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100 days darker

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So this story is basically going to be about you and one of the hottest billionaires in the world. His name is Taylor He’s going to find you so attractive sometimes even thinking of what you’d look like if you were hanging by the chains in his red room. Little do you know you aren’t the first girl he’s done this to. This story will have sexual scenes that go into details. Please do not ready this if you’re under 16. I think what I will enjoy after writing this book is your guy’s comments. The comments always are so fun to read so I can see what parts of the book were you favorite or interesting to you. I hope you have fun reading my book.

Chapter 1: meeting mr. dark

Hailey: your name, take my car. Your best friend asks I gave you the recorder, right? Your name: oh, yes. and you have all the questions. Hailey asks. yes you say. And you know where you’re going your best friend ask? Yes, I do have a gps and a 4.0 gpa I can figure it out you say. Are you wearing that? Okay, maybe a little less talking, more eating how about that you say.

your on your way to go interview one of the most youngest richest man in the state. your getting nervous every inch the car moves. you think wow to your self looking at all the big buildings. you finally arrive. you walk into the elevator looking at the guy your gonna interview. His name is Taylor dark. when the elevator dings in the door start to open you start to head your way into the lobby or two older girls greet you. One of the ladies asks if she can take your coat. Oh yeah, you say you try to ask questions, but you stumble your words then another young lady comes and says Mr. Dark will see you now OK you say the receptionist lady says Mr. dark has a conference call 1115. Do you see all the nice clothes? The ladies are wearing I’m wondering if you’re fancy enough. Right this way the reception races.

As soon as she opens the door, you accidentally stumble on your feet and fell to the ground. You look up to see Mr. dark turn his head over really quick to you and head over to you. Miss your name, he says, are you all right? He gives you his hand to help you up. He introduced himself. I’m Taylor, dark you Introduce yourself your name. um miss Hailey has the flu so she asked me to fill in. I see Mr. dark says. So you’re studying journalism as well he says. no, English lit you say Hailey is my roommate. I as I said, I only have 10 minutes he says. Please have a seat miss your name as you go to sit down, you realize you don’t have a pencil you start looking around sitting there awkwardly in silence. He finally look on his desk and find their pencils. He looks at you and looks at the pencils he walks around his desk. grabs a pencil and hands it to you. You tell him thank you you clear throat, and ask if he’s ready. he says ready when you are. okay. um.. so, this is for the special graduation issue of the student newspaper. Yes, I’m giving the commencement address at this year’s ceremony he says. you look at him with a surprise face and ask you are he looks at you with a smile on his face and nods. I mean um I know you say you clear your throat you say you are very young to have amassed such an empire. What do you owe You get caught by Mr. dark to what do I owe my success he asks yep, you say seriously he asks you say yes, he says business is about people, and I’ve always been good at people what motivates them what incentive them what inspires them. Um maybe you’re just lucky you say he’s snickers at you I’ve always found that the harder I work the more look I seem to have these as the key to my success has been an identifying talented individuals and harnessing your efforts so you’re a control freak you ask oh, I exercise control in all things miss your name Okay um your company is involved primarily in the telecommunications sector. Yeah, you also invest in numerous agricultural projects. Including several in Africa. Is that something you feel passionate about you ask feeling the world poor? And smart business he says you don’t agree asks I don’t know enough about it you say you guys both look at each other and smile you speak up and say I wonder if it’s just perhaps your heart might be a bit bigger than what you let on. He smiles, and says some people who say they don’t have a heart at all. Why would they say that because they know me well you clear throat. Do you have any interest outside of work Andrew various physical pursuits. You’re unmarried oh, you were adopted when you were four. That’s a matter of public record. He says he stands up and walks in the front of his desk you say I’m sorry I didn’t. Do you have an actual question miss your name he asks? Yes sorry say. You sit there and think of what you’re about to say then you ask. Are you gay? You chuckle nervously it’s written here I’m just. No, your name I’m not gay he says I apologize Mr. dark Hailey can be a little intrusive he says you shake your head yes, start to bite on the top of your pencil you said curious do you guys look at each other, put his hand under the desk and starts having his fingers then he asks what about you why don’t you ask me something that you want to know he says. The earlier you said that there are some people who know you well, why do I get the feeling that it’s not true you ask. The lady walks in and says Mr. dark. Your next meeting is in 10 minutes Mr. Dark says cancel please we are not finished here yet, so she says no no, I can Go it’s fine I would like to know more about you. He says there’s not really much to know about me you say he said you’re an English major he says tell me was Charlie brontë Jane Austen, or Thomas Hardy, the first major fall in love with literature? How do you say I would’ve guessed James Austin he says he asked you what your plans are right now you say I’m just trying to get through Files right now and then he asked and then I was planning on moving here to Seattle you say with Hailey we offer an excellent internship program he says, I don’t think I’d fit hear you say you laugh look at me I am he says time goes by you get up to leave. Hope you got everything you need a miss your name I think you only answered four questions. When you turn your head, he quickly grab the paper out of your notebook. He looks at you while you walk into the elevator and says your name in before the doors shut you say Mr. Dark.


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