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Blind Date

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I had my blind date with Luke Winters, or rather LW (Luke Warm) as he was known in the office. He was far from warm when I went on a blind date with him. More like stone-cold mean. Then again, I couldn’t blame him. After all, I was homeless. He had two homes, a penthouse and a house. I was soaking wet, and dressed as if I was on to my shift at the local diner. He was formally dressed. I flooded the bathroom of one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city, and at that point, he walked out. Like a stray dog, I followed him, hoping he would give me a lot more than a bone. I didn’t expect him to give me an opportunity to work in his office and fifty thousand big ones. I had to work for him and pretend to be his girlfriend. Piece of cake! I took a deep breath. Promised I could do the job and not only did I try to make an impression at work, but I found myself no longer wanting to pretend. I soon realized why they called him LW, because it was far from a piece of cake. More like a walk in the park during a hurricane.


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