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Sierra King

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“Became the twin Alpha’s mate, rejected, became a breeder and turned out to be her Alpha mate. How could someone’s life become this twisted?” Iris Hildegard believed that finding her mate will be the best way for her to escape the tormenting life she has. She is an omega she-wolf in the Crescent Moon Pack who has endured a life of torment after her mother's death. Her half sisters despised her, bullying her even at school. The reason why she remained an outcast in her own pack. However, Iris's world shattered when the pack's mating ceremony arrived. Unbelievably, both Asher and Felix, who are Alpha’s twin sons, were her mates. These twins are bullying her as well. Surprisingly, Asher impulsively marked his current girlfriend, casting aside his bond with Iris without hesitation. Alpha Lucas from the Silver Moon Pack arrived in search of a suitable breeder. But fate intervened when he saw Iris in the forest who was about to be eaten alive by a Hyde. And the moment he laid his eyes on her, he realized that Iris was his mate. That moment, he wanted to make her his breeder, however, he found out that she was also mated to the son of the Alpha of Crescent Moon Pack. When Felix tried to keep Iris as his mate, his father refused to acknowledge their bond. And so Felix’s father forced them to reject each other before he pushed Iris to Alpha Lucas to be his breeder. Iris thought it will be the end of her life, little did she know, Alpha Lucas will be the one who will help her find her real identity… leading to a connection between all the three Alphas.

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"You need to get a lady pregnant!!" Aurelio Dad's loud voice rang in his head and he slowly put down the magazine he had used to cover his face giving his dad a questioning look. "Dad... excuse me?" he replied clearly shocked by his dad words. "you should know by now that your grandpa doesn't want things to end in a generation, he likes his things ongoing from generations to generations and in this case you're demanding for power.. that is what you need to get it from the both of us" His father replied leaving him shocked again. "Since when did the both of you start this.. off course getting a lady pregnant isn't bad or hard, I can" Aurelio replied with an appealing look. His dad scoffed at his reply, his facial expression showed he was ready. "This is not just to get a random lady pregnant, a lady that you'd raise your child with!, a Lady you'd be sure you can leave with!" he demanded as Aurelio rolled his eyes, he was wide-eyed "Seriously all these Dad? just because of what!!" Aurelio groaned aloud throwing the magazine in his hands away. "No more words, your grandpa and I already agreed to it" His dad said before he left his room. **** Aurelio Bertram, a 24 years old handsome billionaire, Grandson of a mob boss and the son of a highly recognized business man in the City, and for Aurelio..he is the combination of both but was temporarily nothing. His family happened to be one of the most feared and respected family in the city. Just when he had thought of taking his revenge on one of his childhood rival and an enemy to his family, and to go for one of a huge party event, his dad and Grandpa weren't ready to allow him but since he was of age to take over their family business, he put a condition that Aurelio must get a Lady that'd get him a child to be a heir to him but it didn't go as expected. Aurelio Bertram is known as a Man wh*r* in his family and he thought it'd be easy to fulfill his task but no, this time no single Lady got pregnant after weeks and months until he met, Erica James, A middle class hotel waitress, she's simple, has a very good body shape that'd make men drool over her. Her parents left her since highschool since she didn't further her educations for her own reasons, they believed nothing good would come out of her. But then after one night Aurelio spent with her, she became pregnant and thought of running away with the pregnancy out of shame but how would she run away with the All powerful Aurelio Bertram's Child...?? A child that would be his heir?!... "Even in the woods I'd find you Babycakes, from now on know you belong to me and all that has to do with you and my baby" Aurelio said to her ears sending shivers all over her.

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  • Author: J.G.DAWN
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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WARNING: Mature Content / R-18 Eva Green is an 18 years old college girl who loves to live her life on her terms. She lived with her mom alone while her dad died due to cancer when she was only 16. After her dad was gone, she helped her mother Ella emotionally and mentally. She also told her to start dating. Ella finally understood her daughter's words and started dating. After dating a few men she meets Mark Nelson who is just perfect in every aspect. Mark Nelson was a playboy in his college time but with time and age now he wanted to settle and start his own family. He is nine years younger than Ella but he didn't mind. Mark found Ella and felt she had great potential to become a good wife. Just like he wants but when Ella invites him to her home for lunch. Things suddenly changed. He met Ella's daughter Eva for the first time and got attracted to her sexually. She was a complete beauty with a hot body and a bold attitude. What would happen? When Mark began to attract his girlfriend's daughter Eva and started to have an unavoidable desire. What would happen? When he comes to know, Eva feels the same desire for him but tries to hide it. Will he be able to still restrain himself from the sexual thirst for her? What would happen? When Eva found herself getting sexually attracted to her mom's boyfriend. What does she do? What would the future hold for them? When their attraction turned into lust and they would cross their all boundaries just to be together behind Ella's back even it was just for one month.


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