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Betrothed to the Alpha

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Just after a three years coma, Pearl was back with her family. She was ready to celebrate her 23rd birthday party. Her birthday party was supposed to be a happy reunion. However, it was the end of her happy life. She is betrothed to the ruthless young king in her absence and he was back to take what rightfully belonged to him. On the day of their engagement ceremony, Pearl found out she was pregnant. How possible can she be pregnant when she has been in a coma for three years. Let's find out!!

Chapter 1

After a long horrible coma of three years, pearl was back on her feet to celebrate her 23rd birthday, she was so happy seeing her friends and family.

No one could ever believe that a simple fall into a slop could put pearl into a three years coma.

After all the years of lost hope, pearl was back in good health, she has always been that brave red haired girl with sharp blue eyes who never fear nobody, she’s also known to be good with swords and fly kicks, she’s in general a strong girl.

“I am so happy to see you this strong and happy pearl, we literally lost hope of seeing you alive!” Seren said as she styled pearls hair beautifully.

“I know right?, I am so happy seeing my lovely besties again, I can’t imagine what it’d look like losing you two!” She said in a smile as the three friends hugged warmly.

“It’s your first birthday after three years, we will make sure we pimp you real good for the guest to see you, you know?… You will be having lots of friends and fiends in the party so you gotta be hundred percent good looking” Rosamund said as a smile curved pearls lips.

“I am just so lucky having you girls as friend’s, thanks so much for supporting me” she said making a puppy face as Rosamund picked the nail polish.

“I am thinking of the color to use for your toe nails, seren what do you think?” Rosamund asked as seren clicked her fingers.

“White will be perfect for pearl expecially as she has a giant toe nails” Seren teased as they all laughed.

Pearl could see her parents standing by the corner and whispering stuffs, they seemed so uneasy as they talked and made suspicious gestures, pearl wasn’t just concentrated on whatever her parents might be discussing because of her fun dialogue with her friends.

After some minutes, her mom walked in with a smile on her face.

“My baby!, You’re looking so gorgeous today!, I can’t wait for the guest to see how lovely you look in your outer clothe, seren and Rosamund, you girls are doing a great job here, kudos… Just round up quickly, the party starts in few minutes” her mom said and pecked her cheeks softly.

“Almost done ma’am” Seren and Rosamund said in unison as pearls mom hurried out “your mom looks so happy today!, Ever since you left, she has never smiled, I am so happy seeing her this happy!” Seren said and placed the beautiful hairpin on pearls hair as pearl gently stood up in a smile facing the mirror as she turned making her gown dance around.

“Your outer clothe looks stunning Pearl” Rosamund said as pearl looked down at the dress.

“I know right?… I love floral clothes and this one suits my red hair perfect” she said as her hands rubbed the gown.

“You’d better start going down to meet the guest, I am sure they are eager to see you” seren said as pearl walked gently out of the room.



I gently walked down the broken Marble made floor with my hand trailing through the rusted iron as I held my gown in other not to fall from the stairs.

I could see how everyone danced happily with glasses of cocktail in there hands, the sound of the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear myself.

I finally got to the ball ground as everyone cheered on seeing me, I knew that most of them didn’t come to celebrate with me but came to check me out so they can have what to say to the other villagers.

I looked around the bright hall and sighted my parents saying stuffs to themselves, I couldn’t stop wondering what could be going on, they seemed so disturbed, all I wanted was just to approach them and ask them what the problem was but I held myself back because of the presence of the guest.

I sighted the rich people in a secluded spot on there really expensive sported hose and a jacket for the men and flowing gowns matching with an elaborate headwear for the women, they looked so classic, I could tell that my parents monthly pay in knights farm yard wouldn’t even buy the hand fan.

Thank you all for coming for my party, I really appreciate you all for honouring my invite.

“there isn’t much drink in your Party” one of the guests said as they all brushed into laughter making me kinda sad, I didn’t just want to throw my shoes to the really fat pot belled man because of the presence of the high mannered rich people.

They only came for my party because I have helped them in one way or the other not like we are a thing.

“My dear take this money and get whatever you want, to keep you in good health” one of the rich ladies said and gave me some pieces of coins, while the others did same, I could tell that they where ready to leave.

