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Triumph. E

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"Why did you wear that dress?” He asked, walking closer, his voice sounding hoarse. Jayda looked at her dress, it covered most of her body but it was a bodycon dress. It brought out her shape and made her look s*xy and hard to resist. “Why?” She asked. “You just..... look so good” Daemon sighed, taking in her body. He had been dying to say those words. Now he suddenly got the bravery to say it because of Asher. “Uhm, thank you" Jayda answered feeling tensed and nervous. “Is the room hot? I think the room is hot, we should open the curtains” She looked around, avoiding his gaze. “Goodness, you look too good, I can't resist you” He ran his hands in his hair again, unsure if he should be telling her these words. And Jayda just stared, staring into his eyes. She was contemplating whether to dismiss him or just fully admit it to herself. No, she didn't feel anything special toward Daemon, she told herself. He walked closer, covering up the space between them, and then without warning, he snaked his hand around her waist. ******* After centuries of a Western and Eastern rivalry, Jayda, the daughter of Alpha King Tristan from the west and Scarlett from the east hides her identity after their home was ravaged due to their forbidden union. Rising as Luna of the Bloodhound pack and the mate of Alpha Damien, she faces abduction by Alpha Daemon, son of Alpha Greyson who was also her father's former Beta, seeking her healing powers to save his plagued pack. As she discovers the truth behind her father, mother and brother's demise, Jayda stands at a crossroads. Will she embark on a vengeful quest, slaughtering those responsible for her family's tragedy and unleashing chaos on the west? Or will her undying love for Daemon, the Alpha King lead her to betray her cause?


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