to pay and get satisfied sexually. He has everything a woman ever wanted in their dream man; alluring green piercing eyes that could make a woman's legs weakened by the sight of it, brown jet hair, and a well-sculptured figure. He wore a white long sleeve shirt, leaving the four buttons of the shirt open to reveal his firm hairy chest which made him look totally hot. Many eyes were on him as he stormed out of the shopping mall in rage.

"Just let me be!" Ace Micheal Diamond spoke in anger as he took Michelle's hands off his shoulder, not minding if the sound of his voice had attracted the attention of people.

"Whatever we had, was in the past! Just move on!" He said again, walking out of Michelle and heading towards the garage where he had parked his car earlier.

He was 30 years old and despised women. He only saw them as s*x partners. Michelle on the other hand, a lady of 45 years of age, whose heart had fallen for the young handsome billionaire Micheal, wasn't ready to give up on him yet despite so many rejections she had always gotten from him.

Ace Micheal Diamond hated that so-called word "love." The moment he realized Michelle was beginning to have feelings for him, he decided to cut off whatever they had. He felt irritated after realizing his s*x partner who was far older than him was falling in love with him.

He was just 30 years and Mitchelle was 45 years old. That thought never left his head as his anger escaped from its cage.

He was p*ss*d off by a woman who was dressed extravagantly, following him from behind. She is Michelle Ganden, a well-known celebrity Female Mafia who once worked for Michael as the manager of his s*x company.

"Give me a chance Ace". Michelle begged.

"Mitchelle stay away from me". Ace turned and stared at her most disgustingly. She ceased on her feet and stopped following him as he pointed his finger straight at her face. "I am warning you". He said in a dominant tone that sounded like a threat.

Michelle didn't attempt to move again as she yelled audibly to his hearing, "Come on Ace, I love you".

Ace didn't spare her a glance, he turned back and proceeded to the parking lot but was stopped the moment a girl of 21 years bumped into him. His phone dropped to the ground and he staggered a few steps backward until he got hold of himself by stamping on his feet.

"I am so so sorry sir". The girl, who had bumped into him, apologized.

She was very pretty but was looking awful in her old-fashioned pink dress. He tried to look at her face but she swatted down on her knees to pick up his phone from the ground before she stood up again.

"I am so sorry sir". She said, lifting her head up to look at his face as his towering height was intimidating hers. She approached him and offered him his phone which he didn't collect as he kept gawking at her face. She had a well-shaped oven face, he couldn't see the color of her eyes due to the google eyeglass she wore on her face. He couldn't even tell if she was pretty or not but that wasn't his business so he shoved it off.

"Do you see any woman behind me?". Ace Micheal asked and the girl furrowed her brows, it was obvious she was confused.

She peered a bit to see a woman standing behind him with anger written all over her face. She was gritting her clenching her fist as if wanting to release it on someone.

"Ye…yes…yes". The pretty young awful girl stuttered in response and before she could ask for his reason, he abruptly grabbed her by the collar of her dress and pulled her up to step on her toes so she could meet his height. The girl's eyes were wide open in shock, her eyes met him and with a second, his face incline closer to her face as he gazed down at her heart-shaped lips. Before the young lady could back away from his grip, he smashed his lips against hers and kissed her roughly.

Michelle who was standing behind him covered her mouth using her hand, holding back the scream that was tempting to stifle out of her mouth. She watched Ace Micheal, her dream man kiss the unknown woman passionately, it made her heartbreak into different pieces. She had begged him for a chance but there he was kissing another woman when he had lied to her that he has no interest in women. She ran towards her car and entered when she couldn't take it anymore. She started the car engine off and zoomed off.

When Ace noticed Michelle was gone, he quickly disengaged from the kiss and released her from his grip. The lady's eyes were still wide open, still shocked by the unexpected kiss he gave to her.

"Pretend like this never happened and stay away from me okay? I never want to see you around here and in fact, I don't want to see your ugly face ever again, should you see me anywhere just stay out of my way". Ace scolded at the young pretty girl coldly and that was when she snapped out of her lost and confused state. She averted her gaze to look up at his cold face that showed no emotions. His piercing green eyes were dangerously staring at her in disgust which made her angry.

'I wasn't the one who initiated the kiss! Why is he giving me that look?' The young girl asked herself inwardly.

She lifted her hand and landed it forcefully against his left cheek which made him unintentionally stagger backward. That was a hot slap! He held his cheek as he stared at her in total shock, he never expected this from her, at least not from someone like her. She is totally not a match for him.

"First you kissed me and now you are saying sh*t to me?". She asked angrily and sneered.

"You are the one who is supposed to stay away from me, you son of a b*tch". She yelled.

"Pervert!". She cursed and stepped on his foot and ran out of his present, forgetting to give him back his phone.

"Hey!!". Ace growled in intense pain. He tried to run after her but the pain swelling in his foot stopped him.

"Argh". He groaned in anger and pain. He couldn't do anything to stop her. And now, not only did she take his phone from him but she ran away just like that. He was powerless and got confused about why he didn't show that nobody of a girl a lesson of her miserable life!

Ace Micheal couldn't take it anymore! He chased after her, he needed to teach her a lesson. He ran towards her at full speed! He noticed his bodyguards running after him but then, he stopped them.

"Get back! I can handle her myself. She is nothing!!! You all should wait for me at the garage where I parked my car!" He ordered with an authoritative voice. His guards were already used to the way he speaks and that's why they didn't get scared upon hearing such a voice.

They obeyed and went back to the garage to wait for their boss's arrival as Ace continued to chase after her.

"Hey! Stop peacefully or else…!" He shouted and gritted his teeth.

"Running won't save you!" He said again as he continued to run after her. The girl on the other hand didn't give him any hint that she was going to stop running any time soon. In fact, she increased her pace while she ran as Ace also increased his. He was so determined to catch her.

Ace was so lucky that it was already getting dark and it was hard for people to recognize him. If not, what would people think if they see a Mafia Lord chasing after a girl? He would have instructed his guards to chase after her after all.

He continued to run after her as she ran towards a lonely track road. That road led to her friend's house. At this point, she was confused and knew her house was far away and running towards her house won't help her that very moment.

She needed to escape from the mess she got herself into somehow. And running to her friend whose house was close by was the only solution.

She knew who Ace Micheal Diamond was. She knew how dangerous he could be but what she never knew was what gave her the nerve to give him a dirty slap in the presence of his guards, not minding if people would see such a scene even though it was already dark.


Getting closer to her, he commanded in a loud tone.

"Hey! I said stop!!" He said.

In a short while, Sophia felt a force from behind which pulled her back as she fell to the ground.

"Ouch!" She slightly cried in pain.

"I warned you to stop peacefully. Didn't I?" He asked and Sophia gave deafening ears as if she had heard no one talk.

He placed his hands into his pocket as he gently walked to and fro not too far away from her and then, he stood for some time, gazing down at the helpless but fearless Sophia.

He shook his head in disbelief as he watched and enjoyed seeing her sitting helplessly on the ground and it was so obvious to him that Sophia was passing through some pain due to how he had forcefully pulled her to the floor as she looked at him with her big eyeballs without saying a word.

"You suddenly went dumb? Aah? You were brave a minute ago. What now?" Said Ace Micheal but a thought popped


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