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Can I ever be free

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I have seen so many students in my school running home to meet their family but my own is different,I have heard and seen so many people saying having family is sweet which I could see also but my own is different entirely.I have also seen so many children relating, playing and having fun with their parents but my own is also different.....I don't know why my family hates me so much am like a disease to them they hate setting there eyes on me. My life is just a deep hell,my dad started hating me since he started coming to my room at night to touch me all because I usually scream whenever he tries to force himself on me, sometimes I wonder he might succeeded in raping me one day......I would have tell my mum about it but I could not tell her because the way she treats me is more worst. I have prayed severally to God to take my life, instead of leaving me to suffer. I don't know what to do anymore,there is no one to run to.... WILL I EVER BE FREE??

Chapter 1

Natalia's pov

I was enjoying my peaceful sleep, I was still dreaming about me and a guy dancing suddenly I felt my body wet.

All my beds were filled with water,all my body was soaked with water.

I stood up lazily to check the person and I discovered it was my mum.

I checked the time and discovered it was 4am in the morning..... Anyways, that is how I wake up early.I sleep late and still wake up early while Eva, my sister, wakes at 7:30 am.

"Mummy good morning ma"I greeted her.

"Keep your greetings to yourself you fool, I had woken up to ease myself and I discovered you are still asleep. Are you not supposed to be washing the dishes now huh?" she asked.

"Am sorry mum" I said and quickly ran out of the room.

When I reached the kitchen, I felt a sharp pain in my belly and I already knew that it was a menstrual pain.I usually have pains if I am on my period but my mum does not want to know if I am having pains or not.

"I suddenly realised - Omg,ooooh!!! I don't even have a sanitary pad to use . I normally buy it for myself if I have money but It have finished now...I guess I can use a piece of cloth for this time . Because sometimes when I have no money I usually use it and I have almost finished my pads,

I normally use cloth for my periods.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Natalia James. I am 1 9 yrs old, I am staying with my parents and I have a younger sister who is 1 7 yrs,we are not poor in my family let me just say middle class.

My mum is a business woman while my Dad is a banker.... With all this they still allow me to

hawk cupcakes everyday anytime I am back from school_ I think that is okay about me now. I don't know why my family dislikes me, but I have been asking myself the question since. I saw the plates in the kitchen and I almost passed out.....why are there so many dishes today huh.

I picked them and I started washing them, even though I was feeling pains.

I guess I'm the only one awake, because I could not hear sounds again. Maybe my mum has gone back to sleep.

I started feeling cold and also shaking vigorously due to the water she poured on me.

After I finished washing the dishes, I started cooking breakfast and I checked the time and it was 5'o o'clock.....I am a dead meat.

I quickly left the kitchen to wash the dirty clothes because if she is awake and not done she is going to beat me for it.

I am the one that wash the family cloth every day including my sister's own.

We even have a washing machine but she does not allow me to use it.

After I finished washing the plates, I quickly picked the broom and I swept the whole house. Before I knew it, I finished my work.....

After I finished my work I reached my room and I quickly removed my clothes and entered the bathroom to bath after I finished bathing I checked the time that I was late already which is a normal thing for me so I quickly dressed up on my way to the kitchen to carry my food I met Eva on her way to school.

Eve and I does not stay in the same room her room is more prettier and we'll furnished than my own.....the only thing I have in my room is my cloth and an abandoned bed the bed is even smelling due to the way my mum pours water on it whenever I did not wake up early.

"Natalia go and help me to bring my school bag," she said.

"What?? Did you mean me?? " I asked her

"Who else will I be talking to if not you,are you deaf??" She asked.

"You must be stupid" I said and wanted to pass her.

"You heard her clearly you fool,how many times will I tell you to help her to do whatever she asked you" mum said and she came out of her room fully dressed.

"But mum" I was about to say something when she shushed me.

"Will you keep quiet, have I not told you not to talk whenever I am talking huh" she asked. "Am sorry mum" I said.

"For that this is your punishment no school for you today, thank God there is no food in the pot again,wash all the toilets in the house and after that you should come to my shop to collect

cupcakes and you must sell everything finished" she said and walked out.

No school for me and they have finished the food today again,why is my life like this?? Why is my life different huh?

Adrian's pov

I waited for Natalia to come to school but I did not see her.

I guess she is not coming again today, something seems strange about her that I don't know. I think she is hiding something from me. Anytime I wanted to follow her to get home she always stopped me.

She looks really poor and tattered even though her beauty still overcomes it.... sometimes I

wonder how she pays her school fees.

Enough about Natalia,let me introduce name is Adrian am the only child of my parents are rich and am 18 yrs old.

My best friend is Natalia and I love her so much even though she is older than me.

I don't really understand her....

"School will be really boring for me today without her" I thought

Chapter 2

"My prince this is the drink" the maids offered me the drink.

"Brother, did you really mean what you are talking about?" Sophia asked.

"Yes I am serious dear, I am tired of staying here. I want to go and enjoy myself" I answered her. "So when will you be back and where are you thinking of spending your vacation?" she asked. "Well, I am going to New York but don't worry I will not spend more than three months" I said.

"Three months is too long. I will really miss you" she said.

"Have not even told Dad and mum,so chill....I don't know if they will agree or not" I said and

rolled my eyes.

My sister is really a pain in the ass to me,she can ask too many questions.

I am already getting tired of her questions.

My name is Ryan, I am a prince from a place in South Korea. I Am 22 yrs old......many people cherish me because I'm handsome.I also know that I am really handsome. Many girls drool on me but I don't care.

I am the only son


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