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Brought by the mafia king

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BOUGHT BY A MAFIA KING  [He Bought  her for revenge] Genre:Romance   Tag: S*x, Action, Mafia, revenge, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, regret, secrets, love triangle, sin, suspense.  Prologue "When you hear the word telepath what comes to your mind?  Meet "Leo brown"  a heartless, ruthless cold-hearted dashing underworld mafia lord, who is also known as the mafia king.  His name was always on everyone's lips but not everyone know him. Because he is always wearing a golden mask on his face anytime he goes on a mission, even if most of the high officers know s him they haven't ever dared to confront him. He is unbeatable and undetectable he never loses to anyone, and once he set his mind on something he stopped at nothing to get it.  He wanted nothing but to avenge the death of his parent. And he knew he was gonna get it the day he lay his hands on one of "Davison daughters.  But the question now is who is Davison?  and which of Davison's daughters does he seek? Find out by joining me in this interesting story.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

The Williams mansion**

Alexandra smiled as she hugged her pillow tightly. 

Not until she felt something cold touch her cheek making her frown in her sleep, but she still ignored it.

Maybe It was because she doesn't want to be disturbed by her dreamland. 

Suddenly a small bowl containing ice water was poured on her face.

"Ah!!"Alexandra gasped, sitting on her bed. 

She touch her face to see it was drenched up, even her favorite teddy she normally uses as a pillow. 

"What the hell?" she yelled.

"Hahaha… someone burst into laughter.

Alexandra drifted her eyes to look up and Saw that it was Catherine her older sister.

"Good morning "baby sis" how was your night?"Catherine asked. 

"How can my night be fine, when you woke me up from my pretty deep sleep "Alexandra frowned. 

Have you forgotten this was what you did to me the other day when I didn't wake up early and now it's payback time "Catherine said, with a smile 

"I hate y, ou big sis," Alexandra said, as she throw the drenched teddy at her.

"Me too, but you have to go freshen up or you are gonna be late for classes, "Catherine said, and was about to leave but paused halfway and turned to face Alexandra.

"Baby sis" please don't pick a fight with Isadora I'm off to college, "Catherine said and left. 

"Isadora" Alexandra smirked, as she sprung up from her bed, and ran into the bathroom to go freshen up.

30 minutes later **

Alexandra hopped out of her room already dressed for school.

She ignored Isadora who was seated on a couch in the living room watching TV. 

"Alexandra" Isadora called, but she pretended not to hear her.

Not until Isadora called her again and Alexandra turned to glare at her.

"Don't you have manners? can't you at least acknowledge my presence for once, must I always remind you to greet me all the time "Isadora said.

"Oh," I see even a "disgusted wore" is begging to be respected, "Alexandra said and smirked.

"Who do you just call a wore?" Bianca asked as she walked into the living room.

your mother of course, or who else do you think deserves that name? "Alexandra said. 

Alexandra I can take any other insult from you but not this one "Isadora said and stood up.

"If you don't want to be insulted why then stop me in the first place "Alexandra said, and paused.

"But if I may ask Isadora, A woman who is having a secret affair with her sister's husband is called what?"Alexandra asked.

Not as if she was looking for an answer because she knew she won't get one. 

A wh*r* not just a wh*r* but a "disgusted b*tch" Alexandra said, breaking the silence. 

Alexandra your mother is dead and I am now married to your dad, so can you at least accord me some respect as your father wife "Isadora said. 

You can never become my father's wife because you will forever remain a wh*r* who forced her way into my dad's life "Alexandra said. 

"What did you just call me? " Isadora asked again. 

"A disgusting wore" Alexandra repeated with a smirk. 

"How dare you" Isadora yelled, as she raised her hand to hit Alexandra.

I bet you to try and hit me and I will see what you will tell my dad or brother when they ask about the mark on my face "b*tch" Alexandra smirked, and Isadora immediately drop down her hand that was hanged in the air.

"What a shameless, characterless, despicable woman "Alexandra said, before walking out. 

The nerve of "this little jezebel" Isadora yelled.

"Mom are you okay?" Bianca asked.

I will never be fine until the day I see this "little jezebel" suffer and beg for mercy "Isadora yelled again. 

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Diamond high school **

Will are here ma'am the driver said, as he turned to Alexandra whose head was buried on her phone.

Ma'am the driver called again and Alexandra raised her head to look at him.

"What wrong?" she asked.

We have arrived at your school already the driver said.

"Thanks for the ride, "Alexandra said, as she opened the door and came down.

Alexandra walked into the school with a cute smile on her face.

*"Wow…look it "Alexandra Williams.

