A night with the past

A night with the past

  • Genre: Billionaire/CEO
  • Author: Ornella Carey
  • Chapters: 8
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"A wounded woman, a man looking for answers and a love that survives in time". Emma is a young woman who, after a big disappointment, runs away from her town without looking back in search of opportunities in the big city. There she ends up in trouble, and she can only get out of it if she gives up her body. Lethargic, with nothing but her disappointments, she has no choice but to become an escort. As a result, she becomes a cynical, ambitious and unscrupulous woman who is not afraid to make her way in the upper echelons of New York. What she doesn't imagine is that the past will knock on her door with the best paid service of all. One where the man who destroyed her heart turns out to be a multimillionaire who will completely change her life and that is when she will have to prove if she is capable of not mixing business with feelings. A challenge that makes her burn because he was always her downfall and now she must stop one night with the past.

Chapter 1

Part I. Reunion

Present - September 2016


Without a doubt, I was the best in the world.

I looked at my creation and smiled happily because the makeup course with the makeup artist to the stars had paid off. Alice, my best friend, looked exquisite with neutral-toned makeup and her lush lips painted in a crimson tone that contrasted with her snowy skin and matched her red curls. She had looked perfect; she was without a doubt the doll that everyone would wish for that night.

She looked in the mirror and smiled gratefully at me before wrinkling her forehead as she remembered something.

That got on my nerves.

“I won't let you do that; you're not going to ruin my artwork," I snapped, crossing my arms, and she snorted.

“It's just that the service is with that boring Dr. Koch," he said with annoyance, in a clear grimace of laziness, and I couldn't help but laugh with irony.

I moved a little closer and placed my hands on his shoulders in support, before arching an eyebrow and asking him what mattered most.

“Are you driving him crazy?” You know the answer, and so does your bank account, so smile, put on your big girl pants, and go blow his mind with the best deep throat ever.

We laughed at the stupidity of the situation.

The man finished as soon as he saw you naked, and he was obsessed with the redhead, it was like his poison. Too bad he didn't know how to make a woman happy in bed and his talks were soporific because, in spite of everything, he was a decent and good-looking guy.

“You'd better help me put on my dress," Alice asked hopelessly.

She stood up, and I helped her into the beautiful emerald gown that the flamboyant New York pediatrician had bought her to accompany him to his family's hospital charity gala. The spectacular design fit her body like a glove, bringing out her stunning hourglass figure, Kardashian-style rear, and the most beautiful breasts in town; curves they paid dearly for.

Too much.

With everything in place, I set to work to help her style her curls in a very 1950s style, with beautiful waves that I had no trouble achieving using the curling tongs. I gave her a good coat of hairspray to keep everything in place, and sprayed perfume in strategic places to make everyone look at her. It was one of the open secrets we had in common.

“By the way, I don't know what the hell is going on with Guido, but whatever it is, he hasn't canceled my percentages for the last four services," he said with concern in his voice and I pursed my lips at the mere mention of our agent. He never gives me the percentages he owes unless you demand them, and that makes me very lazy.

"Oh, honey, did you know what a struggle I have to go through to get that asshole to honor the deal?" I thought with an upset tummy.

He couldn't worry Alice any more than he was, and besides, it wasn't a matter that fell under his purview. At least not directly.

“Stay calm. I'll take care of it. Guido just needs to be spoken to in his language." He doesn't want to lose his stars. I told him without hesitation before we laughed at the lie.

At the time, we were the top dolls in their very peculiar modeling company, or rather, the most profitable escort ladies. However, the novelty wore off, and most of the depraved people who asked for us were looking for fresh meat, like some addicted to scoring notches on the bed.

She checked her phone and sighed before the beep of the car signaled that they had arrived for her. We left the duplex we had purchased in the picturesque Carroll Gardens neighborhood in the borough of Brooklyn. I escorted her to the front steps and kissed her on the cheek before handing her the handbag that matched her outfit.

The chauffeur the doctor hired greeted her with a nod before opening the back door of the black luxury sedan for her to get in. She then turned to see me and smile at me, as she did every time I came to pick her up, which I could consider to be a lot of them for a client. I raised my left eyebrow cheekily and, as usual, indicated to her with a sneer that no matter how much she wanted me, she couldn't have me. Her ridiculous salary couldn't buy her a date in my bed, not even in her most perverse fantasies.

He closed the car door, and I turned around as I felt him give me one last one, I left him a glimpse of what he loved to observe so much: my rear. I had already captured him detailing that part of my anatomy, and why deny it, I was teasing him with pleasure. An exquisite one that was based on the twisted sensation of knowing I was desired, one of the ideal qualities that characterize me in the business.

The greater the desire, the greater the desire, and the greater the pay.


I was in the middle of making myself dinner when the song Charlotte the Harlot by Iron Maiden—a little joke Lilly, my other best friend, made to remind me what it was—alerted me to a call. I washed my hands, walked to the table, and picked up the device, where I glimpsed Guido's name on the screen. I called with all the patience I had in the world to answer, even though I was not at all surprised that our very incompetent agent would be contacted by those dates.

