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The Cursed Mate

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I sat right next to him and stared at his sleeping face. "I'm sorry. I can't let you see me like this. You deserve someone strong and beautiful. I am nothing but a weak and useless she-wolf." I said out loud. I got up and went downstairs. I was going to go back to my apartment, but there was heavy rain outside. It would make it harder for me to get out of the no-man's-land safely. 'Is your decision already final?' Avi asked. 'Yes, Avi. I don't want to be around when he wakes up. I can't handle another breakup. Not from my mate. The less he knows, the better.' I replied. 'How are you so sure that he is going to reject us? We haven't even met him properly. What if he is not like Uriah?' She asked. 'I don't want to get my hopes high and then end up getting hurt. Yes, he may not be like Uriah. He can be the worst.' I replied. I stood by the door and watched as the rain fell and the thunder roared. They were like music to my troubled heart. At least, even for a little while, all the pain would go. If only the rain could wash all my pain away. Once the rain stopped, I would go back to my apartment and pack my bags. I would go as far away as possible from here. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. For now, I was going to let the rain numb my pain away. That was, until he engulfed me in a hug. "Mate." he groaned.

Chapter 1 The Breakup


They said that finding your mate was the best thing in the world, well at least that was what they said in our world. That day, I was about to know if my boyfriend of three years was my mate or not. Deep inside, I hoped he was my mate.

Ever since my parents died, I have always had trust issues. It scared me because no one was there to protect me anymore. I had been all myself until Uriah came.

On my way to the park, I sent Uriah a text letting him know I had arrived at our meeting place. I sat at our favorite swing as I waited for him. Wearing the best dress I had, I did my best to look as pretty as possible. I wanted to be the most beautiful she-wolf when we found out if we were mates.

I have been waiting for an hour and there were still no signs of Uriah.

"Where could he be?" I asked myself.

I sent him another text asking his whereabouts. Another ten minutes passed and there were still no signs of him. I was getting uneasy in my place. Especially since the skies were turning gray, and it looked like it was about to rain.

"Really? Out of all the dates we have had, he had to keep me waiting on the most special day of all. This birthday is getting worse." I complained to no one in particular.

Instead of sending him another text, I called him. I waited for him to pick up his phone as it rang.




*Hi, it's Uriah. I am busy at the moment. Leave a message, and I will get back to you once I am free. Bye.*

"D*mn, that voicemail!" I cursed.




"Come on, Uriah. Pick up the d*mn call." I muttered to myself.

Another ten minutes had passed, and there were still no signs of Uriah. I felt a raindrop on my arm, so I went straight to his apartment instead of waiting. Luckily, his apartment was not far. I took a cab when the rain poured.

"To the Villas, please," I said to the driver upon entering the cab.

The ride to his apartment only took ten minutes, but that ten minutes cost me my one day salary. What annoyed me was that as soon as we left the park, the rain stopped.

After giving the driver my payment, I went down and smoothed my cramped dress. I looked up and was about to cross the street when I saw Uriah standing outside his apartment gate. Instead of calling his name, I crossed the street to surprise him.

I was going to surprise him. Instead, he surprised me.

He was standing there kissing another woman. It was not a quick peck on the lips or the cheeks. It was a literal French kiss style.

I was fuming with anger. I stormed up to them and pulled Uriah by his shoulder. When he was facing me already, I gave him a good slap on the face.


"This is for keeping me waiting while you are here mouth f*ck*ng another girl." I said.


"This is for cheating on me."


"And this is for the end of our relationship. We are over." I spat before leaving.

Thanks to Uriah, I now hated my birthday, but I hated him more. It filled my heart with so much pain and anger as I ran to the only place that was a haven to me - Faro De Leotava.

No one came to this place for several reasons. One, everyone had already abandoned it after the great storm that killed hundreds of werewolves and humans. Two, it was on no-man's-land. No one dared to go in the no-man's-land except those badass rogues or a mighty Alpha. Three, both humans and werewolves, had forsaken this place after the great storm. I don't actually understand why they hated the lighthouse when the place had got nothing to do with what happened.

When I found this lighthouse weeks after the storm, it was a total wreck. I fixed most of the broken parts of the lighthouse, like the doors, windows, and the cupboards. I made a make-shift bed on the top floor of the lighthouse.

After cleaning the whole place, I took some stuff like a pillow, blanket, a couple of pairs of clothes, a towel, toiletries, and a few stashes of soup and noodles. Whenever I came here, I would stay overnight. Sometimes, I stayed for a couple of days.

I threw the first thing my eyes landed on when I opened the door - the chair that I just recently fixed. One by one, all the stuff began flying and hitting the wall. I did not stop until I thrashed the whole place.

'Was I not good enough?'

'What was wrong with me? Was there something missing from me?'

'Am I a disgrace?'

I wanted answers.

It had been a week since I turned 18th and not once did I leave the lighthouse. I had been laying down in the middle of the mess I had made. Crying myself to sleep and waking up only to cry again.

'Maia, please stand up. I can't let you stay like this anymore. You deserve so much more. Don't let a worthless person like him define who you are. You should waste none of your precious tears on him.' Avi, my wolf, said.

'Avi, I don't assume you understand what I'm going through. I literally saw my boyfriend of 3 years kissing another woman on the day of my birthday.' I replied.

'I know it hurts, Maia, but that doesn't mean it's the end of the world.' She snapped.

'I need time to heal, Avi. He just broke my heart. I can't amend it overnight.' I replied.

'Why don't you go out for a run? Release all your anger and frustration in running.' She suggested.

After giving it much thought, I took her advice. I ran through the forest until I grew tired. I stopped by the lake to have a drink when the rain poured again. This time, it poured heavily. It seemed like there was a terrible storm that hit our town.

I shifted back to my human form and had a dip in the lake. The heavy rain and the smell of the muddy forest would cover up my scent and I would be safe from any rogues.

Instead of running back into my wolf form, I took a jog in my human form. Pictures of Uriah and that b*tch kissing were still floating in my mind. I wanted to scratch that b*tch's face.

My mind was going through many evil plans for both of them when Avi suddenly freaked out.

'Maia! STOP!' Avi yelled in my head.

'What is it, Avice?' I asked, using her full name.

'Can't you smell it? The forest is reeking with blood.' She exclaimed.

Then it hit me, like an ice cold bucket of water - blood. Someone was in the forest with me and that person was close by. Suddenly, my heart started beating fast.

I stood behind a tree as I stared at nothing but the dark forest.

'Sh*t! I don't know where I am and I can barely see a thing in this storm.' I said.

I froze in my place when I heard a twig snap.

Chapter 2 The man in the forest


'What should I do? Should I run?' I asked myself.

The smell of blood filling the air made me scrunch my nose.

I peeked behind the tree as I scanned my surroundings. This could be a trap or could hurt someone seriously. I carefully walked behind the trees while trying to locate the blood.

'Turns out you are such a coward.' Avi commented.

I was about to reply to Avi when I heard the snapping of twigs again. I stopped in my tracks and looked around. The sound was getting closer, and I still hadn't located where it was coming from.

'A little help over here, Avi.' I said.

'I'm trying, Maia.' she replied.

I slowly inched backward as I expected for an incoming attack. I let out a scream when a deer ran through the bush, causing me to stumble upon a root.

Wait! The root isn't soft.

Chills crept all over my body as I slowly turned my head to the side.

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