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Striving Bird

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  • 👁 154
  • 7.5

In the imperial realm of Archeil, Prince Archeil, the third heir to the throne, commands the prestigious Mulin Legion and possesses an extraordinary SSS-level talent. Yet, his demeanor is icy and aloof, shunning all female company. He is the unattainable dream of every noble maiden in the empire, known to all as the "unattainable peak." It is widely believed that the powerful and indifferent Prince Archeil will remain solitary on his throne until his last days. However, one day, his aide, Korey, makes a startling discovery – hidden in the prince's chambers is a breathtakingly beautiful maiden. Contrary to his reputation, Prince Archeil holds this exquisite girl in a tight embrace, showering her with kisses, his eyes filled with an unprecedented fervent love and desire that Korey has never witnessed before. Korey realizes he may have stumbled upon a monumental secret. Meanwhile, Kianna, the beloved princess of the merfolk, remains oblivious to her true identity as a reincarnated soul. At this point, Prince Archeil has yet to fall madly in love with her. From being the feared and ruthless monarch in his previous life to a vulnerable and bullied prince now, Prince Archeil's journey takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with Kianna, the gentle and timid mermaid princess. In this heartwarming tale of love and healing, the once cold and domineering king meets his match in the form of a delicate mermaid princess, leading to a forbidden love that defies all odds.


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