“What do you want?” I responded with venom and prejudice. He was always coming up with something stupid.

“You have a job to do, you were asked by some Arabs, and the figures are high...

“So your percentages are higher." I finished the sentence for him and sighed, sick of hearing the same thing over and over. Pay me everything you owe us, and it's a deal. I'm no newbie anymore, so you pay us the fuck up or forget about getting any more money out of us. "I'd rather deal directly with the boss or another middleman if I have to keep listening to your cheap excuses," I snapped. I don't know what the hell you're doing, but I don't care. You either pay or you don't.

"Are you threatening to run off with another middleman?” He asked incredulously.

“You know Rocco has a soft spot for me," I said calmly. If I do what I have to, I'll get you off my game easily.

“You can't do that!” he shouted, and I pushed the phone away in disgust. to put it on speaker.

“Of course I can do it; in fact, I am doing it." "You know I have the contacts and how good I can be at playing the middleman to get me clients without any problems." I answered seriously. “I hate being robbed, so pay us or face the consequences, I'm warning you for the last time, honey."

I expressed with hateful resentment the last word and went to turn the breast that was on the griddle.

"Don't forget that you are replaceable," he threatened, as he did every time he complained to her.

The threat of yesteryear would no longer have any effect, not if I understood that I had to swallow my pride and go straight to the source, so this time I didn't let it go. He could go to hell if he so desired. I was done with the idiot.

“In that case, forget about us, and don't you dare demand a percentage of today's work, because unlike you, I do follow through on my threats."

I hung up, furious.

I'd had it with Guido and his traps, which were nothing more than crude manipulations, ever since I started working as a call girl. I remember his voice was captivating when I was on the verge of collapse, with debt, rent and college strangling my neck for the money I needed. I was a simple barista crying her sorrows in her time of rest, but after the bitter experience I had been through, his words put me between the ropes.

The only good thing about it was that I had met Alice because of it and already had Lilly, which formed the inseparable trio. They were the best thing about ending up immersed in the world of luxury depravity. The fact that Alice was a help, a teacher in every way andrent,being;;on—?. served to adapt the idea until it was easier than I could have imagined. I became known, learned from the most sought-after and most experienced, made a name for myself in the business, and made the right contacts, making me today one of the most sought-after veterans.

Company ladies who used their wits and intelligence could be extremely well compensated. Being one was not only about being intimate with clients but also about having poise, beauty, elegance, good conversation, and a minimum of brains to observe the world you were immersed in as you got to know the repertoire. If you had the sense to go unnoticed in what you said, it was an advantage that made you a profitable product for depraved millionaires unable to get satisfaction in their lives.

"If the dead knew what I had become, they would laugh and say they knew," I thought wryly, shaking off my ramblings to bite the bullet and call the man who controlled everything.

I was the only source of truthful information about everything, and I never thought that what I would say would completely condemn me and take me to hell itself.

The doorbell rang several times before old Rocco's husky voice answered:

“Look what surprises life has given me today," he said amusedly, and I clenched my fists tightly. What does one of my crown jewels want?


“Sorry to bother you, Rocco, but I have a problem with Guido, and I would like to know if it is possible to change the intermediary or deal directly with you about everything related to my and Alice's services," I said serenely, without a hint of doubt in my voice, or I would use it against myself.

“What did that human wreck do to make you want to see me?” he asked amusedly.

“He hasn't paid us the percentages for the last services; I'm afraid he's stealing from us and using it for something," I told him seriously. According to the girls, he has been very scattered since the drug supplier threatened him last time in front of the clients.

“What the hell are you talking about?” He spat the question out in ignorance, and I smiled, happy to know what to fuck Guido's ass with.

"Don't you have a new drug supplier?" "As I understood from what he told us at the last wild party, you have hired a new supplier, and he has been assigned as the one in charge of delivering the product to the customers," I said quietly, hearing the curse between my teeth.

He must have been doing the math.

“How many services has he had without paying you?” he asked with an octave below normal and I smiled.

“Alice's last four, and my last two. She also told me about some Arabs, but I don't know if at this point it falls into that category," I commented.

I listened to them questioning the guys, stirring everything up and decided to turn up the speaker to hear the show better. It had turned out better than I could have imagined.

“The last four of Alice's services without the percentage makes about fifteen thousand dollars, and the last four of yours makes about eight thousand. You didn't give her a measly dollar?

“No," I answered as I turned off the stove.

I put the breast on a plate, served the salad I had prepared at noon and the Arabic bread in which I rolled everything to eat it.

“I will make the full payments tonight and if he contacts you let me know," he snapped. Well, I had already advanced part of the process.

“What about the Arabs?” I asked before he hung up on me.

“They asked you to accompany them to an inauguration gala this coming Saturday at the Basciano conglomerate's new hotel. They made it exclusive to entertain the investors who have already reserved the suites courtesy of the owners," he replied.

“That interesting, are there a lot of them? I can take Alice with me...

“You can handle a crew and more," he replied humorously. Get organized, I'll be passing on all the data to you, or well, Lynn will from now on.

“All right, how much are we talking about this time?”

