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Stephanie! Alpha Brocks Mate!

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At twenty-six, Alpha Brock had embraced a solitary life, feeding on fleeting pleasures rather than seeking a soulmate. However, his carefully crafted isolation shattered the day a mysterious woman, adrift of any scent, crossed his path. Brock's inner wolf rebelled against his complacency, thrusting him into the midst of a bond he couldn't ignore. As pack intrigues weaved a tangled web around them, Stephanie, straddling her chaotic reality, faced a crucial choice: surrender to the growing connection with Brock or shield her Family from Yadiel and his lurking rogues. Racing against time, Brock yearned for a gentle mate, while Stephanie resolutely defended her stance on equality. They stood at odds, locked in a fierce battle of desires, struggling to find common ground under the relentless pull of the mate bond. Hidden beneath Stephanie's facade lay a deep yearning for an all-consuming love, yet she swore to never echo her mother's plight—a strong Alpha woman reduced to silence by her father, the pack's dominant Alpha. Witnessing her mother's quiet sacrifice year after year reinforced Stephanie's resolve to shun that fate. When Stephanie learned of her fated pairing with Alpha Brock—a notorious warrior and womanizer—her first instinct was to escape, fearing the loss of her identity in a world she'd vowed to resist. Fate, however, had cruel plans as she found herself irrevocably linked to him. For Brock, the arrival of a mate was an unwelcome intrusion. His pride in his libertine ways, indulging in freedoms unrestrained, clashed with the awakening of his defiant wolf. Their destinies collided in a clash of wills, with Brock demanding submission while Stephanie sought love and equality, thrusting them onto a new path fraught with challenges. Will they navigate the stormy waters of compromise and build a future together, or will their differences tear them apart?

Chapter One: The Interview

The towering glass skyscraper cut through the clouds at the city's edge, reflecting my mix of excitement and nervousness.

t was the Offices of "Sicurezza Del Pacchetto Ombra," the very entity that beckoned me for an interview -this could be a pivotal juncture shaping the canvas of my summer, of my future. A fierce swell of pride thundered in my chest with the gravity of this moment. This company stood as the world's premier data security firm; to say I felt honored merely to be considered for an internship interview would be a vast understatement of my true feelings at that moment.

As I gaze at the welcoming sign before me, my heart pounds with the thrilling possibility that my dreams of independence—free from entangling mate bonds—and crafting my own success might finally be realized.

Mulling over my thoughts of how I left my family to study at a university governed by humans, eager to expand my knowledge beyond our traditions. My bond with my family endured despite the miles. My father, the Alpha, kept a close eye on me, I would not let my father hinder my attempts to chart my own course. Debating with him was futile, akin to halting the ocean's flow. Yet, I was set on carving my own destiny, not adhering to the one predestined by my forebears.

My father stipulated that my university could not exceed a distance of 100 miles from home. While others aspired to the esteemed role of Luna, I pursued my own goals. Often overshadowed as the fifth child, I aimed to demonstrate my value through personal accomplishments, not lineage.

I'm not cut out to be a Luna; I'm an Alpha at heart. In high school, I played the part of the inconspicuous nerd, dressing in worn jeans, a T-shirt, and constantly shrouding myself with a hooded sweatshirt. I shunned the social ladder, intent on a life separate from werewolves and their common pursuit of a mate and popping out pups like we had a shortage of them.

Our werewolf lineage in my pack is ancient and pure, blessed by the Moon Goddess herself. Our essence is sacred, brimming with powerful genetics. Our women are valued for their role in bringing forth future leaders—individuals of exceptional vigor.

In our society, it is not uncommon for men to feel a powerful urge to reject their destined mates. They are particularly attracted to the formidable power of our pure-blood she-wolves in my pack. These females, belonging to a group many nicknamed the "Purepack," are renowned for giving birth to offspring that are more robust than those of typical she-wolves, thus ensuring the continuation of our strong heritage. I was not going to be one of those she-wolves happy to pop out the pure pups.

With determination, I plunged into the study of Business and Data Security in college. There, where everyone else was just another human, the fear of being seen as a potential mate vanished. I abandoned my worn jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. At last, I could truly be myself.

