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Stephanie! Alpha Brocks Mate!
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In the prime of his life at twenty-six, Alpha Brock had long abandoned the idea of finding his mate, content with his self-indulgent pursuits. Seducing she-wolves came easily to him, but all that changed when an unassuming, unscented female entered his office. From that fateful encounter, he found himself unable to continue his previous ways, his wolf refusing to let him abuse the bond that now tethered him to this mysterious woman. Determined to uncover the truth behind the unsettling shift in his desires, Alpha Brock is propelled into a journey of discovery, where secrets buried deep within the confines of his pack's territory are unearthed. Meanwhile, Stephanie, the enigmatic unscented female, races against time to navigate the complex web of power plays, all while grappling with her own internal struggle—confront the powerful mate bond or take on the daunting task of safeguarding her fellow she-wolves from a ruthless enemy. As Stephanie races from the intense internship interview to join her brother at their father's formidable corporation, she's determined to shake up the status quo and challenge her mates' company head-on. As the pressure mounts, Stephanie grapples with the agonizing decision of whether to succumb to the irresistible pull of the mate bond, all while grappling with the dire plight of her pack: she-wolves vanishing, targeted solely for their bloodline. Brock yearned for a submissive luna, craving control and dominance. On the other hand, Stephanie longed for equality, desiring to be an Alpha rather than a luna. The clash of their desires sparked an intense struggle. Could they overcome their differences and succumb to the powerful pull of the mate bond?