“Twenty-five thousand in cash," he said calmly, and I couldn't imagine the real figure without the discounts. If you take Alice, they should cough up about ten grand more.

The figure surprised me and I swallowed my breath.

It was a lot of money, more than we had earned, and it would serve me well.

“Perfect, we will be there without fail.”

I couldn't help but think about eating before questioning what the Orientals might love. I had a lot of catching up to do, they were the first I'd ever attended and I didn't count the flamboyant sheikh any more westernized than anyone I knew.


After a thorough Google search and two episodes of Friends in the background, I easily deduced that Arabs like the forbidden, what they could not see with the naked eye, that was wrapped in an aura of mystery, therefore, show a little and leave the rest to the imagination is an essential part of their culture, so I took out the dozens of dresses I had to find the piece that would fit the situation like a glove.

After discarding a lot of cleavage that would serve no purpose, I picked up a red dress I had bought on my last trip to Monaco with one of my former clients. It completely highlighted my fair skin, as well as my blonde hair, so it was a great addition to stand out with them. I took off my clothes to try it on in case I needed to make any adjustments. In the last year I had slimmed down after following a more rigid exercise and eating routine.

I uploaded it without any problems and it was perfect.

I loved how it clung to my body with ease, like a second skin shielding me from everything. I turned to see the back covered in discreet lace and smiled knowing that it would serve to cause the desired effect, to which was added the leg slit. It was an exquisite piece that distinguished my fine figure in a mysterious way that drew more than just enough attention to understand what lay beneath the fabric.

I removed the garment to take it to the dry cleaners the next morning. I needed shoes that would match the beading on the front and make me look a little taller than usual. I set a reminder on the phone. After that, I went to get what I needed for my special ritual in the tub and the image in the mirror stopped me.

The thin scar that was barely noticeable on my belly greeted me as a reminder of how fucked up life could be. In that instant I didn't care that I had managed to transform my body to a more toned version, or that I had managed to maintain firm, natural tits that clients loved for the freckles that adorned them, or that my upturned ass was more generous. No, for me, the mere existence of that mark represented hell itself.

It didn't matter the absurd amount of laser treatments and operations to reduce it, it only mattered that I could still see it, that it still reminded me of him. I inhaled sharply and looked into my blue eyes with concentration before releasing the air. Those moments when I was aware of my past, a part of me felt the flames of hell.

“The best thing you can do is put some chamomile compresses on your eyes to make sure the dark circles don't come back and forget about the bastard," I said out loud, squared my shoulders and went into the bathroom.

My face and body were my source of income, taking care of them to the point of exhaustion was a daily mission to maintain a snowy, fresh and rejuvenated pile. I had an obligation to do this or I could kiss everything I knew goodbye, so I filled the tub for a relaxing bath that preceded my nightly skin routine. I added the lavender salts to the water, and lit a myrrh incense that served as a calming soothing agent and when I was ready to immerse myself in the water, I looked at the drawer where my faithful companion awaited and cursed my insides.

I craved pleasure, I never had it with clients, rarely with a partner, and I was a fucking masochist for always having it when I remembered him. It was a necessary torture for my

body to vibrate because of remembering those moments of bliss. I took out the battery friend, submerged myself in the warm water, closed my eyes and began to imagine that he was there with me, giving me everything I wanted, everything I needed from him.

It was a taste that made me cry,

A fantasy that I was in a bad and terrible spot.

A memory that I recalled over and over again, in a masochistic way in which I ended up vibrating with pleasure and vocalized it with extraordinary power as I felt the rapture taking over my body. When the comedown from that act came to me, I felt so awful after finishing my traditional torture. I was a stupid... An imbecile incapable of reaching the limit without remembering the man who had broken her heart.

It wasn't something to feel fulfilled about, but a sign of how fucked up my head was.

It was bad, just as bad as the tears that came next, it was a reminder of how bad I was having it, it was a reminder that no one would ever make me feel the way he did, it was a reminder that I was beyond broken, that I had reached a point of no return where my body would never respond if it wasn't with him.

It was sad, very sad.

That's why I kept crying, that's why I vented, that's why I let the sorrows flow out of me to cleanse some of my sanity, to let my soul release burdens so I could return to my usual mask.

I was tired, I was a twenty-three-year-old who felt bad about herself, her life, her job, all of it. It was crazy, but it was my reality and it was one that would change with a vengeance in less than no time.

Chapter 2

Present - September 2016


Saturday came in a hurry, I went to pick up the dresses I had taken to the dry cleaners, I had to do a lot of running around to get them on time, so I basically ran to do our beauty rituals so we would both be ready for the gala. Alice was in a stunning yellow dress, she looked like Scottish beauty at its finest, while I represented American elegance through every pore of my skin.

We laughed at how different, but united we were.

Meeting her was the best thing that could have happened to me after my misfortunes in life.

The doorbell rang, and we both had a staring war until she gave up, opened the door, and the other piece of the triad came in smiling as usual. The luscious brunette saw us with a blank look on her face, but she was hiding her little pixie smile. She was too sexy for her own good, and she knew it.

“You look radiant, my dears," she said with her characteristic smir


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