Come September, the threshold of my final year beckoned, a precipice before the descent into a world post-graduation. Crossing the threshold of Sicurezza Del Pacchetto Ombra, the sharp echo of my heels punctuated the hush of the expansive lobby.

When I stepped out of the elevator into the waiting room, I quieted my inner wolf, Aurina, and noticed the attendant. Her scent suggested she was also a werewolf, with a secret history. Time passed slowly as I sat amidst a mixture of human scents, filled with anticipation.

Earlier today, I discreetly masked my own scent to evade the unwelcomed attention of local city wolves entranced by the mere hint of a she-wolf's presence, their lovesick howls threatening to unearth my carefully guarded solace.

 I tuned my undivided focus to the low hum of interviews that spilled from the adjacent chamber, deciphering the hidden cues of the other applicants. During a brief interlude, as candidates mingled and positions shuffled, I remained anchored to my strategically chosen chair, my thoughts embroiled in a silent debate with Aurina.

Aurina sensed her wolf's anger but didn't know the reason. Glancing into the office, she spotted the President and his secretary emerging from the back room, both appearing somewhat disheveled.

Reality returned abruptly when my number was called, yanking me into the tense present. I had clung to the hope that the President was human, but he turned out to be an Alpha wolf. The Alpha's beta led me to the interview in the President's office, where Brock Simmons, a formidable Alpha, sat in his large leather chair, filling the room with his commanding aura.

Spotting his nameplate, a surge of fear swept through me—I could tell by his scent that he was my mate. As I nervously lifted my gaze to meet his, a tidal wave of panic overwhelmed me.

 A wave of fear washed over me at the thought of being the mate of such a powerful Alpha. The man across the desk watched me intensely, and I struggled with the shocking truth—he was destined to be my mate.

This is impossible; I have no desire to be the mate of anyone, especially not Alpha Brock. His reputation for fierceness in battle precedes him, and he surely expects a gentle and obedient Luna his pack, "Shadow Pack". But that won't be me. Not ever.

The scent of bacon, reminiscent of domestic warmth and earthy woods, clung to him and sent a primal urge rippling through me. Emotions clashed — a torrential flood of desire and sheer panic.

Breathing heavily panic surged "CRAP, CRAP, No... I am definitely not the right fit for ths company" I clutched my resume and bolted for the stairs, I was not even worried about slipped opportunities.

Brock's Perspective –

Interview after interview flew by, and I grew increasingly restless. Janice had always been a comforting presence, fulfilling my physical needs through our friends-with-benefits arrangement. But now, I felt uneasy, and my wolf wouldn't allow me to be close to her.

The rapid departure of a woman with no scent, so foreign yet her beauty was captivating, ensnared my wolfs senses.When our eyes met, it felt just like the intense mate bond I'd heard of, with her wolf struggling to surface. Surprisingly, she lacked the captivating scent that legends speak of. I sent my Beta, Grayson, to find her, driven by a need to uncover the enigma she represented. My wolf yearned for her, and he becomes quite the pain in the *ss if his curiosity isn't satisfied.

While I mused over my mounting curiosity, the phone rang, presenting me with a fall term professorship—the she-wolf may think to flee, but evading the determinate will of an Alpha is folly. My resolve was iron-clad: to seek her out, to unearth the enigma she shrouded herself in. She will not be able to hide from me as I am going to be one of her clandestined professors.

With this I cancelled all interviews for the day. Whether this she wolf like it or not. She was hired as my intern.

Chapter Two: The Escape

The fear of meeting my mate was stronger than the regret of turning down the best interview I'd ever arranged. Driven by survival instincts and the strength of my human form, I ran faster than any normal human could. My heart pounded loudly, as if signaling the approach of death right behind me. I felt sick at the thought of Brock Simmons with another she-wolf, yet I was irresistibly drawn to him, trapped by a dangerous allure. Losing my internship troubled me deeply since it was key to my graduation next year. Now, I was in a tough spot, considering begging my father for help, which would mean returning to the constraints of family obligations and enduring daily rides with him. This unwanted future loomed over me, all because I needed to avoid Brock Simmons to keep my life from falling apart.

                        Born to a wealthy hotel tycoon, I found little comfort in our posh world where only the elite stayed. Our hotel would open its doors wide for a grand sale on


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