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Isabella writes

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Brought by the mafia king
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BOUGHT BY A MAFIA KING  [He Bought  her for revenge] Genre:Romance   Tag: Sex, Action, Mafia, revenge, betrayal, jealousy, hatred, regret, secrets, love triangle, sin, suspense.  Prologue "When you hear the word telepath what comes to your mind?  Meet "Leo brown"  a heartless, ruthless cold-hearted dashing underworld mafia lord, who is also known as the mafia king.  His name was always on everyone's lips but not everyone know him. Because he is always wearing a golden mask on his face anytime he goes on a mission, even if most of the high officers know s him they haven't ever dared to confront him. He is unbeatable and undetectable he never loses to anyone, and once he set his mind on something he stopped at nothing to get it.  He wanted nothing but to avenge the death of his parent. And he knew he was gonna get it the day he lay his hands on one of "Davison daughters.  But the question now is who is Davison?  and which of Davison's daughters does he seek? Find out by joining me in this interesting story.


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