The Good,The Bad,The Uglies.

The Good,The Bad,The Uglies.

  • Genre: YA/Teen
  • Author: Odumosu Morenike
  • Chapters: 14
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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In "Tgtbtu", the arrival of Morenike at DLC brings a wave of chaos and drama to class twelve. With her stunning beauty and captivating personality, she quickly becomes the center of attention, leaving many of the boys smitten. Emotions run high and friendships are put to the test as everyone struggles to navigate the new dynamics of the group. But what exactly did Morenike do to cause such a stir? Was it simply her awesomeness and beauty that were too much for the others to handle?. This captivating novel explores the nature of love and the lengths people will go to for the sake of love. It also explores the complexities of love, jealousy, and relationships in the tumultuous world of high school. Will love prevail or will the drama tear everyone apart? Find out in "The Good,The Bad,The Uglies."

Part one

A A R I N ' S P O V

"Does anyone know how what the law of diminishing returns states?." Our economics teacher,Mrs Helena demands.

Cue the painful and awkward silence.

"No one?." The woman sighs, shaking her head dissappointedly at us. I mean,I would raise my hand to answer but I'm not quite sure my class mates would like that. They'd always turn and glare at me and call me an i-too-know everytime I did.And by they I mean Monalisa,the ice witch herself.

"Lisa,would you please state the law of diminishing returns for us?."

"No." Comes her instant and need I say daring response. Literally the whole class turns to stare at her with wide eyes and hung low mouths.


She's always finding more and more ways to suprise us,honestly.

"Answer the question Monalisa." The woman must already be used to her gloomy-ness to be this calm about it.I mean if it were someone like Mr Gori,it would've been a different story.A lot of hurtful,colourful words would be exchanged.

But it's not like the man would be able to do anything to her anyways.

No one could.

God forbid the precious princess of DLC would get harmed.The perpetrator would never hear the end of it...from of course her stinky rich father Ephraim Ezeigbo. The man was another case entirely. A walking example of pride and avarice. A very very solipsistic man indeed.

Everyone feared him.

I mean,you'd be completely mad not to.

No one wants an early grave.

"Ask someone else.I'm good." Lisa has a bored look on her face,but her dark eyes shone with mischief.

well then...

"I said answer the question,Lisa."

The sound of a hand hitting the desk hard startles me,and I'm pretty sure it startled everyone else too cos something about the atmosphere screamed 'heavy tension'.

"And.I.said.I'm.good." Lisa looks like a literal mami-water right now.The way her dark eyes narrow slits at Mrs Helena's direction,and the amount of anger it held.My heart's thrashing violently in between my ribcage and my knees, shaking under the table.I clench and unclench my fists to stop myself from squirming in my seat,and shut my eyes to block me from the intensity of her gaze that travelled throughout the room.

Mrs Helena sighs.

She actually sighs.Like just sighs and does nothing or says nothing to her afterwards. Just asks somebody else instead.

"Jessy." The melanin girl slugglishly gets up from her seat to answer .

It takes her about a minute or two to do so.

"The law of diminishing returns states that as more and more more and more units of a fixed factor of production is added unto a variable factor,production will errr...production will increase up to a certain point where... decrease in total output wil set in as a result of continuous addition of the variable factor...while the fixed factor remains constant. " She drags.

"Very Good.Thank you Jessy. " The girl only sends her a tight lipped smile before lazily sitting back down on her chair and spreading her legs beneath her desk.

...well then.

Chapter 1: New boy

"Kinfe!". Femmy seemed more bubbly than she did on any other normal day. She had a huge grin on her face as she rushed over to the bemused girl.

"We have a new classmate". Femmy announced excitedly. Kinfe's first guess was that this 'new classmate' was a guy.

"Babe, he's so foineee. Like seriously,you need to see this guy.He looks like a freaking model!". Kinfe rolled her eyes at her friend. Of course it was a guy. Nothing excites Femmy more,than boys. And of course,food.

"And guess what? Mrs Folorunsho assigned him to sit in the seat behind you!. You're basically going to be sitting next to the new boy". Kinfe fought the urge to correct her. The words 'he's going to be sitting behind me,not next to me' were just at the tip of her tongue, tempting her to be realeased. But Femmy wouldn't shut up about the new guy.

"-Maybe you two can become friends and you can help me ta


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