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CEO's Dilemma

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A Highschool reunion party leads to a one night stand between Ace, the wealthiest Bachelor in the country and Luna(daughter of a wealthy business tycoon). It doesn't end there, she gets pregnant and when Ace finds out he doesn't hesitate to take responsibility for his actions and that strains his relationship with his fiance(Sophia). He tries to mange the two but it doesn't take long for him to realize that he's not only getting too attached to Luna and his unborn child but he is falling in love with them. Luna's ex- boyfriend(Seven) vows to get together with Luna again despite the fact that she's pregnant with another man's child not for genuine love but because in the past Ace always snatched his girls, he doesn't want to loose another girl to Ace. Asher, Luna's friend is madly in love with her and has sworn to only give up on her when he sees her walking down the isle to another man. How does this romantic entanglement unfold?


Luna, I understand that you are going through a tough time but you can't keep shutting yourself out on everything. Sulking won't do you any good and you know it" My best friend, Alora advices, and I know she's right. She's always right but I just can't bring myself to chill right now. I just ended a three year old relationship with my boyfriend...I mean ex-boyfriend. He was a workaholic and I didn't like it at all. If he wasn't canceling dates, he was postponing or forgetting them. I've had to spend the night on his couch countless times because I was waiting for him to show up at our planned date which he never showed up. I had put up with that attitude for the years and when I realized that he wasn't even trying to change or at least make-out time for me, for us, for our relationship, I called it off. He had been in Germany for over two months and I broke up with him over text and voice mail. I'm done with his negligence and absenteeism in my life. 

I deserve better.

"Alora I know that okay, and I promise you that I'm over Seven. I just don't want to attend that party"

"Are you kidding me? you're going to meet former high school mates" she squeals in excitement.

"I know, right?" I say rolling my eyes

"No, you don't?" She cuts me off. She won't let me be unless i  agree to go with her to the party.

"Alright then, you win. I'll go with you, now will you leave me the hell alone? Please?"

"I get to choose what you wear"

"Whatever," I say rolling my eyes yet again as she rushes out of my bedroom. I trust her to find me something elegant, after all, she's a fashion designer.


So the party didn't go as planned, earlier I had planned on isolating myself from the noisy activities most especially the annoying "Awws" and "oohs" from former high school mates but that didn't happen. Alora made sure everyone noticed my presence and since I used to be quite an entertainer in school, I had to mingle and entertain the others.

After a few hours of playing silly games and drinking which was actually fun, I finally give in to my lungs' dire need for fresh oxygen. The hall is quite packed up with people dancing and chatting and laughing and the carbon dioxide they breathe out dominates the oxygen that gets in. I take a walk around the garden admiring the beautiful flowers and perceiving the sweet scent some of them emit and for once I decide to enjoy a moment without Seven raiding my mind. A hard-earned three-year relationship just went into the Abyss. To say our breakup hurt me is an understatement, it left me devastated. I invested a lot of time and emotions in that relationship. I loved Seven with all my heart and every day I had wished for us to be together but that never happened. He always chose his career over me. Not that I didn't want him to pursue his goals, not at all. All I wanted was a little attention and not credit cards and cars and trips and other luxuries that I can afford. I needed more than just material stuff from him but he didn't realize it... He refused to realize it.


Seven keeps raiding my mind.

"Hello there" Someone greets me from behind and when I turn to see who it is I freeze as my eyes land on the most handsome guy in the universe. He's got a perfectly sculptured face and striking facial features. Talk about high cheekbones, prominent jawline, and the darkest eyes you'll ever see. His black smooth hair is jelled backward and d*mn, he's just as hot and handsome as before and he's a lot more mature now. 

He has on a pair of denim black trousers, a black T-shirt, and a black leather jacket over it. The pair of timberlands on his feet screams expensive and I nod internally when my eyes catch the sight of his Rolex watch on his right wrist. Everything he has on screams wealth and I'm not surprised at all. That's the famous Ace Damon, CEO of "Heritage Empire" and the richest bachelor in the country. Not forgetting the fact that he was my high-time crush way back in high school. That's no news though, all the girls in school had a crush on Ace Damon.

"Ace Damon" I call in surprise. Like ...I can't believe he's actually standing before me right now, it's like a dream come true.

"Oh wow,  you know me after all"

"Of course I do, who wouldn't? You were the God of Symphony High School back then"

" what's your name?"

"Luna Ramora Angelis," I say as I extend my hand for a handshake.

"Luna, what a lovely name for a lovely Lady like you. You look totally gorgeous Luna" He compliments as he brings the back of my palm close to his lips and kisses it. 

I die five times in the second. Ace Damon just kissed me.

"Your hand" my subconscious mind reminds and I internally roll my eyes at it.

"Nice to meet your acquaintance, Luna"

"The pleasure is mine" I say as I blush hard. I need someone to pinch me so would wake up from this dream.

"So tell me, why are you out here all alone?" He asks as he shoves both hands in his trouser pockets and stands straight tall. He looks like a god, I swear.

"I just needed some fresh air, it's quite hot in there" I explain and he nods his head as a tiny smile creeps on his lips. His cute dimples become slightly prominent.

Sweet Lord, I've missed those dimples, not to talk of the smile.

"Same here. Hey, I've got some really good wine in my car, how about we go in and have a drink, that's if you don't mind of course"

"Oh, I don't!" My mouth blurts out before my brain can even think otherwise. I'm a hopeless romantic.

"Cool, come with me" He leads me out of the garden and I get slightly annoyed when we walk into the VIP Parking lot. He's always getting special treatment. Even back in high school, he was always treated differently from the rest of us. Like some royalty.

What am I saying?, the guy owns an entire business Empire. He's practically royalty. 

I don't get surprised at all when he stops at a black Bugatti and opens it. He's filthy rich!.


I open my eyes and groan in pain as I feel my head hurt like it had been hit by a truck. I sit up straight on the bed and scan the bedroom. It's not mine. I would never have black drapes, black carpet and a black duvet. The events of last flood my mind and I lie on the bed covering my face with the duvet as I groan in frustration. Ace and I had quite a drinking spree last night and ended up spending the night on his bed. This is just crazy. I retrieve my phone from the nightstand and when I unlock it, I'm not surprised to see thirty missed calls from Alora. I bailed on her last night and I know she's going to kill me when I get home.

Just then a door opens and Ace walks in with a towel tied around his waist. His wet hair is ruffled and I swallow hard when my eyes fall on his well formed eight packs. The drops of water trickling down the abs drive me insane and without warning my mind travels to what happened between us last night. The way he had handled my body with care like


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