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Daddy, I Want Mommy!

Daddy, I Want Mommy!

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"Daddy, I want Mommy!" said 7-year-old Arsen Nicolai Wycliff. He whines at his Daddy, who keeps avoiding him whenever he is asked about his Mommy. --- Sean Alexander Wycliff, a man who had a one-night stand with an unknown woman. He doesn't even know what she looks like and doesn't want to know either. But one year later, who would have thought, his family handed a baby into his hands and said it was his son. Sean couldn't help but accept it because the bloodline of the vampire race must continue. Moreover, the baby born from his relationship with that woman has excellent hidden power. Arsen's presence unconsciously made the memories come back to Sean's mind until now. "Who are you? Why not come looking for me with our son?"

Daddy wants to be angry again?

"Arsen Nicolai Wycliff! Come here!" A man shouted in his deep voice. Sean Alexander Wycliff, a handsome, tall man with hazel eyes, thin lips above and thick below, a masculine face, a firm jaw, and short black hair with an undercut, was sitting playing with his gadget in the living room.

The veins on his forehead were interlocked, and he occasionally massaged them, feeling dizzy when he had to deal with his only son, who had turned seven.

Not long after, a boy in school uniform, not forgetting the bag on his shoulder with a children's cartoon, walked up to the man who was sitting waiting for him with pent-up anger.

"Daddy wants to be angry again?" Asked the child to the point. He sat on the sofa in front of his Daddy while swinging his legs casually as if Daddy's anger was normal to him.

Sean sighed at his son's cheeky attitude. He then put his gadget on the table and looked sharply at his son. Although anger was already at its peak, he could not get angry even though Arsen often made tantrums because he knew for sure what his son could be like now.

"Tell Daddy, why are you acting up again, Arsen? Why have you troubled Nanny Mary so early? Don't you feel sorry for the Nanny who must be patient with your behavior daily?"

Arsen didn't seem to care about his Daddy's reprimand. He put both hands in front of his chest and looked away. "Hmmph! It's all Daddy's fault!" Arsen sulked.

"What did Daddy do wrong? Can you explain, Arsen?" Sean asked back, even though he already understood what Arsen would ask.

"Daddy, I want Mommy! Doesn't Daddy already know that? Why does Daddy still ask?" Arsen's face was pouting and adorable with his chubby cheeks. From afar, some of the maids who saw him couldn't even help but frown at the behavior of their Young Master, who liked to sulk at his Daddy to meet his Mommy.

Sean had expected it. Because this was what Arsen had been asking him for the past few days. "Arsen, it's not that Daddy doesn't want to meet you with Mommy. It's just that-"

Sean had not finished explaining, and Arsen immediately interrupted. "Daddy has a lot of reasons! Isn't Daddy rich and has many connections? Why can't Daddy find Mommy?" Arsen started to get annoyed. He got up from his seat and looked hatefully at his Daddy.

Although only seven years old, Arsen grew up more mature than children his age. Moreover, being the descendant of a pure-blooded vampire noble that flowed in his body made him more special than ordinary human children.

"Arsen, it's not like that." Sean shook his head. His heart hurt if he had to see the hateful gaze of his son. He wanted to explain to his son what had happened. But that was impossible considering Arsen's age.

"Daddy has a lot of reasons! Arsen hates Daddy!" Arsen then ran outside the main room to the front of the mansion.

"Mary, go after Arsen!" Sean gave the order.

"Yes, sir." Standing behind Sean's sofa, Nanny rushed out to chase Arsen.

Sean seemed tired even though his immortal body could not feel tired. He leaned his body on the sofa while closing his eyes. 'If only Daddy could find your Mommy, Daddy would have brought her here. Unfortunately, then, Mommy gave you to Daddy through your grandmother. After all this time, your Mommy didn't even look for Daddy or visit you. On the other hand, the Grandmother who brought you to Daddy as a baby chose to remain silent without saying a word about what your Momma was like. Since the situation is like this, how could Daddy tell you, Arsen.'

A shadow of the past that looked faintly flashed in his mind. The image of the incident eight years ago, where he had sex with an unidentified woman when he lost control of his power.

Thinking back, it seemed like someone had done it intentionally because he could not have carelessly lost control of himself while attending an important event at a five-star hotel.

"Damn! If I hadn't ignored the incident and immediately looked for the woman I was in bed with, maybe I wouldn't have lost track of her until now. It's been eight years; where should I start my investigation?"


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