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Evelyn MitchellEvelyn MitchellJune 26, 2024

My Secret, My Bully, My Mates

My Secret, My Bully, My Mates

“My Secret, My Bully, My Mates” read novel online for free

We’ve got a fighter, kick ass, and no-nonsense heroine on our hands.

Skylar is suddenly yanked out of her invisible bubble when a new, hot exchange student shows up at school, showing her a world unlike anything she could have imagined for herself. Born of Beta blood and used to being neglected by her pack and peers, bullied and beaten to a bloody pulp on every other day, ignored by her brother and her friends who are all heirs of the leadership, Skylar finds herself in a fix when the life she’s grown comfortable with begins to change after a demonstration of her unique skill set that places her above even the Alphas of the pack, and deems her a valuable asset.

But that is only the beginning of her problems as things go from zero to a thousand during the annual mating ball where the boys realize what the growing bond between them and Skylar is, and their possessive, territorial tendencies reach new heights.

Want to read more books like Miss L’s My Secret, My Bully, My Mates, which have similar power dynamics and a powerful female lead who rises through the ranks based on her merits, never stops fighting and has her mates ready to tear the world apart if it means keeping her safe? Check out these gems below:

Feral by Pickylove

All Adrienne has ever known is the pain and torture of her captors, torment from a mate who derived pleasure in her suffering. Biding her time, conserving her strength, Adrienne plans her escape away from the pack, only to get run over by a vehicle the moment she gets away.

Finding his mate was all Lucas had dreamed off, but discovering the bloodied, battered, broken and frail woman who had run in front of a moving car was not at all what he had expected. Swearing to find the man who had inflicted such pain upon her, Lucas puts everything he is into helping Adrienne heal from the physical and psychological trauma, but nothing hurts more than seeing the only woman in his life flinch, and the distrust in her eyes as she gazes at him.

Their Secret Obsession by Pippa Moon

Discovering her long-term boyfriend in bed with another woman drives Charlotte to the bar, sinking in alcohol to drown out the pain and betrayal. Rather than head back home to bawl and wallow in depression, she accompanies her best friend home.

When the alcohol kicks in, Charlotte staggers into the wrong bedroom and finds herself in a bathtub with her best friend’s hot brother, Knox, who happened to be naked. She flees from Knox, but not before toeing a dangerous enough line with him.

However, Charlotte has much on her plate to handle when the succession happens and during the shift, the Alpha twins, Knox and Kane, find that they are mated to Charlotte.

Bullied By Navy Triplet Stepbrothers by Nina Gogo

Mia could never forget what they did to her. It stayed, haunting her even when she closed her eyes. The triplet brothers were the bane of her existence, and she was more than happy to leave them in her past where they belonged.

But old wounds reopen when Mia’s mother suddenly gets engaged to Albert and Mia reluctantly visits her new stepfather and stepbrothers. She finds them, her high school bullies, fully grown into drop dead gorgeous men, with entirely different attitudes than what she’s had come to know.

What’s worse? They wanted her, and were hellbent on keeping her, regardless of whoever stood in their way.

Beta Tyler by Mari Villarreal

After losing his mate in a rogue war, Tyler is given a second chance, but he is skeptical about giving his heart away again, loving again only to lose them. Hence, he is perceived by everyone else as cold, unfeeling, brooding and cranky. He complains about everything there is, yells at everyone, expresses nothing of what he truly feels, in hopes to push everyone else away.

But Emily, his second chance mate, catches him off-guard, stealing his heart and slipping into its crevices until he is unable to so much as breathe without her.

Being mated to a human, however, comes with its disadvantages, and Tyler must protect her at all costs, even if it means going against the Alpha to whom he has sworn his allegiance.

Mated To The Twin Alphas by Cynthia Chris

A sudden alliance between the weakest and strongest pack in the city causes Mira’s hand to be given to a man she knows, only by reputation. Betrayed by her father and his ambitions, she rages, refusing to get married to Nicholas Den, after dreaming her whole life of meeting her mate.

Upon reaching her new pack, Mira’s wolf grows excited, leading her to her mate, who she finds in bed with another woman. Mira’s heartbreak is only heightened when he rejects her, refusing to even acknowledge the bond within them.

Being a fighter, Mira refuses to accept her mate’s rejection. Better to end up with the one originally destined for her, than marry a despicable man known for his cruelty. She is surprised, however, when she meets her groom to be and he is one and the same with her mate, and to make matters more complicated, Nicholas’s twin arrives home for the wedding and shockingly, she is mated to him as well.

The Omega Best Friend by Sasha Johnson

When Gabriella receives a request letter from a shifter school, she grows suspicious. Her inability to shift was no secret, and the council getting involved left her with no choice in the matter. Getting demoted to an Omega status came as no surprise, but seeing her best friend again, a grown man with the looks of a Greek god was shocking. Feelings threaten to ignite, but Gabriella stifles them. Omegas and Alpha would always be worlds apart, that too and the fact that Alex had moved on with someone else.

Jealous of the attention Gabriella gets from Alex, Leiah, his chosen mate, sets her up to be attacked by the rival pack, and an unconscious Gabbie gets rescued by Alex’s biggest opposition, Kade.

The Bully's Dark Obsession by Vick Toria

A dark incident has Victoria and her family moving to a new city and pack, and even if Victoria was a victim, her parents never let her live it down. Starting over in a new school flops terribly for her when extending a helping hand to a bullied student earns her the attention of the notorious school bullies, who happened to be the Alpha King and his men.

His Little Wolf by Becky J

Bethany's perfect little cocoon is destroyed when her pack is attacked and destroyed by rogues, leaving her orphaned and unavoidably the only one left to look after her little niece.

Picking up the pieces of her life, she starts over, only to have the same thing repeat itself, and when Bethany notices this horrendous pattern, she discovers something else as well.

The man who was behind her Pack's murder, seems to want something other than complete destruction. Her, and Marcus will stop at nothing to get Bethany, even if it means ruining her life.

The Lost Luna Of The Silver Lake by Lilandra Bane

Amelia had been running for a long time and she could hardly remember why. It was either the rogues coming after her or the order implanted in the depths of her mind to find The Silver Lake Pack.

Her search, however, comes to an abrupt end when her run in with deadly rogue's pushes her into the very borders of the pack she's been searching for so long for, and she discovers that even if she has no recollection of them, they are well aware of who she is.

Their lost Luna and Alpha Jason's precious mate.

The Bully's Obsession by Angela Shyna

Hayden was Gracie’s living terror. He had made sure her life was a complete misery before he left, and with his return, so did his cruelty. Only, this time, it was something more. Something darker that awakened with the realization that he didn’t just want to hurt her as deeply as he’d been hurt. He wanted her and she loathed him. But that made no difference to Hayden. He couldn’t get the woman off his mind, and if it meant changing, starting over, wooing her to get her on his side, he would do it.

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