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Lana Steele

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About me

I'm a reading addict. Writing enlightens me. I try to create a new world through my writing.


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Without reading the contract, Alexia signed a deal to be the pretense girlfriend of the devil, Jason Wale. However, things took a wrong turn when Jason’s family asked him to marry, so he would acquire the family’s inheritance. And who was to be his pretense wife besides Alexia? Alexia, bonded by her contract, either has to give in or find a way out. ** Craig Archer was more of a nightmare than a daydream for those who encountered him. As a billionaire who was hot, handsome, and powerful, every woman wanted to bear his last name. Due to his terrible experiences with love and women before his success, he lost his desire for things like relationships, marriage, and love in general. What mattered to him was wealth, power, and his ego. Not once did he think a woman would belittle him. After he spent a night with decent Alexia, he got a taste of his own. He was invested in finding and teaching her a lesson for disappearing on him. Going against his rule, he searched for the mysterious Alexia only to realize she needed saving from the tight grasp of Jason Wales, a man out to use Alexia to attain his selfish objectives. ** Will Craig help Alexia, or would he use her misfortune to his advantage? If she gets rescued by the man she thought wouldn’t see her face again, will Alexia accept the man who not only wants to own but dominate her? Would Alexia escape the tight claws of Jason Wales by choosing the sharp strike of Craig Archer? Or, would she have to endure a year of contracted marriage with an intolerable man rather than choose a possessive one? They say, “The devil you know is better than the angel you don't know.”


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