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One Night with his Billionaire Bestfriend

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Savanna planned to surprise her boyfriend on the night of their first anniversary, and have sex with him, since he never had attempted even once to screw her up. With the help of her best friend Hariette, they planned to do it, but to her dismay, Gray ditched her and didn’t show up because according to him, his father let him work at the office till late hours. Savanna decided to have fun that night and have a girl’s night out with Hariette, but just like her boyfriend, she was not answering her phone as well. She went alone to that famous nightclub in town and there she met the hottest and the most gorgeous man on earth. She poured all her frustrations from Gray over that stranger by having a one-night stand with him. She thought it was just like that. She thought they’d forget each other and never bumped each other’s world ever again after that incident. Until she met Gray’s best friend. Not only was Kaden Moore sinfully handsome and incredibly charming—he’s also the hot stranger she had a one-night stand with two days ago. Savanna and Kaden knew anything more than being civil with each other when Gray was around. But the more time they spent together, the more their connection became all-consuming and Savanna found herself forced to choose between her boyfriend and the billionaire best friend of her boyfriend, Kaden.



My best friend Hariette and I were currently in a lingerie shop, looking for something to wear for the event that I had been planning since last week.

Today marked my first anniversary with my boyfriend Grayson, and I wanted to surprise him tonight. It had been a year since we were together and I had never done any sexual activity with him ever since the first day of our relationship, just a few intimate moments and making out.

We have never gone any further, and I’ll make sure to make him happy and make this first year of ours very special and unforgettable. I will make him the happiest guy on earth, and he will never forget this moment with me.

“So, are you sure you're going to do it with him tonight?'' Hariette asked, her eyebrows wiggling playfully as she teased me.

“Uhmmm… yeah,” I said excitedly, as I kept on searching for the best lingerie to wear.

She nudged me on the side and I looked up at her with a questioning look. “You seem like the one who is chasing him so hard, huh...” she scoffed, rolling her eyes at me.

She was aware that I was the only one who was excited about this event. Of course! Gray had no idea what I was going to do tonight.

“Call me a horny bitch, but I am so eager to touch and make love with him tonight. It’s been what? Two years since I’ve experienced sex.” I snapped, turning away from her.

After an unsuccessful relationship with my ex-boyfriend, I didn’t try to have another one.

It was only after a year that I tried to have a boyfriend again when I met Gray, because why not? He was the most gorgeous man I’ve ever met. With a height of 6’3”, with broad shoulders and six-pack abs, with a jaw that was sharp and deep, and beautiful brown eyes that could give you a chill every time he looked at you, what more can I ask for?

Well, for my situation right now, there was only one thing that he lacked in giving it to me. Sex.

Hariette giggled before she spoke again. “I thought you were lying to me when you said you both never done any sexual activity before. I mean, why? Like… come on! Everybody needs sex.”

“I know right! He’s so old-fashioned and I myself can’t believe I am dating a guy like him.”

Hariette laughed. “You mean, odd-fashioned?” and she laughed again, a little bit louder this time. She was now making fun of me.

“Shut up, Hariette!” I groaned. “Grayson is a very special guy and I love him.”

“Yes, he’s rare. No wonder he never tried touching your tits… not even once!” she snapped back, placing her hands on my breasts, massaging them.


“God, Hariette! Will you behave?” I smacked her hands away and looked around to see if someone saw us. I sighed in relief when everyone was also busy searching and minding their own business.

Why did I feel so embarrassed of the fact that my best friend had just told me? And sometimes it makes me shrivel when I think of it. Were these boobs of mine not big enough to satisfy my boyfriend’s needs?

I shrugged my shoulders and continued looking for a matching bra and panties.

“Does Gray know about this plan of yours?” Hariette asked again, trailing behind me.

I shook my head slowly.

“So, are you going to really tear off your dress, give him a lap dance, get naked and ride him?” she seemed like she could read what was running on my mind.

“Why not? If that’s the only way he could do to give me what I want…” I admitted.

She shrugged her shoulders and started to search for something to buy for herself too. “Okay, good luck bestie...”

“Why do you sound so pessimistic about my plan?” I asked, folding my arms on my chest in front of her, looking at her with an eyebrow raised.

“Listen, Sav, I just don’t want you to get rejected by Gray.” She smiled. “You know I don’t want to see you get disappointed by him.”

Silence fell as I thought of what she told me.

“Fine! Let’s go home. It’s useless to buy these kinds of things.” I heaved a heavy sigh and walked out of the shop but she stopped me.

She grabbed my hand swiftly to stay. “No, not that fast.” She rasped. “Try to seduce him tonight and ride him hard. Come on, try this one!”

She handed me a red laced bra with matching panties.

I grinned widely and took the item from her before I headed towards the cashier and paid for it.


After a few hours of shopping, I went to the spa and salon to pamper myself. And after I was done, I flagged down a taxi to go back to my apartment.

I was so thankful to my best friend Hariette because she helped me a lot and encouraged me not to feel down but to be confident with myself, always.

And because Gray had been keeping a distance from me for some reason, I really don’t know what he was thinking about. I couldn’t predict what he would do or where he was going every day.

I remember one time, my classes ended, and I was about to walk to Hariette’s car when I saw a huge crowd in the parking lot. I saw students gathering around, forming a circle.

I was so damn curious so I pushed myself into the crowd and looked for myself to see what was happening, and there I found out that my boyfriend was stuck in his banana costume.

Gray wanted to give me a surprise by wearing a funny costume and singing my favorite song in public. He thought I would feel overwhelmed and happy because I really love bananas.

I just have no idea if that was a romantic or ridiculous action. We spent almost an hour removing him from that stupid giant banana costume.

“Why banana?” I asked him that day with a disgusted look on my face. I suddenly got a headache from what he did.

“I think it would not be special if I had to wear your favorite cartoon character. I wanted it to be extraordinary and unique.” He replied with a broad grin on his face.

“You yourself are already extraordinary, Gray,” I said with a sigh. “You are more than enough for me.”

And that was definitely an unforgettable moment.



I was hoping that tonight’s event would be good and special, and the banana incident wouldn’t happen again. I just wanted to be serious this time.

I loved Gray and I was fine with what we have right now, but I also have needs and I wanted him to fulfill them tonight no matter what. I had been keeping this sexual frustration for a year already. It was more than just enough.

As soon as I arrived at my apartment, I took off my clothes and wore the dress I bought in the mall. It was a glittery tight black dress that barely grazed my mid-thighs, a strapless one, and was very tight around my ass.

I loosened my long and wavy light brown hair and grabbed my purse before exiting my apartment, then took a cab going to our favorite restaurant. I already texted him that I would wait for him there and that I had already made a reservation yesterday.

I didn’t mind waiting for the first hour because I was enjoying the view of the dark beach that w


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