*She is pretty. 

*Only her present Only is breathtaking

*How can someone be looking this pretty and intelligent at the same time

*I bet the guy that gonna end up with her would see himself as the luckiest guy in the whole world. 

The student especially the boys kept murmuring as Alexandra walked past them with a smile on her face.

" cherry "a voice called.

Alexandra already knew who called her by that name.

She turned to see Brenda coming toward her, holding the hand of a "little girl" who should be around the age of 12.

"Teacup" Alexandra smiled.

Before her gaze fell on the girl standing beside Brenda.

"Wassup "Kara, "Alexandra said as she stroked the girl's hair.

I …the little girl was about to speak when Brenda cut her off.

Could you believe this sister of mine, who has always been a pain in the neck, decided to follow me to school just to get your autograph "Brenda said?

Is that so kara?"Alexandra asked, and the little girl nodded.

But haven't I told you to call me  

anytime you need anything for me "Alexandra said.

Yes you did but I wanted to see you "kara said.

Kara is Brenda's younger sister who's a big fan of Alexandra.

Thanks for the autograph "kara smiled, looking at her left hand.

"Dave" you can take her to school now, "Brenda said, referring to their driver.

"Ok ma'am, the driver nodded.

"Bye "Watermelon" kara waved at Alexandra before leaving and Alexandra only smile waving back at her. 

*"Wow she is jovial.

*Yeah you're right that is one of the reasons I like her.

The student started whispering among themselves and taking pictures of her. 

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

"Guess what cherry?"Brenda said, as they entered the classroom and took their seat next to each other. 

"Alexandra "Bianca called, heading to where she was Seated. 

*I bet this is not gonna end well their classmates started whispering as Bianca stopped in where Alexandra was seated.

But why do they hate each other this much? Aren't sisters supposed to love and care for each other….one "a classmate said.

"Alexandra" only smirked as she looked up to glare at Bianca.

As they say, birds of the same father normally flock together "Bianca smirked too.

"Meaning?"Brenda frowned.

Two illiterate humans "Bianca said.

How you sure you're okay, you daughter of a wh*r* "Brenda smirked.

"What do you just call me?" Bianca asked. 

Daughter of a wh*r* or have you gone deaf? Brenda asked.

"How you indirectly calling my mom a wh*r*?" Bianca yelled.

"Yes," Brenda smirked.

Alexandra you just sit and watch your friend insult your aunt who is now your mom "Bianca said, glaring at Alexandra. 

"Sis" don't you think it's too early to pick up a fight "Alexandra said, in a gentle voice.

Stop with the act it doesn't suit you "Bianca said.

Just get out of my sight "Alexandra said, as she stood up.

How dare you encourage your worthless friend to insult my mom "Bianca yelled, as she raised her hand to hit Alexandra.

But Alexandra was quick in catching it as she raised her hand hitting Bianca hard across the face making everyone gasp. 

"How dare you hit me?" Bianca yelled, holding her burning cheek. 

Just wanted to reset your brain "Alexandra smirked, taking her seat. 

*You deserve what happened to you, Bianca. 

*you have always been jealous of your sis, that's the main reason you always behave this way one of the classmates said. 

Yes, you're right the classmate chorus as they started throwing insulting words at Bianca. 

☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆

Somewhere in Mexico  

Airport **

A plane landed at the airport shortly after four men dressed in suits came down the plane first. 

A young guy in his early twenties descended the plane his appearance allure. 

His dark curly hair those double edge eyes brown with a muscular and well-toned body, thin and glossy lips a definite silhouette with a tall and slender figure. 

While emitting a story aura that disdains the word. 

A demonic smile curve on his lips as he looked around the airport after descending the plane. 

I think it's time to uncover the close book" he smiled, before getting into a white login.


Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Diamond high school **

"Guess what?" Brenda said as she turned to face Alexandra.

"What? Alexandra asked, feeling less interested. 

You fool don't tell me you are now suffering from Amnesia or have you forgotten that tomorrow is my birthday, where I will officially become an adult "Bianca said.

"Oh" Alexandra only said.

"Why just oh?" Brenda asked. 

"What do you expect me to say?"Alexandra asked. 

Why do you always like behaving as a "witch" Br enda said? 

"What do you just call me?" Alexandra asks hitting Brenda hard on the head. 

"ouch" Brenda moans in pain. 

"A witch" Brenda repeated.

Two immature humans I wonder how she even became a celebrity "Sara said.

Who is a friend and also a sit mate of Bianca she is Also jealous of Alexandra? 

Listen everyone I have an announcement to make" B


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