I watched them leave the party hall as I was left to face the low life guest, most of them hated me because of my manlike fighting skills.

“It’s high time you people patched your house before it falls on your heads, are you people that poor?, You loaned the land from the king without payment and still yet you can’t build a good home” the tiny man with his oversized hat said as I gnitched my teeth and tightened my fist, why are they just so rude!.

I stared at the direction of my parents to see if they could notice what was going on but no they where still busy discussing!… I looked up at the really cracked walls, it was really bad as almost all the corners are cracked.

My birthday party wasn’t just feeling like it anymore, I was just so p*ss*d off that my eyes where already smudging in tears.

I didn’t expect such from them, I expected them to be welcoming as they haven’t seen me in a while.

The fact that my parents loaned a land from the king and hasn’t still paid back for twenty three years now was bringing hates to our family, but still they had no other choice than to loan the land after a terrible flood destroyed their thatch house, and my mother was pregnant of me so she needed somewhere comfortable.

The king has been so ruthless to us ever since, lucky enough he got sick recently.

“This Party is over!” I yelled blinking hard in other for tears not to creep out, I hate feeling weak.

I watched as they all walked out saying all sort of disgusting things about my family which got me p*ss*d off… But what will I do when I am still weak from the coma, I still had a deep injury at my back that hurts me at the slightest movement.

I sighted my parents who where obviously surprised to see the people leaving before time, they stared at me in a questioning manner as I looked away angrily.

“Why are they leaving so fast?” My dad asked as I signed.

“Of all days of having an endless discussion you guys decided to do that on my birthday, you won’t imagine how…” I couldn’t complete my word as I rushed upstairs holding my gown so firmly in other not to fall.

“She wouldn’t understand what’s going on, the king has already sent a message across and I am sure he is on his way with his guards” Pearls mom said as she glued her butt to the worn out couch “ I just hope all this ends peacefully, I am not just happy giving my daughter out as if she is worthless” her mom said as her dad walked to and fro of the sitting room speechless, you could see the worry in his eyes.

Just then their already weak wooden door was matched open as the king first came in and glanced around.

“Is this where my betroth lives?, So inconveniencing she should be happy to leave this dungeon to stay with me” he said as his eyes met with that of pearls dad who knelt down with his head bowed.

“Where is she?” He asked coldly

“Sh…she… she’s upstairs” he stuttered as the guards made up the stairs to get her.

“Leave me alone!!, You won’t like what I’d do to you if I am free” she yelled as she hit the able bodied guard who acted as if he wasn’t feeling any pain at all.

“My king, I was able to get her but unlucky for me her friends escaped through the window… Please forgive me” the guard said in a bow.

“Those ones are not important to me, take her to the chariot at ones and stay there with her, she seems very stubborn and strong” the king said as the guard made to chariot.

“you don’t know who I am and I owe you nothing, take me back in!!” She yelled as they threw her into the chariot.

The king was left with some of his guards and pearls parents as he sat on the crooked center table he saw.

“So you guys decided to hide her from me all this while, I heard you guys where planning to send her to the next kingdom and you never knew that would make the situation worst, you loaned my father’s land and wasn’t able to pay back and you think you’d still have your daughter to yourself… Anyways I don’t have time for much talks… Guards burn down this dungeon with them inside” the king said as he stood up and made out of the house.

Chapter 2

I was being taken away by some unknown men and my parents weren’t saying a word to stop them, I felt so hurt and worthless.

Was this why they where acting suspicions all the period of my birthday?, Where they expecting this to happen?, Who was the rich looking young that dressed in a royal robe, he stood in front of my parents so strong and powerful.

I hated myself for not being able to defend myself and my parents, I hated the woman I have become after the coma, I was now a weak duckling.

“What do I owe to deserve this kind of treatment from you and your master?” I asked the very mighty looking black man who wasn’t smiling a bit as he turned to me coldly with no Expression written on his face.

“He is not just my master, he is the king of Guham and you’re betrothed to him so you should learn to get used to him or watch yourself be his sex slave” the man said sternly and faced the air staring at nothing in particular.

I was a bit confused by what he said


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