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Property Of The Alpha

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Alexandra: I watched my pack get overthrown and my parents die painfully right before my eyes as a child. The same man who saved me, also turned out to be the same man who was planning on keeping me to himself as nothing more but his personal sex slave when I turned eighteen. So, I ran away and went rogue. Until he found me... Alpha Liam: The moment I laid my eyes on her, my wolf screamed "MATE!" My cock throbbed at the mere sight of her. She was newly rogue and not even eighteen years old yet. Little did she know, I wouldn't take no for an answer. She was mine.

Glistening Emerald


I shuttered, becoming completely disoriented when I had felt my brown ragged dress pull up and Alpha Axton’s teeth sink into the bare skin of my left ass cheek while I cleared the table during the Alpha meeting. The piercing pain had caused me to drop the tray of crystal wine glasses in my hand against the wooden floor, the sound of the smashing glass echoing throughout the dining room.


“My apologies Alpha, I should have been more careful”, I muttered and quickly crouched down to pick up the sharp glass shards near his chair. An aggressive tug of my hair pulled me up abruptly, his grip never ceasing. “Clumsy little slut”, he yelled with a growl, “lock the worthless omega up NOW”. I whimpered when two guards suddenly appeared in the doorway and violently grasped their large hands against my frail arms, pulling me into the hallway and down the staircase of the pack house.


The smell of scorched skin and rotting limp bodies became more potent as I was dragged into the dark and cold basement of the pack house. I could taste the bitter bile slowly creeping up my throat from the gruesome scent. My body thumped harshly against the cold concrete when the guards mercilessly threw me inside the cell and disappeared down the row of iron cages, quickly retrieving back to the staircase.


I realized I was alone with only my thoughts, the silence in the dungeon had become near deafening. I could very well be forgotten and be left to die down here like so many other prisoners had in the past. Why did I have to be so damn clumsy and drop those wine glasses, did I have a death wish? The events recoiled in my mind on a continuous circuit. I strived to be a good servant to Alpha Axton and not anger him but no matter how hard I tried, I still found myself being punished daily.


I pulled my knees against my chest and shuffled my body into the corner of the cell frantically. Fear crept up my skin, I’d be lucky if I only received a punishment from Alpha Axton for embarrassing him in front of the other Alphas. I was sure this time around, my mistakes would lead to my death.


Alpha Axton referred to me as his biggest regret, he never cared to conceal his hatred for me. Instead, he made sure that it was embedded deep into the crevasses of my brain just how much he loathed my very existence. Alpha Axton saw himself as my savior for taking me in when he found me roaming alone in the dark forest near Shadow Pack borders as a pup. He never failed to remind me that I should have been left to be ravaged by rogues.


Life in Shadow Pack hadn’t always been this spine chillingly cruel. I would have even considered it a blessing. It wasn’t until Alpha Axton’s mate died from the child birth of their first pup that I found my life was flipped upside in the blink of an eye. Luna Fraya had been the closest thing to love that I had experienced since my pack was overtaken when I was eight years old and my parents were murdered in cold blood right in front of me. My father was the Alpha of our pack which made my mother the Luna, I was the heir to the Alpha. My mother’s screams still flood my dreams every night when the Alpha from a neighboring pack ripped her throat out in one swipe. I had hid under a large tree log until nightfall then scurried into the forest, hopeless to find someone to help and revive my parents.


Luna Fraya was the bright shining light of Shadow Pack, she was a kind and loving soul, completely devoted to her pack. She was the perfect picture of what a Luna should be. Alpha Axton and Luna Fraya chose to take me in when I had no one left. She was insistent that I attend the best schools and receive adequate training for my wolf, I hadn’t realized it then but she had spent years grooming me to become heir of Shadow Pack since it was unlikely that would have any children.


They had given up trying to become pregnant after nearly a decade of trying, so it was pronounced a miracle by the Moon Goddess when Luna Fraya found out that she was expecting. The death of her and their unborn pup caused years of grief and anguish amongst the pack, especially for Alpha Axton. He blamed her love for me as to why she kept her dream alive of having their own pup, she so badly wanted to give me a sibling to grow up with. I suffered tremendous agony and eventually when the pain became too much to bare, I slit my wrists and tried to take my own life. I was convinced that Luna Fraya had died because of my very existence.


My life slowly began to crumble from the moment that I lost the only person that had ever shown me true love since the death of my parents. Alpha Axton became vicious, cruel and driven by anger. He immediately relocated me into the slave chambers beside the pack house, pulling me out of school and re-ranking me to the lowest title of omega. I was expected to serve the Alpha’s every request.


I clenched onto the green emerald necklace that Luna Fraya had given me before she had died, claiming that it reminded her of every time she looked into my eyes. It was the only thing I had left in memory of her and if Alpha Axton found out about the necklace, I was sure it would be gone too. My uncontrollable sobs eventually sent me into a deep slumber, only waking to the hard stomps of footsteps coming down the wooden staircase.


I shoved my most prized possession into the pocket of my ragged servant dress, careful not to reveal it to anyone. My breath caught in my throat when Alpha Axton stood in front of the cell that I was locked inside of. He flashed me a sinister smile and his gaze was focused intently on me, all while he pushed the key into the lock.

Toy To The Alpha


Alpha Axton cautiously stalked towards me in the corner of the cell, like a tiger gearing up to pounce on its prey. I felt my wolf rising towards the surface, sensing the looming danger tangled within the air. As he approached closer, I caught a whiff of the stench of alcohol reeking off of him. He had been drinking again, a past time he had taken up since the death of Luna Fraya. Alpha Axton was capable of wicked brutalities when he was drunk, making him even more cruel than when he was in his sober state. Even the high ranking wolves in Shadow Pack steered clear of him when he requested alcohol.


I pushed my wolf down, there was no use in attempting to shift. Alpha Jaxon had forbidden me from shifting into my wolf over the years, I was lucky to still have a wolf after the torture of not being able to let her out. He claimed I didn’t deserve a wolf. She was weakened and withering away by the day, but she was somehow miraculously still there. I co

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