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Melonique Louw

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  • Author: Aimee Lane
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 7K
  • 9.4

Jesse is a normal girl from a f*ck*d-up family. The only thing she wants is freedom. Casimir, the dark and ruthless Wolf King, reigns in the protected, underground dens of the wolf world. He holds the power to compel anyone--human, or wolf--to do as he commands. Now, he needs a new mate, because the previous two killed themselves. After watching Casimir steal the minds and wills of the other women who have been kidnapped along with Jesse as potential mates, she knows he is even more powerful than the urban legends she's heard. Fearing that if the Wolf King touches her with his power she'll lose herself forever, Jesse makes a decision: She offers to submit to Casimir's dominance, to make herself his slave, to bear his heir... and to live. (Which is more than any of his previous mates managed.) But in return, he must vow to never use that compulsion on her. Fascinated, both by her boldness, and by the surge in his power when she willingly offers herself, Casimir takes her as his newest mate. But Casimir isn't the only wolf who wants Jesse. While Jesse's will to resist Casimir is eroded by the sizzling chemistry between them, she's also drawn by the tender safety offered by a much less powerful wolf. A wolf that Casimir would kill if he had any clue the male cared for Jesse. As she navigates the brutal world of the wolves, Jesse may submit to Casimir in body, but she stays strong in her mind and heart. Will Casimir break Jesse just as he broke two mates before her? Or, will Jesse flee with another wolf and leave Casimir forever? Has the Wolf King finally met his match?

Book cover
  • 👁 15.3K
  • 8.4

"I, Alpha Dylan Langley, Alpha of the waterside pack Reject you, Esme West pack member of waterside west to be my mate and Luna" On Esme's 18th birthday she figured that the Alpha of the pack was her true mate which meant she would be Luna to the waterside pack. She felt the mate bond breaking and it hurt so much. She didn't know if she was string enough to handle the rejection completely. She was holding back her tears to show him no weakness and no emotion towards his rejection. "I, Esme West of the waterside pack accept your rejection to be you mate and Luna of this pack" I turn towards the entrance of the pack gates and slowly walk towards our home where my brother is waiting for me, I didn't want to cry, I heard of the tales of the rejection and the pain it causes to fated mates but I never thought I would be rejected I especially didn't think the moon goddess would have the Alpha to be my mate. I'm a nothing but a lowly omega. I work for nothing and I am the packs punching bag. Especially the queen be herself who has always wanted Alpha Dylan to be her mate...Adeline carter... Some Wolf's who have been rejected have often left the pack but have not managed to find a new pack who is willing to take them in within the time frame off 2 weeks and they are automatically classed as rogues. Rogues are wolfs who have no packs, some are nice but the thing's I have heard some rogues will kill to get what and where they want to be in the chain. Having a fated was was like finding your other piece to the jigsaw and the tales of it was phenomenal, true love at its finest. My mom and dad are fated mates and they look like they're 18 all over again and fining each other and falling in love over and over. It's rare to get a 2nd chance mate. Can Esme find her second chance mate and find her way out of waterside pack for good or will she be chained to this place forever?


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