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Angel Busisiwe

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  • Author: Lunasads
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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The story revolves around Amara, who lost her memories in an accident (where someone sexually abused her and left her to die). Her husband-Adrian de Luca never loved her, it was sort of a arranged marriage, but when he found her in middle of the road in blood, he felt his world stopping. Immediately he admitted her to hospital and regretted never caring for her. Adrian is a businessman. Rich and famous. Now he is looking for the man who did this to Amara. But since his house is no more safe for Amara, he asked his brother (Rhys) to keep her safe for time being. Rhys de Luca is ruthless mafia boss, since he is in mafia, Adrian thinks he can keep Amara safe than him. But one thing Adrian doesn’t know is that Rhys was always in love with Amara since the moment he first saw her. But since Adrian was to marry Amara, he didn’t opposed and let his feelings die. But now after two years he was seeing her again. And this time his feelings were stronger. Rhys proposed a deal in order to keep Amara safe. “F*ck, father! I do not give two flying fucks what he thinks or not. You will divorce Amara if you want me to keep her safe.” Rhys scoffed. Adrian liked at Rhys for a long moment. His head swirling with thousand thoughts before he sighed. “Alright. But I have a condition.” Rhys raised his brow. Adrian already hated the words he was going to say. “I will divorce her, but once she falls for you,” Adrian said knowing for well Amara would never fall for Rhys. Call it arrogance or confidence, Adrian was the man Amara fell for two years back between the brothers. “Five months, if she falls in love with you, I’ll divorce her, but if she doesn’t, you will forget the fantasy of making her yours.” Rhys contemplated and then a wide grin plastered over his face before he let go of Adrian. “Sounds tempting.”Adrian dusted the front of his shirt adjusting the collar. “Also, if you dare touch her, the deal’s off.” Rhys tilted his head amused by the proposition.


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